Star Wars: The Old Republic Features Ground-Breaking Binocular Use

Binoculars? Aliens don't need no stinking binoculars — especially when they have red eyes.

As reader Peter pointed out, Star Wars: The Old Republic, like any game these days, has its fair share of bugs, but nothing that he's found yet to be game-breaking. Some, such as this, aren't glitches. They're features.

Developed by BioWare, Star Wars: The Old Republic was released Dec. 20.

This is how you use binoculars [YouTube]


    Wow, I nearly died having to read that entire article.

    My god, slow news day?

    Nice entertainment video sharing here and I like movie of star wars and unbelievable used binocular in this movie. I wanna see this movie at once....Thank for sharing

    Binoculars :-

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