Report: Next Dead Rising Stars A Mechanic, Deals With Illegal Immigration

First there was Frank, then there was Chuck. Now, in the next Dead Rising, there's Rick, a mechanic holding out against the zombie apocalypse in Los Perdidos. That is according to an unnamed source speaking today to Siliconera.

The info follows Capcom's vaguest of teases, on the game's official Facebook page, suggesting that series protagonist Frank West is "getting packing for my new adventure." Siliconera says that will be set in "Los Perdidos, California," where a bomb is set to destroy the town, overrun by the zombie outbreak. "Rick," a mechanic, is trying to restore a plane and escape before everything goes boom.

Siliconera's sources add that "Dead Rising 3 has an undercurrent of themes about illegal immigration," including a character named Red who "leads an underground group of 'illegals,' which are infected people that aren't registered by the government."

Many more details, plus a piece of concept art at the link. (The pic above is from Dead Rising: Case Zero) None of that is official, of course.

Headline [Source via Via. h/t Commenter]


    The gathering things for a plane sounds good. The whole waiting for the miltary thing was getting stale. Plus I liked collecting the bike parts in case 0. Hopefully there's no zombie daughter this time!

    Before everything goes boom, ey. I guess Dead Rising is known for its 'time limit' system, although I do wish I could have a free roam mode or one where I can finish missions at my own pace. In DR2 I always felt like I can't explore or play around enough as the time limit keeps haunting me.

      They added that feature in dead rising 2 off the record I believe

      I'd rather they just had a sub-setting beside difficulty that lets you choose between normal speed, slow speed, super slow speed and one that pauses the game when main mission event times are reached. That way the game covers everyone from people like me who enjoy the time limits and difficulty, to people who struggle with time or difficulty, to people who struggle with both time and difficulty (struggle might be the wrong word, I know some people just prefer to go at a slow pace so they can play with everything).

    Dead Rising 1 & 2 sucked so much ass, game mechanics straight from the ps1 era.
    we'll see....

    Three broken links?


    Man...I liked Chuck too...But its Dead Rising sk whatever Ill buy it.

    to me, the biggest issue with dead rising 2 is loading...hope they can fix it in the next game

    Ultimate Dead Rising 3 will be out two months afterwards with Chuck Greene, then Super Ultimate Dead Rising 3 with Frank West.

    Also, if the goof around mode isn't in the original, I'm not buying it. I got tired of the previous games too quickly because of the restrictive time limit.

    Actually, if we're building a plane, we might not need a time limit at all.


    "DR2 Case Zero" had potential, but Katie, the time limit and the dickhead with a flame thrower killed my interest in buying DR2.

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