Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments and see how you go! Also, on Friday the Office Secret Santa Meeting took place earlier than expected so I was unable to update last's week's Remember This (I was too busy tearing open my presents and being disappointed (lol)). The game was indeed Cave Story, and a big congratulations to everyone who guessed it, namely Hayden, followed by Dunnymeister and Sew!


    The Island of Dr Brain?

    Is that the first level of Command and Conquer?

    Ugh none of my Amiga games came in boxes..

    Ducktales! Woo-oo!

      Winner? -- Here comes the nostalgia...

        I remember throwing my controller in frustration when I was six or so... :D

          I never questioned this as a kid, but wouldn't diving into a pool of coins from a reasonable height kill you, or at least severely injure you?

            Your comment, sir, has made my day.


              i was literally just about to post that... but you sir have beaten me to the punch

        The box says "State of the Art Graphics", this made me laugh but at the time it was state of the art wasn't it.

      I knew it would be some sort of Disney game, but I was thinking Quackshot for some reason.

      I used to pine after this game as I was a Ducktales fanatic - alas I was also a SEGA fanatic. I recognise the cover after pouring over the art which taunted me from the back cover of Ducktales comics.

      Has anyone else been reading the Warren Spector issues? They're full of knowing nods to Duck lore as Scrooge return to the origins of his exploits to return treasures to the original owners. They're pretty hard to find in AU so if you're a Spector Duck nut i'd recommend hanging out for the trade paperback in March!

      Oh man, it is Ducktales (woo-oo!). Well, 10 mins is better than 2 minutes, I suppose. Congrats. :P

        You need to choose more obscure titles Tracey, so that everyone gets frustrated and complains that you chose an obscure title

        I reckon go more the sega route instead of the normal Nintendo

      It's funny that all I remember about the box art is the logo and the bagkground border colour. If you had have just put up a crop with nothing but the blue I probably would have guessed it haha


      I was just thinking this!
      I think you and me should hang out or something.

        OMG I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    day after day this just teaches me that my memory is crap. I probably wouldn't recognize the games I was playing last night.

    A delicious piece of salmon? Mmm, salmon.

      lol I'd be concerned eating a piece of salmon that has green stuff growing out of it.

    Good thing this was a cover shot, it would have looked rubbish on the NES. Now the Sega Master System, that was an awesome system!! It trounced the NES in every department!! Wonderboy III: the dragons trap, tops anything the NES had to offer!! Word!!

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