Skyrim + Bacon = BACONBORN!

BACONBORN! Fus ro BACON! I don't know where the inspiration for this came from, and I don't know why anyone thought this would be a good idea, but you know the iconic Iron Helmet from Skyrim? Harley Morenstein, the brains behind Epic Meal Time, made one in real life. Out of bacon.

The incredible thing about the whole process is that, not only did he make this thing from bacon — which is a massive achievement in itself — he also cooked it. Then he wore it. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen — this is a functioning Bacon helmet. It's all too real.


Also — want to see how one player got to level 35 on Skyrim without killing a single thing? Head here!

Thanks ShiggyNinty!


      Oh...youre one of THOSE people.

        Hm? God no I'm not one of THOSE people. I just thought the image suited better than "But.. why would you do that??!!"

        Don't worry, I'll stick to text from now on. I'd hate to give the wrong impression.

          You leave today with your life, be careful next time as I may not hesistate in my actions.

            Thank you, you're very kind. I won't make that mistake again.

    I hate this dude.

    P.E.T.A is going to loose their shit

      but they're shit and wont make the point that this is pretty messed up.

        This is still better than a bin full of dead puppies.

      Wearing meat just freaks me the hell out. I can't help it.

    I don't think I'd want hot bacon on my head. Fat burns are nasty.

    This is the most terrible and delicious idea I've seen in a while.

    Harley Morenstein? I remember this. Sure I do. The $50,000, the Polo Lounge, on the boulevard. Morenstein was in the white Chevy convertible. This is really something.
    I’m sure it doesn’t add up to anything in particulars. Just a line of inquiry. Much obliged. One more thing - what about the meat? What does that mean?? How does that translate? Maybe I’m not looking at this the right way around, and maybe I don’t care to.

      I'm reading all of your posts in Peter Falk's voice. You haven't quite got the wording correct, but A+ for effort.

      hahaha oh please keep this going - love it

    I dont know if i would even put that on my head/face

      Me neither. Imagine all the stray cats and dogs that will try and lick his face.

    Why am I not surprised that as soon as I saw the title and picture without reading the article that I knew this was Epic Meal Time.

    So this is what too many hours of playing Skyrim does to you.... im kinda glad i dont have a copy yet!

    Why am I reminded of leather face? WHY?!

    man... this is really F'd up and enough to give me nightmares.....

    This is so freaking gross. Not epic. gross. I threw up a little.


    Well that explains why there wasn't any bacon at the market. YOU RUINED MY BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER D:<

    Why does this sound like something Epic Meal Time would do?

      "Harley Morenstein, the brains behind Epic Meal Time, made one in real life. Out of bacon."

      I wonder...

    This is usually how i cook my bacon


    Silence of the Lambs ...

      More likely Silence of the Pigs

      It flips the bacon on the tray or else it gets the MusclesGlasses again.

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