See A PlayStation Vita Skinned Alive, So The Internet Can See Its Insides

If you're at all squeamish about seeing naked electronics, with chips and wires lying exposed in broad daylight, go elsewhere and make yourself a cup of team.

If you can handle seeing the insides of a PlayStation Vita, though, read on!

Here is one, torn apart by a Japanese site to satisfy the internet's need for at least one device per launch to be sacrificed in the name of teardown photographs.

Get a load of those chips.

PS Vita PCH-1100を分解してみた、有機ELはサムスン製 [PocketNews]


    So I guess that isn't a user replaceable battery, by the look of it.

      sony is already planning to make battery cases for them so chill

    Wat is the point of this?

    I don't get upset about this kind of thing the way iFans tend to, but it's kinda cruel to just murder a poor Vita like that when we can't even buy one yet :)

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