Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally Gets An Australian Release Date

Star Wars: The Old Republic Finally Gets An Australian Release Date

If you’re a (and I hate using this word…) hardcore MMO fan, chances are you’re already playing Star Wars: The Old Republic via other means, but it looks as though Bioware has finally announced an official release date for the game in Australia.

Posting on the Official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, Bioware’s Stephen Reid confirmed that the team were set to release the game in the first quarter of 2012. Internally the team are shooting for March 1.

“We can confirm that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be launching in Australia and New Zealand in the spring of 2012,” he posted.

“Right now we are targeting March 1st, but that could change as our number one priority is making sure that customers have a great service to play on.”

According to Stephen, Bioware was also hoping to find a solution for those who have imported the game — enabling them to play on the local servers when the game is launched in Australia.

“For those of you who may have already imported the game,” he wrote, “we will be investigating solutions to allow you to continue to play on a local server once they come online in March.”

Good news all round — particularly with regards to the effort and thought being put into serving the fans who have imported the game for early access.

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  • Stuff the release date, the big news here is the local servers. It’s been confirmed that they’re local, not just servers in the US with a regional tag.

    • I don’t want to be debbie downer, but “local servers” has been used in the past to mean us-based, clocked changed servers.

      I hope they do it, but I’ve been hurt before..

      • Well, their community manager posted this in the thread linked above: “We are planning on actual servers located in the area. The final location is being locked down, but when we say ‘local’ we don’t mean ‘in the US but with a label’.”

        Promising 🙂

        • Youve been hurt before? By what dude? by a higher ping rate? Hurt???? No wonder gamers get such a bad name with comments like this, just grow a pair mate.. and try and relax about your gaming a bit so that “not having an Australian server” doesnt “hurt” you in the future.

          I suppose the sort of person that blames 600ms of lag on them not pwning their opposition are the sort of people who WOULD get “hurt” by this. Particularly in an MMO lol… you reaction time is WAY slower than the pings you complain about.
          I would suggest…either way, you shouldnt play TOR ok? why? because I dont want lameasses like you slowing down my framerate with lag caused by your whining.

    • Local servers has been used repeatedly in the past by other companies and every time it has only referred to servers using a local clock.

      I’ll believe they have a physical local server when I can rub my sweaty man boobs on it.

      • You’ve got to be joking. 600ms lag is over half a second. You’ve never played a multiplayer game with high ping before, have you?
        Imagine whenever you press a button on your screen it takes .5 seconds to actually happen, and whenever something happens to your character it takes .5 seconds to appear on your screen.

        I could be waiting to counterspell someone and they’ve finished casting by the time the server actually registers my request.
        Perhaps when the oceanic servers are actually put in place you should connect to one of them just to see what everyone else had to deal with.

      • Scumbag game player:
        Complains about lag and framerates from other players

        While telling off a player for complaining about lag

      • Have you ever played any MMOs? Doesn’t sound like you have any idea what a local server means AT ALL with such silly comments.

  • Interesting, I’m glad they’re looking at allowing people who have already bought a copy to play on a local server when they get started up.

  • Meh, the interwebs is fast enough for me to happily play on a US server, so the local server availability doesn’t give me a raging boner.

    The lack of a game here on release makes me never want to play it. I’m sure I will, but all my enthusiasm has been drained.

  • Realising that most of their players will probably have imported the game, why is there such a massive delay between releases? I mean, it is the exact same product released in the US. Theres no change in the content or the language or anything like that. It makes no sense for it to release in over 2 months from its initital release (and that’s just what they are aiming for)

    • Lies. Don’t you know how much effort it’ll be to change all the game scripts from saying “hello” to “g’day”? There’s literally tens of aliens who’ll have to be re-dubbed and everything…!

      • Sith: G’Day Jedi drongo, feel the power of the dark side
        Jedi: Crikey! But you’ll never beat me, I’ve got a bonza heart the size of phar lap!

          • That’s A stereotype.. All americans are fat and talk through their noses (see an example of A generalized country, I just made a stereotype.) P.S – I wear dickies (google it if you have no idea what this clothing line is, which you should) and I swear SRH, Hostility clothing, metal mulisha (all american brands) Also that waiting period is insane for the poor australians..

          • i think you failed to realised that it was australians stereotyping themselves, and you just stereotyped yourself as some emo wearing brand name clothes.

