Signs Point To 'Command & Conquer: Alliances' As BioWare's Big VGA Announcement

Though some theories hold that the next Mercenaries game is the mystery reveal EA and BioWare have planned for the Video Game Awards, the smart money is still on a Command & Conquer game. And if that's the case, it'll probably be called Command & Conquer: Alliances if 15 domain registries by Electronic Arts are any indication.

Ranging from "" to "" and "" the domains, spotted as always by, were registered on December 2 by EA. We'll find out on December 10 in LA, or on Spike if you're watching from home. The awards show will be live on both coasts, finally.

Domain names point to next game being called Command & Conquer: Alliances [Fusible]


    The impression I got is this is from a newly formed BioWare sister studio, but still -- could be interesting.

    That image does nothing to remind me of C&C... the other short clip does, however.

      Ditto, but it does remind me of Dune...

      The car is vaguely painted as GDI...

      Doesn't it? Think Command & Conquer: Generals - this was the last game to have Technicals. So this leads me to believe it is a screenshot of a follow up of the Generals series. This vehicle probably belongs to the GLA faction.

    I hope Its like C&C generals after that the C&C games where to fast of a pace it felt like MW 2-3 rts there was crap every where but thats my opinion.

    Hope it doesn't require always-on internet this time, I might actually play it then.

    It had better be a new version of Generals. I loved that game so much and am still pissed at EA for not patching it to run on Windows 7/Vista. (I run it in a VM)

    Well I just lost all interest. RTS fan i am not.

    Is it going to be a first person shooter?

    Please no more Tiberium. That series deserves to die.

    Generals and Red Alert are great, but I hope the next game is a new series.

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