Skyrim Now Has Multiplayer (Sort Of)

Skyrim Now Has Multiplayer (Sort Of)

While modders have been working tirelessly since Skyrim’s release to improve things like the game’s graphics and inventory, one mod has set its sights a little higher: adding multiplayer to the decidedly singleplayer game.

And it’s been done. Sort of. While it’s still early days, the Skyrim Online mod is working in a limited manner, with players able to drop into a world (with other players displayed as a default “prisoner” avatar) and chat. There’s even a friends list.

As a warning, getting the thing up and running will mean overwriting the game’s config files, so don’t mess around with it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As another warning, this thing is rough, as you’ll see in the clip above, so don’t expect a seamless experience.

You can get it at the link below.

Skyrim Online [Skyrim Nexus]


  • The lack of multiplayer is what turned me off this game in the first place, well that and my poor experiences with Oblivion.

    I’m all for an expansive single-player experience, the Final Fantasy, KOTOR and Mass Effect games being at the top of my list, but just the simple option of being able to drop in on a friend’s world and hanging out, exploring dungeons and the like for a night would have been great.

  • although most people will complain about games going MP, i think a co-op mode with friends would be a great addition to the game. At times i feel like i’d rather have a real person helping out then a companion AI. that way it doesnt really detract from the game, and you dont have randoms looting all of your stuff

    • Yeah there is room for co-op in the form of companions and I’m surprised Bethesda didn’t bother

      The type of multiplayer shown in this video is kinda pointless IMO the game simply isn’t balanced for it. And to do so would require MMO’ing it and if any franchise shouldn’t do that it’s TES.

  • It’s unfortunate, because a drop in/drop out co-op would be lovely – but in reality the implementation would be terrifying. Whilst the world isn’t meant to revolve around you to add to the depth, it’s nonetheless true that so much in the world does, in fact, revolve around your character, their statistics, completed quests, dialogue choices etc. The 2nd player would necessarily have to have a completely limited time in Skyrim, piggy backing the main player and unable to complete many interactions.

    Actually that would still be pretty cool. But then it still kind of goes against the point of the experience? Quite a murky topic.

    • Wouldn’t it be simple to just allow a second person to take over one of the companion NPCs? No customization other than equipment. They can pick up items, but not talk to people, they can’t use doors to new areas and are forced to stay within a certain radius. Simple, no fuss.

  • Pretty damn cool.

    Although I’d probably prefer it on a smaller scare, something like Dead Island.

    I’d still take this any day though, will definitely keep an eye on it’s progress.

  • they could always do what you do in fable, choose a default character model that really has no effect on the world. Or you could just possibly take over one of the companions.

    • True. They could let you choose an orientation, like Mage, Warrior or Thief, or combinations of the three. Then give them equipment based on the other player’s level.

  • They should add deathmatch and kill streaks and sticky grenades and tactical nukes too… if it had all those things I would have bought it.

    I’m being entirely and painfully sarcastic here.

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