Skyrim Gets Shouted Out As GameSpot’s Game Of The Year

Skyrim Gets Shouted Out As GameSpot’s Game Of The Year

The Oscars have them. March Madness has them. But, numerous outlets start announcing their year-end picks, I’m wondering if anyone does Game of the Year betting pools?

The latest Elder Scrolls game wowed the editors at GameSpot enough for it to win their overall Game of the Year award. Other nominees included Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Dark Souls and Total War: Shogun 2. For a full list of GOTY nominees and genre category winners, head on over to Gamespot.

Best of 2011 [GameSpot]


  • Wow what a surprise, never say this one coming. At the end of this awards season you guys should make a list of the 300 media outlets that gave Skyrim GOTY just so we can see the true epicness of this phenomenon.

  • My vote goes with Portal 2. Skyrim is good and all, but Portal 2 really is something else and much more deserving imho.

    • Lol wut? Portal 2 was just Portal 1 remade a little better. I finished it and then traded it in… not much replayabilty there even with the user made levels. Fun, but not mind blowingly epic like Skyrim.

      So far, I’ve sunk 50+ hours into my ginger viking warrior and am yet to scratch the surface of the game.

      If I knew where you were right at this very moment, I would pepper spray you.

  • Good to see ghost trick up there with the heavy hitters. Almost the polar opposite to Skyrim, I think that fact is more newsworthy than Skyrim being acknowledged. Again.

  • Had a crazy idea this morning…imagine a Skyrim style Star Wars game…..think about it…..Has awesome written all over it!!

      • minus the multiplayer as RPG’s and multiplayer dont really gel well just something about other people being present that just insta kills immersion (its hard to take a story moment seriously if there are people dancing naked in the backround)… also the old republic has irked me something fierce since it was announced call me bitter but i desperately hoping for KOTOR 3 not this MMO crap.

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