Sonic 4: Episode 2 Is Already Changing Stuff

After a decidedly lukewarm reception to the first instalment in its planned episodic series, Sega is already wheeling out the changes for Sonic 4: Episode 2.

For starters, you've already got a sidekick. Tails will be in the game. As for bad guys, Metal Sonic will also be in the game.

Sega also says that, in response to fan feedback (ie complaints), Episode 2 features not only a new graphics engine, but a new physics engine as well.

It also looks like there's been some platform changes, as at the conclusion of a short teaser trailer there are platform logos for practically everything, from consoles to handhelds, with the exception of the Wii. Which got Episode 1. Then the Sega rep announces the platforms again, and mentions practically everything but the Wii. So if you got Episode 1 on Nintendo's console...sorry?

You can catch the teaser trailer in the informercial below.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Ken Balough Interview [GameSpot]


    "... and a brand new physics engine.."

    That's all I needed to hear! :)

      Agreed. I think Generations did a fairly good job. It still felt a bit off though, but miles better than Episode 1.

    They listened to fans and they will still sell it for 1200 Microsoft Points/$20 on PSN

    Do either Sonic or Tails control exactly like Sonic/2/3/& Knuckles?
    Do you still unroll from jumps?
    Is lock on jump attacking still necessary or existent at all?
    Are levels still short and mostly linear?
    Is the game still over expensive?

    Sonic 4 was so far away from the original 2D titles in terms of gameplay. Sega would have been better off buying out one of the much superior fan made games and making it official. If the project was under my control I'd borrow the Sonic 3 & Knuckles engine and build new 2D games based off that just like Megaman 9 and 10.

      Technically, Sega basically did that for the port/remake of Sonic CD (the engine itself wasn't the original CD engine, but a modified version of a fantastic fanmade Sonic 2 engine). However, it has been said that Episode 2 doesn't use this engine, as it isn't compatible with 3D.

    Here's hoping they learn from Generations. Contrary to the couple of whiners above, that game felt absolutely fantastic, and I would absolutely buy Ep 2 if it had the same physics and nonlinear stages.

    Why dont SEGA just release the Sonic Generations 2D mode as the Sonic 4 platform?

      Sonic Generations uses an updated version of the Hedgehog Engine that was created for Sonic Unleashed/World Adventure. The engine itself is not small, and to keep the graphical fidelity and speed of the engine, the file size of the game would need to be quite large, which isn't overly feasible for a downloadable title.

    Sonic adventures 3 would be good. And launch this on vita as well!

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