Rumoured April Release For Star Wars Xbox 360

The Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 that quietly went on hiatus after a splashy unveiling may be prepping for an April release in the US, a source tells Kotaku.

The console, which features a R2D2-inspired look and boot-up sound, is being used on the set of a popular US television show. The episode, we're told, will air in late February. Rumblings have the console itself hitting stores in April. That could also mean that Kinect Star Wars, which was also delayed, would likely be hitting in April.

Enjoy the picture of the new Xbox 360 sitting on set above and the anticipation of a console that whistles at you when you turn it on.

Contacted last night, Microsoft officials declined to comment on the rumoured April release.


    Wondering if/how the floods will affect the sourcing of the internal HDD for this? Presumably not an issue but anyone know? Will it cost more, perhaps?

    Really hope there isn't a gold controller with it...that looks terrible next to that beautiful box

      The C3PO controller looks awesome.

      that is the official controller coming with it... looks great IMO

    Is there an C3PO controller - seperately available?

    has been on preorder at game for $550ish, seems a bit ridiculous given the current price of an xbox

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