Sign Up For Dust 514's Beta... If You Play EVE

We've shown you armor, weapons and vehicles from Dust 514, the persistent online shooter from the makers of EVE Online. Now, a select few will finally be able to get their hands on the game and how all those elements feel.

Over on their dev blog, developers CCP have announced that registration is live for the closed beta for their PS3 exclusive. You'll need to be an active EVE player, though, as the sign-ups require a login for the sci-fi MMO. So, if you're a captain of a massive EVE starship who also happens to own a PS3, a first taste of one of 2012's most anticipated games might be in your future.

DUST 514: Mordu's Private Trials [EVE Online]


    Why can't this also be on Mac/PC?

      If I remember torfis early explanations correctly, they just wanted to expand their market to the consoles. I was really looking forward to this game, until it became PS3 only. It's not that I wouldn't mind owning a PS3 as well, but I just don't have the money to spend on a console for a single game.

        Blame xbox live closed network.

        Yeah that's same reason I don't own a PS3 as the only game I would buy for it would be MGS4, and now Dust 514. It's just not worth it, especially when I'm a huge fan of keyboard and mouse in shooters. I *think* I remember seeing that it might be coming to Mac/PC, but I can't remember if it was real or if I dreamed it...

    *...If You Play EVE... and also play one of the gaming consoles.


    Have had an active EVE account for 5 years+
    Do not own, and will not own a PS3.

    Will not be playing DUST 514.

      I play EVE and have a PS3. I'll probably give Dust514 a try but I still think it's stupid not to have it on PC.

      But I'd prefer all shooters on PC.

        Give it 6 months, the short attention span console gamers will move on to the next Call of SameGame and CCP will have to release the Dust514 content as an addon for Eve in order to prevent all their work being mothballed.

    i don't play eve but i am seriously interested in this game, looks like a battlefield type game......hopefully with out all the network/game issues......

    Tried EVE and it wasnt my thing but shooters and Ps3 definately is...and my housemate plays EVE so he will be hiring me to fight on his planets. I cant wait.

    I don't get why all the PC gamers are bitching.

    Wasn't the whole point of Dust 514 that it wasn't on the PC? That PC gamers would have to hire PS3 gamers as ground troops? The fact that the games are on 2 different systems is, in my opinion, genius.

    It helps create a barrier between the two groups.

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