Remember This [Update]

Yesterday I was super sick and I had to go home early. This contributed to me forgetting to put up the second part of yesterday's remember this. Sorry guys! I'll do it now! And if you all get it really quickly, I'll put up a new one for you at 2pm.


    Banjo Kazooie! Mario Kart! Banjo Tooie! One of theese?

      I thought of Banjo-Kazooie, too.

    the markings on that rock look almost like Halo, but it can't be that simple...

    I guess it could be Wind Waker?

      Hey, get your paws off my guess :P

      I couldn't find an exact match, but some of the shapes and colours are pretty similar to this picture.

        It's definitely Wind Waker.

    And here I was thinking it was a PS2/N64 generation game... *cough*

    Everyone yesterday knew it was Nintendo, but I don't think anyone guessed it was Wind Waker. Congratulations, Batguy.

      Really? Wow! I don't think I've ever won one of these before. Way to end the year, huh?

    And I guessed Ocarina Of Time yesterday! *facepalm* I don't remember the Gamecude being that fuzzy.

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