    • It says they are sorting out local servers. Considering a game like WoW never managed to get them with costing and stuff I’m sure you can understand it’s not easy.

      • I’m not talking about the serves, i’m talking about the actual game. The reason WoW never did it is because Telstra were really shafting them on the costs, and the train of thought would be “why spend so much money when most of these people are already happily playing on our US based servers.”
        They should have just released the game. People are buying it anyway. The dedicated servers can come in the future (or probably not at all considering that EA care about money)

          • Incorrect. When Warhammer originally launched, they had Australian servers (in Melbourne if I recall correctly). Was certainly interesting playing with sub 60ms pings. After the game died a horrible death, they shut them down and merged existing Australian players on to the US servers.

    • Without going into detail, as someone who has had to deal with multi-national game releases I can assure you there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than you would believe. Licensing, Deals, Exclusives, Taxes etc.

      4 months may seem long but I can understand and have experienced the issues that they are facing. It took myself 3 months to release a game in the US that AU/NZ/UK already had, I can imagine the reverse would be just as difficult.

      • Also, what’s the point of releasing locally when there are über long wait queues as it is? All the die hards can import now and will be looked after upon local release. The rest of us can wait a few months and hopefully have a great local experience with little to no queues and latest patched version minus some early bugs. Sounds like a win for us really. I do believe EA/Bioware have gone above and beyond any other mmo publisher/developer

      • That may be correct, however do you really believe a Multi-Million dollar company such as EA & BioWare are having troubles setting up a local server?

        • Agreed,, in this day an age it take 3 months to set this up??? Was thinking of getting this… will now but a second hand copy after im done with skyrim

  • My question would be IF the local servers are comfirmed. i remeber reading/someone tell me when WoW tried to open Local servers in Australia i think it was Telstra was going to charge them huge ammounts to run them so they withdrew them, becuase the ammount was just rediculous

    • Blizzard actually never commented on it. The Telstra thing was a rumour that was started on the forums and self-perpetuated in exactly the same manner that you’re doing now. The only people who know for sure why we never got WoW servers is Blizzard (somehow EA managed it with Warhammer)

  • IMO it’s wont work because aussie players will have established communities. It’s impossible to organise a mass exodus. some will move to the aussie server but it wont be enough to sustain a server and it will shut down…

    The the developers will be all like I told you so blah blah blah and the oceanic gaming community will continue to suffer…

    I like having a active community around the clock with US players. I won’t be moving.

    SAD DAY.

  • Depends on why the regional clock matters.
    Special events and so on will cause me to switch servers. If there is no difference I probably wouldn’t bother switching.

  • The release date is when my Zavvi copy arrives… (not getting it express or anything because I go away for christmas today so it should arrive when I get back home, perfect timing!)

  • Watching a live stream of SWTOR today, as I realised I didn’t know a damn thing about it and on a self-imposed forum absence didn’t help either.

    It looks kinda nifty, though a bit ’empty’ I think? A few impressions and reviews tell me it has an excellent single player element, something which it has been derided for at metacritic.


    • It’s a “standard” MMO with a ton of Bioware-quality storytelling on top.

      I hate MMOs but I’m buying it because the beta totally sold me on the story.

  • Are you serious?

    What the hell?! I just- WHAT?!
    They’re the same company and they’re undercutting their own product?

  • I’ve been playing on unoffcial Oceanic servers for the past week. They are based in the US (West Coast) but the population is local. Ping is fine. Lots of people online.

  • If the delay is so that they are setting up proper local servers, yay.
    If the delay is them just sitting on their thumbs and when we get it we get WoW version of “local” servers, I’m just going to carry on playing WoW.

  • ‎*facepalm* March? Good luck getting me to buy Bioware!
    You already have me booked in for your Mass Effect conclusion!

  • I think people are missing another point that could be in play here. If the game is going to be hosted in Australia, it has to pass the game classification board of approval.

    Not to mention the point of them having the game first set up and tested in the larger communities before rolling out hardware, employing people and setting up a physical location with decent internet capability.

    I just really hope this is the case. and no the WoW model of ‘local servers’.

