Report: The 3DS Circle Pad Boasts Insane Battery Life

The Nintendo 3DS add-on Circle Pad, apparently dubbed the "Circle Pad Pro" in the West, runs on a single AA battery.

How long does that battery last? According to a one individual in Japan who already has the upcoming peripheral, the device's instruction booklet says batteries will last around 480 hours.

If true, that's impressive and eases the headaches of buying batteries for this. It does nothing for the way the thing looks.

The Circle Pad Pro also comes with a strap, visible in the above photo. In case you want wear this thing on your wrist.

The add-on will cost ¥1,500 (US$19), and it will be released in Japan on December 10.

3DS「拡張スライドパッド」 [ゲームでYouTube]


    This would have been infinitely more awesome if it transformed into a cat when it wasn't being used.

      Or some kind of Robo-Spanish turnip

    Probs just a typo. 48 hours seems more accurate.

      It isn't doing much more than a television remote control, and they manage to last significantly longer than 2 days. So it doesn't seem that unbelievable.

        Exactly. It's a single battery that is doing nothing more than maintaining an charge for the nub to work with the 3DS

        Much in the same way a small battery clock can last month's.

    AA batteries? What decade is it again?

      2011? The year when most things still run on AA batteries?

        No. Just about everything runs on rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. The last portable I recall having to run on AAs was the GBA. We should be above this by now.

          I remember a lot of MP3 players ran off AAA's around mid last decade, that's the last thing I can remember running of batteries.

            Cheap cameras, cheap portable iPod docks, portable DIGITAL radios, wiimotes, xbox controllers, remotes etc etc plenty still runs on AA, dont act ignorant to try and be funny

              Most of those products have lithium attachments. Seriously, why does it use AA batteries. I can't remember the last time I used them.

          We should be above consoles being released with only 1 analogue control, too, but there you go :P

          So you think Nintendo are going to make you charge it?... They could easily have put one in, but look at the consequences of it, even the Nintendo fanboys would be complaining

          So BUY a rechargeable lithium ion AA battery? It's really not that complicated...

      Adding a built in battery would have tripled the price of the thing, would you rather pay $60~ for it or $20?

    It's two buttons and a fucking analogue stick. Lets not lose our shit too quickly, it should last 480 hours. here is an even better idea, it should be ON the bloody system.

      Correct, and if it uses so little power then why does it need a battery at all? Couldn't it draw power from the 3DS?

      It's also an IR transmitter.

      Personally, I wish they added a rumble feature to it. So disappointed there's not one in the 3DS already. Also imo they should have packed an extra battery in there and just made it attach to the 3DS like that Nyko battery pack. Oh well.

      But yeah, as for drawing power from the DS - it's got nowhere for it to do that. The only free port on top is the power port, and I don't think that does output.

    pretty sure this was covered off a while back, the 3ds doesnt have a port for power out apparently...

    480 for this pad to work, but when 3DS batteries runs out, the game will still stop. Just like a TV remote, the battery life is very good too, but when there is a black out, you still can't watch TV

      Also I imagine it's difficult to stick the 3DS in it's dock (which I love BTW) with this beast attached.

      I'm in two minds about the Circle Pad Pro - a) they should have designed the system with 2 sticks from the get go and 2) the accelerometer or whatever it is already works pretty well as an aiming device (I'm thinking the lookout sections in Mario 3D) they could just use that feature.

        I don't like the acceleromator solution as it makes playing games on public transport really hard.

    Why does it even need batteries?

    480 hours sounds extreme: it either:

    4.8 hours

    480 minutes

    480 hours on standby

    I doubt the 480 hours of battery life when playing.

    I'm not buying a 3ds till the redesign, even if Monster hunter with proper non-local multiplayer comes out.

    @Riavan If only MH3G was even announced for the 3DS in Australua, I would run out and get myself a 3DS!

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