See How Link And Zelda Have Changed In 25 Years

The upcoming Legend of Zelda art book, Hyrule Historia, has so far only been confirmed for a Japanese release. Since that means most of you won't be looking at it at all, it won't hurt to take a peek at a few more of its pages, especially ones that show the progression of Link and Zelda from their 1986 designs to today.

The images, hosted by fansite History of Hyrule, aren't scans; they appear to be more preview images, the same as we showed you last week.

In addition to the two (well, four) pages we're showing you here, there are more over on History of Hyrule.

Hyrule Historia [History of Hyrule]


    Zelda started as a brown-haired Peach? Weird.

    Really loved Ocarina's art style.


    They showed Tetra, which is still a little bit spoilery... but not Shiek... who is spoiler level: "Luke, I am your father".

      But less spoilery than Darth Vader kills the Emperor?

        People who buy the book are likely to have played the game. And if they haven't, it's sort of their own fault. If I read a Star Wars encyclopedia, I'm not gonna be surprised if the Darth Vader twist is there.

          Good point.

    Well, I've actually met people who didn't know that...

      This was a reply to Gz...

    Well I'm hopping on a plane to Japan tomorrow for a trip..


    Am i blind? or did they just miss the most important Link?

    1998 - Ocarina of time Link?

      No hes there, hes the 2 bottom left pictures, ones grown up and ones still a kid. Seems the picture is a little chopped off on the bottom.

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