Screw Crazy Crotches! Persona Figures Are Better With Tiny TVs.

The last Persona figure Kotaku posted had a crazy crotch. This one does not. It has a television.

Japanese figure maker Good Smile Company is showing off this upcoming Persona 4 Teddie figure. There's also a plastic television — a nice touch.

If you haven't played Persona 4 or seen the anime, Teddie is a mysterious creature that lives inside the alternate TV universe.

The prototype figure (and television) were done by Japan's Phat Company. Nice work! More photos in the link below.

Twin Pack: Teddie & TV [Mikatan's Blog]


    Woo to persona! I've already got Yukiko and Mitsuru on the shelf at home. Hopefully some new variants to come when the new games get released next year.

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