Sonic CD Could Be The Best Five Dollar Sonic Purchase You Make This Week

Sonic CD Could Be The Best Five Dollar Sonic Purchase You Make This Week

Sonic CD was released last week on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network for $US4.99. It’s a game that stands up on its own even 18 years after it first launched. And it looks great in widescreen.

If you have some spare cash or you have never played Sonic CD, now is probably a good time to pick it up and give it a playthrough.


  • Is it just me, or does finishing levels in sonic just involve holding ‘right’ on the controller and occasionally jumping – I know, on one level, you could say the same for most platformers, but seriously, where’s the challenge?Sonic has always felt like an exercise in how good you are at holding onto ‘right’ on the d-pad.

    Perhaps its just me though, he does seem kinda popular…

    • What Andy said. Spikes, falls, enemies etc…plus like all old games it was about the high score not just getting to the end.

    • You are absolutely correct for most Sonic games. I used to play the original trilogy with my feet and various other appendages. Sonic CD is a little different in that the Time travel mechanic has you hunting for sections where you can hold top speed to time warp – and then hunting for Robotnik’s prehistoric robo pods. The exploration aspect sets this particular game apart.

  • Sad an older game is not only cheaper but considered better and contains more content then say Sonic 4 part 1 that was too expensive and wasn’t finished.

  • I think I should get it free for Playstation Plus. Starting to wonder what I get for that besides the online save storage…

  • I could never be bothered with the time travel mechanic, or indeed do the special stages (they’re incredibly difficult, even for me now) but it’s still a good Sonic game. Basically it’s got the same handling as Sonic 1, with two new moves (strange spin-dash and a running-on-the-spot dash for those who want to look flash) and looks a lot more vivid with a CD soundtrack (of course).

    And for those who’ve played Sonic Generations, you can play the original Sonic vs Metal Sonic race (which is annoying when he comes out of nowhere and barrels through you a few times).

  • Got it, and made a good future in the first 6 levels. I would say I still got the skills for it but have failed miserably in the bonus stages.

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