Sony Sells Over 300,000 PS Vitas In First Two Days

As sister site Kotaku Japan pointed out, the PS Vita sold 321,407 units in its first two days on sale. Sony shipped over 700,000 units, meaning that around 46 per cent of the initial shipment was sold. [Kotaku Japan]


    I am seriously considerings putting down some money for one of these bad boys, but I can't feel that with all the hype I might get a little disappointed.

    If we get even a third of that within two days of release, would that be considered a successful start?

      I reckon there are 100000 people who would be willing to buy it in Australia, day one. But I think we are too apathetic to go out and get it, Australians aren't as fanatical about this kind of thing as Japan is.

        no way would there be 100,000 sold in Australia day one, the 3DS has only just cracked 200,000 after 9 months on the shelves.

        aside from the fact that I seriously doubt that combining all the stock through all the retailers, Australia would even be receiveing 100,000 units to sell...

          Yeah but you have to remember, the 3DS is a piece of crap.

            I hear IGN Calling, they lost a troll

            Bahahahaha! My thoughts exactly. Only prob we got is aus is full of tight arses so that might hinder initial sales

      That would be an unprecedented start in Australia. The 3DS has become Australias fastest selling console and has only just now sold through 200,000 units (after being on sale for roughly 8-9 months. I'll be surprised if the Vita sold one tenth of the Japanese numbers in its first week on sale in Australia.

      Australia's population is 1/6 the size of Japan, and probably has a smaller population of gamers. So I'm going to go ahead and say 30 000 in the first two days is much more realistic.

        whoops, I meant smaller proportion

    Is that good, bad?

    I'm not sure.

    I guess some people will claim if 90%+ of total stock didn't sell in 24 hours the console is doomed and all, but without comparative numbers and percentages it's kind of hard.

      My rough net digging shows that this is roughly twice as many units sold as the initial PSP launch. That sounds promising.

      Didn't all 700,000 already got per ordered?, I think so. But you have to remember people that people have to work, and they cant stand in line all day to get a vita. So people will pick it up when the lines die down some more.

        I think it was the initial 500,000 (or something like that) That got preordered months ago which was why they had to add the extra 200,000.

    LOL sold less than the 3DS.
    the 3DS sold 500k in the first 2 days.
    371k in the first day.

    You'd think with the bigger lineup of games, less gimicky features & people from all around the world outside of Japan importing it that it'd sell a bit more than the 3DS. Afterall the PSP is massively popular in Japan aswell.

    I gotta stop going to this site, this indirect article is a total piss take. Then you've got the huge drawn out articles.

      Less gimmicky features? It copies everything that made the DS great, as well as the gyroscope from the 3DS. Its what annoys me, when Nintendos 3DS had bad problems like price, battery etc, its bad, but when Sonys Vita does all the same problematic tenancies and amplifies them to be even worse such as worse batt with double the batt power of the 3DS, costs nearly 100-200 more than the 3DS was here, freezes etc its fine according to the sony fanbois. Go eat a cock

        So I guess we've found the Nintendo fanboys? Good to see you around boys, we were beginning to worry.

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