Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I reckon you can, but just in case you're struggling, I'll drop a second pic later this afternoon!



      I was thinking that, but probably too new...

    Braid? *strokes chin*

    Van Gogh's famous "Super Mario World the Third"

    for some reason this reminded me of the last/final ninja. not sure why.

      or platoon. Just random memories no idea why coz i dont actually think its them.

    Strret fighter 2!!!!!!
    Blanka's stage

      Wish I could spell....

      Street Fighter 2
      Blanka's stage.

      100% confident this is the answer, which is great as I've never, ever been close before!

        Looks like you've got it.

          Trouble is, that's not the right screenshot!
          What you posted looks like SUPER Street Fighter 2....

          But yes, top 'cross hatch' design of the huts in Blanka's stage :)

            More like this?


      Ha! I seen it and instantly thought Street Fighter II, although I thought it was Ken's hair!

    Secret of Mana

    Grandia 2?

    It's definitely either Once Sent from the Golden Hall or Surtur Rising,


    Caesar, the first one.

    At first i thought it was one of the huts in Landstalker.

    But it defiantly looks like SF2.

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