Some Of The Prettiest Game Trailers In The Business

Blur Studios. You may have heard of them before (like in this feature we ran on them last year), as they're responsible for some of the biggest and best cinematic video game trailers around.

So it's cool today that we get to look at some of the work of Heikki Anttila, CG Supervisor at the studio.

Having been at Blur since 2003, Anttila has contributed to some of their most famous trailers and commercials, either working on things like lighting and 3D modelling or, more recently, as CG Supervisor.

You can see a selection of the clips he's contributed to above. Note that, obviously, they're not his clips. They're the work of many artists, of which Anttila was but one.

You can check out more of his work at his personal site.

Halo Wars - Anttila and Blur's Dave Wilson were both CG Supervisors, overseeing 26 minutes of pre-rendered footage compiled for the game's trailers and cutscenes.

Batman: Arkham City - CG Supervisor on the game's 2009 reveal.

Force Unleashed II - Anttila worked as Lighting and Compositing lead on both the game's E3 trailer and TV commercials.

Prey 2 - The game's amazing E3 2011 trailer saw Anttila working as CG Supervisor on the project.

Dawn of War - Still renowned as one of the best intros in video game history, Anttila did some "scene and lighting work", as well as modelling and texturing on some Space Marines.

Company of Heroes - Anttila worked on the lighting in this cinematic for Relic's classic real-time strategy game.


    Blur Studios are amazing, the pixar of trailers. Rather surprised they didn't link to the three CG trailers that they made for the Old Republic (each of which debuted at E3 '09, '10 and '11). From what I understand, one of them is the opening cinematic for the game.

      All three of those TOR trailers are amazing. I'd love to see them as features as they all follow darth malgus at different stages... Beats anything Lucas did

        When I showed those trailers to my dad, he was slightly disappointed they were trailers for a game and not a movie...

          I know right? I would love to see Blur make a Star Wars movie, without ANY involvement from George Lucas. Such an awesome thought.

    It's interesting to see the slightly different take on Arkham City in the teaser trailer.

    I love the Warhammer Mark of Chaos intro cutscene

    What's up with the Arkham City trailer? Aesthetically awesome but Harley in her AA outfit and what's with Joker's head?

    The Force Unleashed II trailers were about the only good things about that game.

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