Skyrim Is Not Forbes’ Game Of The Year

It may be notching up top honours at outlets like GameSpot and The Wall Street Journal, but Skyrim doesn't quite what it takes to be Forbes' Game of the Year.

Bethesda's RPG comes in third in the write-up on the business magazine's affiliated website, with Portal 2 in second place and Deus Ex: Human Revolution named as the overall best title of 2011. If you're interested in the reasoning behind the placement, head on over and read the full piece.

(Thanks, tipster Nathaniel.)

Why Skyrim is Not My Game of the Year [Forbes]


    Good on Human Revolution. It's definitely one of those games that I figured would be overlooked for a lot of awards this year because of the competition. Glad to see someone gave it a nod.

      not to menteion perception skyrim is winning cus it was released at the right time dontget me wrong i love skyrim im 250 hours in so far but there are several awesome games that didnt eve make it into top 3 for some publications like deus ex and the witcher 3 .

        I want Witcher 3, where can I buy it good sir?

          Holy crap, Witcher 3?! I haven't even finished Witcher 2 yet and I'm still only level 31 in Skyrim and I got HL Ep1&2 on the steam sale and ... and ....
          Stop doing this!

    Wooo Deus Ex was definitely my fav game of the year :)

    I can get on board with that list. Deus Ex was a fantastic game.

    Deus ex finally got a GOTY. I love Deus ex HR and believe that it deservse is award

    I think you may have accidentally a word in the first line; "Skyrim doesn’t quite what it takes to be Forbes‘ Game of the Year." :)

    Glad to see Deus Ex getting some love!

    Yes but what do business types really know about games...

    ...oh wait!

    YES! I am so glad to hear DE:HR is finally getting some cred.

    I'm actually playing through it again for the Pacifist achievement.

    awesome i love skyrim but i had more fun in deux ex, and they handled the franchise well, DE deserved goty, and it was my goty for sure

    This is a list (1. DX:HR, 2. Portal 2, and 3. Skyrim) that mirrors my own exactly. Glad that Skyrim didn't obliterate all of the awards.

    Skyrim has only dominated the awards this year due to it being released just before the awards were done, it was fresh on everyones minds.

    Thank Christ for that. I'm so sick of the media oversaturation of Skyrim.

      SO AM I!
      ... but then I got an arrow in the knee.

    While Deus Ex: HR in a some ways is not like the original and could be better in some areas that is not the point to me. The point is that I *felt* like I was playing Deus Ex, bringing back fond memories for those of us whom played the original and easing those that haven't into the idea with modern/familiar mechanics.

    This possibly makes DX:HR equal or better than the original. For a film/game franchise this is a rare and remarkable feat and well deserving of game of the year.

    What is going on in that screenshot? :-P

    i must be the only kotaku reader who didnt like Deus Ex: Human Revolution ah well maybe ill discuss this with a psychiatrist.

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