Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments and see how you go! We're doing things a bit earlier today because at some point we're being forced on a bus (at gun point) to go and do recreational activities as part of a team bonding exercise for an event known as the Work Christmas Party. So if no one guesses the game, I'll post a clue up at 1pm (as opposed to the usual 2pm) and I'll be checking these comments while I do over-arm throws at lawn bowls. God I hate lawn bowls. God I hate parties. Gosh, I just hate everything; someone put me down already.


    I'm going with Alex the Kid?

      I could never understand how so many people mistakenly call Alex Kidd "Alex The Kid". It never fails to bug me!

        haha sorry mate, its been a while since i even thought of Alex the Kidd. until i saw this feed. i do apologize lol.

          You did it again!! ARGH!!!

            It's because "Alex the Kid" seems a heck of a lot more logical than "Alex Kidd" (Kidd with two ds as a last name? What is this foreign devilry?!). It's used so much that you probably shouldn't care. If someone called him "Alex the juvenile homo sapiens" though, you'd have a case :P

              I used to know a girl called Alexandra Kidd who might take issue with that.

    Lawn Bowl Champions: 1986 Edition (SNES)

    The horrible Snes Game - The Lawnbowler Man, based off the movie of the same name?

    No idea. Stab in the dark wil be..... 'Cool Spot'

    White Jack of Destruction: The Lawnbowler Trilogy, part deux

    Yoshi Story?

    But really though I have no idea.

    Looks familiar, but don't know.

    Also, who is carrying Tracey around? Is it Mark?

    I'm thinking a 'Paper Mario'
    I've only played tTYD though.


    Worms 2, or one of the various spin-offs?

    Wait nah, it's too uneven to be a Mario thing I don't think. They're always more geometric with their stuff.

    Loco Roco on PSP?

    Yoshi's Story?

    Pac land or wonderboy in mayhem in monsterland

    Cave story?

      What on Earth, I swear no one named Hayden said this earlier. What the hell is going on here?!?!

    No one's guessed The Dig yet. Guess it falls to me... again.

    The Dig.

      i can guarantee that tracey will never ever say the dig again lol.

        Actually, when Mark put up The Dig about a month ago, and Tracey guessed it in three minutes, she promised she would put up The Dig again, just for me. :)

    Cave Story -

      Why am I always a little bit late to get to these... Good job.

      Nice try, but I got it earlier.

        just because we have the same name doesn't mean you can try and steal the credit fool

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