Say Goodbye To Skyrim's Majestic Backwards Flying Dragons

They were... bizarre... while they lasted: dragons in full flight, breathing fire, swooping, all backwards. The glitch that put some of the creatures in reverse is being fixed next week, so if you want to witness the beauty of a backwards mythical creature in the wilds of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, you might want to spend a little time sightseeing this weekend.

Are there any other "bugs" you're going to miss if they get patched out?


    Just because he didn't conform to the norms of society he's been patched. For shame!

    my glitch was that a dragon enaged with me then flew up then around in circles and left. I chased after it, it was attacking DragonWolf, the dragon fighting wolf. I felt challenged, so I attacked the wolf, and next thing I knew I was flying in the air.

    Society's intolerance to dragons with different life choices is intolerable!
    They're here, they fly backwards, get used to them!

    Stop it! You're making the trans-element, maybe-shouting Dragons feel unwlecome!

    So now it's Elder Scroll singular is it? You're the bug I want fixed Crecente, you useless turd.

      Wow. One typo and you go nutso on Crecente?

        Mate, it's every damn article. These US guys are so incompetent it's unbelievable. Unprofessional, illiterate, twats. Most of their articles are littered with mistakes, poor research, and blatant factual errors. And because of their 'boys club' attitude we then have to suffer articles like the one from the mixed race, lesbian, transgender, disabled, gay, abuse victim, dyslexic, albinism-suffering, mentally challenged, speech impediment afflicted, tick every box try hard. And at the end of this Crecente and his fellow goons cash their paycheck and go home with a smug grin on their faces. Where's the justice in that!

          Sorry, I must have forgotten to take my medicine this morning!

            "Paychecks." You have to pluralise it, they don't all cash the one...single...ALL ARE PUNISHED IN PEDANTIC WARFARE!

              re: pedantic warfare-- dude crecente gets paid to write. you should expect quality from a professional writer, you should not expect it from the comments section. they are not the same thing.

            No, Crecente annoys me too. Just one quick proof-read before the post is published would be nice.

              I don't think we're in disagreement. This writer's mistakes are regrettable. But "do as I say, not as I do" is really stupid, even across the divide of amateur and professional writing.

            So you aren't really pissed off at the typo, you were looking for a reason to spew shitfaced bigotry all over the place. I'm glad that someone being a bit shit at their job makes you feel justified in being a deplorable bastard to anyone who isn't a straight, white male.

            Shine on, you fuckfaced diamond.

              I might not be a white straight male for all you know, but that wasn't the point.

              US kotaku are shit.

              Moaning about a games site not pandering to your twenty minority affiliations is shit.

              Fuck you, you're shit too.

    Can't believe Bethesda is attempting to annihilate these backward flying dragons just becos they're disabled and slightly spastic. Talk about sending the wrong message to kids.

    Thank god, the flames still came out of its mouth.

    Actually, knowing Bethesda they'll be flying sideways this time next week.

    Hopefully they also fix the rampant crashes I've been having on PS3 since that patch. Running smoother though.

    Won't be touching skyrim until they fix that particular bug. Went to play a little last night (saved right before I was about to fight an elder dragon) and that bug just killed the immersion of the game.

      Yeah it really bummed me out too, I found a dragon nest thingie and got the shout word and everything while the dragon was just off flying backwards above me. Totally ruined the moment :(


    I'm just waiting for them to fix the bugs in their quest scripts. How hard can it be? PC players can get around them just with console commands, which ironically console players can't do!

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