Skyrim's Infamous Bucket Glitch. In Real Life.

There's a glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that allows players to put a bucket on characters' heads and take their stuff.

This video not only asks what that would be like in real life, but also, what would it be like doing that to a man in a flannel shirt? Something like this, I guess.

Skyrim Buckethead Glitch In Real Life [YouTube]


    Kotaku, its not a Glitch, like Kinect Hacks aren't hacks. Get your terms right.

    An exploit isn't a glitch.

    I love how the main guy is all dressed up, and the best the other guy could wear was a plaid shirt.

    How racist. A black man who is a thief. This should be banned.

      Video has one white guy and one black guy (equal representation), the black guy is playing the main protagonist while the white guy is the dumb NPC.

      Your view is divisive not this video.

        Perhaps we should include an Italian pick pocket and a Japanese doll-lover too?

          This would also be put up next to my future print, a Last Supper scene comprising of only James Woods as the Opostles/Jesus and a Robo-cop

    It's not a glitch. It's good collision and line of sight detection.

    You've outdone yourself Brian. At least you used to link to stuff that was sorta interesting. This was terrible.

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