See How Magic Cards Are Made

How It's Made is a TV program that shows us how common, everyday items like footballs and musical instruments go from raw materials to the finished product.

They have sadly never shown how Magic Cards are made, though, so we're relying on this write-up from Wizards of the Coast to do their job for them.

In a piece over on Wizards' official site, Mark Purvis takes us on a step-by-step walkthrough of the design and manufacture of Magic Cards, from designing their attributes to getting the art made to the process of actually turning the things into commercial products by printing and cutting the cards at a factory.

The walkthrough follows the creation of a character called Tariel. You can catch the gist of it in the gallery above, or read the full thing below.

Building Tariel [Magic]


    who else wants a giant card with the full size artwork

    I used to love going to Dungeon in Melbourne and seeing the giant cards stuck on all the walls. I was just talking about going in a booster draft with a friend at lunch today. Now just have to find one in Brisbane.

      I dont know what a 'Booster draft' is, but the League of Extraordinary Gamers play a bit of magic. It's a great club.

      There's a Good Games about five minutes walk from Central. I don't particularly like booster draft, but they do, and they're pretty good people.

      There's also Fast Break out at Nundah, but it's a little cramped for playing, despite being a good shop, imo.

    * many cardsHUURRRK*

    Good Games are the bomb.

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