Rift Delivers New Instant Action Feature

Plenty of massively multiplayer online role-playing games attempt to fulfil the promise of easy-in, easy-out gameplay to appease folks that don't have a great deal of time on their hands and just want a quick fighting fix. Rift might be the first MMORPG to deliver.

If it works as advertised, that is. From the look of it, this new Instant Action feature is a large ongoing battle for character levels 45 to 60 that scales as players enter or leave, allowing them to pop in and out of the action with the click of a button.

Other games have features somewhat similar to what Rift is adding, but those normally involve getting in a queue and waiting or dealing with party balance issues once you get there. Instant Action, on the other hand, is just that. Click, click, boom. Well played, Trion!


    "It's like nothing you've ever seen in an MMO before"

    oh how many times have we heard that...

      I played a trial RIFT account, since I already play World of Warcraft all I got from the game was it was a prettier version of WoW. All hot keys did the same, the UI was insanely similar, combat was close to WoW. Classes were similar in ways.

      It's nothing game changing. If anything it's stolen everything from every other MMO.

        Anti RIFT much? I read to "I played a trial RIFT account" and discarded anything else you said.. chidish much?

    I actually really enjoy Rift.

    Keen to see what it's like.

    "You kill an enemy then move to the next one and kill them and move on to the next one..."
    Sounds suspiciously like grinding/farming to me.

    I imagine the flow is going to be like:
    Quest, quest, quest 45!
    IA grind IA grind IA grind 60!

    While I have my doubts that it's going to be anything other than an Asian MMO grindfest, it could work, espeically if the events were interesting enough and really pushed working as a team. I'm also interested to see how Firefall and Guild Wars 2 turn out in terms of world events that require everyone to pitch in.

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