Skyrim's (Free) Interactive iPhone Map Is Out Now

Interactive Skyrim map and future tool for in-game bragging Dragon Shout is out and free for iOS devices now. You can read a bit more about it here. But it's essentially a Skyrim map that lets you mark and track your in-game moments.


    21.1mb. The 20 mob limit is really starting to bug me, as I never get close to my cap and it often limits my use. Why can't I acknowledge the size and download anyway. Not to mention my home internet is all 3G based. Will have to get this tonight.

      Yeah, I've got 500mb a month and no matter how hard I try I use no more than 150mb.

      The home Internet is even more ridiculous. 500gb. How on Earth would I use that? I tried really hard in the Steam sale last Christmas and managed 150gb.

    Would like to see this on Android.. I know.. not everything needs to be on both but I have Skyrim and I have an Android phone..

      Hmmm. Why doesn't everything have to be on both?

      Either way hope this comes out for Android too.

      Check the Dragon Shout blog for some Android details:

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