Skyrim Is Steam's Fastest-Selling Game. Ever.

Amidst some back-slapping and self-congratulation over the impressive sales of Skyrim since its release (10 million copies shipped) came one very impressive piece of information from Valve.

It's the fastest-selling game in Steam history.

Jason Holtman, Director of Business Development at Valve, revealed the fact to IndustryGamers yesterday, and given how Steam is almost the default retailer for much of the PC community, that's saying a lot.

Not everything, since Valve continues to keep its sales figures to itself, but a lot.

Skyrim Reaches 10 Million Shipped, Becomes Fastest Selling Steam Title Ever [IndustryGamers]


    It would have probably been Modern Warfare 3, but then it took a $99.99 USD price tag to the knee....

      That is the Shittest version of that joke i have ever heard, ever.

        You've heard good versions of that "joke" ?

    Does that include sales of the steam version from greenman gameing and the lke?$99.99 USD Vs. $53AU not much of a decision.

    I believe it could contain activation's on steam, but its been on the top 1-2 position since release and haven't moved. If there is a decent game on sale it moves to second but most of the time its number 1.

      right now that game is limbo

    Fastest selling of what to reach the 10 million mark? These bogus titles companies like to give out are just a way for them to advertise their product. Is it the number of units sold and in how long a period. Any company can say my product was the fastest seller in 60 days or 45 days all they have to do is make up a number.This is not a skyrim bash as its a good game just the title in general.

    Missing that revenue yet, EA?

    MW3 pff. 12 year olds dont have credit cards, they have to buy MW3 from a store (still with mum's money)

      They must be smarter then since its cheaper at most brick and mortor stores and they get a disc and everthing.

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