Skyrim's Flying Louis Letrush

That's the thing about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; even the game's many bugs are spectacular.

Take, for instance, this video. You think: So what, it's one of the game's characters, Louis Letrush, running on a horse. Seen it! But have you seen the bard using his horse's ears as a set of parallel bars, spinning from his ankles into a leisurely somersault dismount that lands him at the feet of an attacking bear that he then sets alight and kills? I didn't think so.

As seen on Reddit.


    lol. even the bear is like WTF

    Waaaaait, is that the guy who multiplies? The one at the Whiterun stables who now has grown to 3 separate people in my game who all talk at the same time?

      Three? I'm up to four Louii, now.

      Louii is the plural for Louis, right?

    I really don't see the point in lawding a games bugs as features. It stinks. It makes light of an indusrty that uses paying customers as beta testers to deliver half baked crap.

    Granted, Skyrims awesomeness overwhelms it's drawbacks but please! don't praise the bugs. There are corporate idiots listening with brains like peanuts who might take this the wrong way and "include more awesomeness" in the next release.

    Maybe I'm just still a little shitty about Civ 5 and the fact that after so long I still can't run the game without having to sit through a blank screen where the inro was >:(

    Just felt like saying it isn't always the industry's fault. Games are also being rushed out the door because consumers endlessly complain about having to wait for their gaming fix. To produce a game made right it takes time and to test it as extensively as is needed (especially a game as enormous as Skyrim) takes a fair amount of work as well.

    Also, I'm curious as to how he got back on the horse...

    It was night as I approached Whiterun, nearing the stables. Only the light of the stars to guide and light my way and nary a sound to be heard. It was then that I came across a strange and terrifying sight! Two men, identical in every way save for one. One of them had no legs and took to moving around with just his hands. I was shocked but tried to keep a calm demeanor as I went to walk passed them. It was then the real horror began. Both men spoke as if one; "Need something?" They said. Keen to return to Whiterun and bask in the warm glow of the fire at The Bannered Mare, I ignored them and went to move on. "Need something?" They again asked in a most unnatural unison. I took another few steps and then my body froze as it heard for a third time; "Need something?". I turned to face the two men, to tell them to leave me be, that I did not need anything but when I faced them no sound could escape my lips, all they could muster was mere tremble and quiver. The men stared at me with expressionless faces. Their eyes as hollow and blank as the Void itself. "Need something?" Again those words uttered from lifeless lips and again I could do nothing. I wanted to run, to scream, to flee but my body would not obey. Stuck in my place, all I could do was watch as they approached me. One on foot, the other by hand. My voice still failed me, as if it had fled and left my body behind to fend for itself. I watched in terror, my eyes growing wider as these men, these things, grew closer and closer. Now there was only a wisp of breath between us. My eyes shifted between the two. Their eyes now black as Oblivion itself and their mouths, they open once more...

    "Need something?"

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