Star Wars' Famous Trench Run, Recreated As A Minecraft Movie

This isn't one of those mildly boring "look at an object I recreated in Minecraft" posts. This is hot-blooded machinima, Minecraft's blocks used to recreate whole sequences from the end of Star Wars.

It's the work of reader Grahame, aka Paradise Decay, who is not just a games musician, he's a dude who has found that "somehow minecraft is taking over my life".

That happens. At least he turned the addiction into something we can all enjoy.

If you like what Grahame's cooking here, know that next year he's releasing a full-blown Star Wars/Minecraft adventure called Rise of the Rebellion.


    All those mobs... xD

    OH... MY...GOD

    Alllllmost therrrre...

    Thought it would be like a stop motion. Still impressive though!

      I agree, as impressive as that was it would have been even cooler in stop motion. :D

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