Skyrim Teams Up With Spider-Man, Thanks To This PC Mod

There's no credit given for the creator of this mod — which takes the giant spiders found in Bethesda's mega-hit action role-playing game and turns them in creepy multiples of Marvel Comics' flagship character — but I'm thinking the guy's last name has to be Osborn.

You'd need to share the Green Goblin's insane obsession with Peter Parker's masked identity to cook up a tweak that mutates the already disturbing enemies and changing them to look like Spider-Man. And when the scrabbling abominations start running amok? That's probably just what the web-slinger's archenemy sees when he has nightmares. After watching this, I know that I, for one, will be having those same nightmares.


    I'm honestly scared O_O

    this is a terrible retexturing that adds nothing to the game, stop fucking uploading skyrim videos just for the sake of it?

      Idiot, it's bloody hilarious, that's the point, not that is a crude texturing.

      This is a terrible comment that adds nothing to the video, stop fucking uploading stupid comments just for the sake of it


    That's cool, I never wanted to sleep again anyway....

    At first, I was like, meh.
    ... but when the music kicked, in I was like, YEAH!!!

    Damn that brings back memories.

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