Remember This?

Can you remember this game from a single portion of a screenshot that I have fiendishly selected to annoy and irritate you? Probably yes, but just in case you can't, I'll be dropping a second part of this screenshot in the afternoon. Have at it!


    Hmmm a game which had a cloud in it...

    Cant be that many...

    Can there?

      Also im going to say maybe Return to Castle Wolfenstein just as a stab in the dark

      Final Fantasy 7!

    Colin MCrae Rally?

      lol, that was my first thought... the New Zealand or UK would have been my stage guesses also.

    Battlefield 1942

      Congratulations! You got it!

        Thankyou, thankyou, id like yo thank the following people.

        Jim beam, my manager, the crumby bits in the bottom of the chip packets, dice and kotaku for this prestigious award.

    With all the battlefield guesses.... Battlefield 2142?

    Shadow of the Colossus

    ... have an urge to guess MGS3 as well

    No idea: stab in the dark: Final Fantasy Tactics

    I've never really guessed before...I'm going to go Dino Crisis...for lack of anything else

    The only game I can remember with an overcast sky right now (apart from The Dig, of course, which has everything) is Splinter Cell: Conviction.

    Half Life 2?

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