  • Screw Bioware, I’ve been one of their biggest fans for over a decade, and they screw gamers like me over with such BS excuses? This game has been in the works for years now, there is no excuse for such a poor rollout strategy. Call it nerd rage if you must, but whilst the North Americans and most of Europe are playing the game right now, all we have is the latest indie hack slash crap that barely resembles an RPG.

  • I kinda resent being referred to as ‘hardcore’ for having the smarts to just buy the game from an on-line retailer…That being said – Good to hear about Aussie based hardware, just hope I can transfer my toon when they go live..:)

  • Quick question. Can I just buy a retail version online from say Play Asia or Zavvi and then just get straight into it? Or do I have to change my router setting or something >.<;

  • If it means actual local aussie servers, that means no more downtime for server updates during our evenings.

    Every mmo i’ve played always had aussies crying on the forums about downtimes happening on a monday night.

  • I’ll move for *TRUE* local servers, just to avoid the maintenance/downtimes. But I’m certainly not waiting until March 2. Surely Bioware will offer free migration when the local servers open up?

  • EA had legitimate AU servers for Warhammer Online initially. I see no reason to think they’d lie about a more mainstream game. Good guy EA meme time?

  • to be honest, this release date was the final nail in the coffin for this game for me. it will be dead on arrival. The story is interesting, the fact that all dialog is voice acted is also nice, but the graphics and ground combat that I experienced in the beta is NOTHING like I would expect to play in a Star Wars game. what happened to the choregraphy like we see in the “prequel” movies- the ONLY redeeming thing about them over Episodes 4-6.

    On top of that, the gameplay felt like it was a star wars story was thumb- tacked over a generic, WOW rip-off title. Also note that I don’t play WoW. I dont even like its antiquated graphics or combat

  • This is such a pointless wait to be honest, I brought the game from overseas and im playing it RIGHT NOW and it is abolutly fine i cant see any reason why we have to wait.

  • I think the way they have treated Australia/NZ as a backwater is telling. I have mates that have imported to play, and they wait 2+hours in their queues daily when they log in to play. Australians get to miss out on all it means to be an MMO when it is first released. There is loads of online creds to be made selling your gear and loots to those scrambling for supremecy. Allowing Aussies to come in LATE in the game means that servers will be populated with 50’s already, markets have balanced out, all early oppurtunities are gone and worst of all it gives all the yanks a headstart on the PvP gear which functions with resilience (something even WoW developers admit was their biggest mistake and wish they never implemented). The fact they have screwed AUS/NZ so badly makes me not want to play it at all, as I know if I do I will be pushing the proverbial uphill having to play catch up so far behind. Thats not what I want from an MMO I did that with WoW – If you are putting Aussies into the game so late then give them a leg up, or they will leave in droves.

  • i dont care when it getting release now. but now since it last for aussie iam happy it local. but there is one part what is getting to me is when they say> Bioware was also hoping to find a solution for those who have imported the game — enabling them to play on the local servers when the game is launched in Australia.

    does this mean when wai 3 mouth for some thing that is all really late there try to find a way i am going to get my ass kick on the first day i get it. by high lvl.
    i hope if they give anyone who has the us key and has the right to tranfer the have to make new toon not tranfer there high lvl toon what the already made.

    if they do this them i would not care any where or when it gets release. because it well feel like a new game .. i hate it went i buy a game on the first day and bata play have been tranfer in to real play on the first day

  • eb game has stock now. but it is imported one .. i dont know. i have pre order in aussie and got my text but if it is not a aus cd key i dont want it .. i have wait a mouth for a ausse cd key and a aussie seavers. i have got the us game from oversea and seen all the lvl 50. and iam lvl 27 already. but my lag is shit in pvp, it like wow ping . i know eb game has it now but it the us cd key and i got the ready and it dont not come with aussie seavers.. they said 1st of march there hoping for

    but i dont trust it. i want a fresh game now .. if eb game wanted to con me in buying a us cd key they should of done it on the 21 of dec 2011

    to little to late

  • “Spring 2012 for an Australian release.”
    Irony of Spring not happening for another 6 months in Australia?

  • Glib Quote – ” If the delay is so that they are setting up proper local servers, yay.
    If the delay is them just sitting on their thumbs and when we get it we get WoW version of “local” servers, I’m just going to carry on playing WoW”

    You do that ….you just keep on playing WoW……(Face Slap!)
    (Alpha shakes head with face in palm)

  • What pissed me off is that many of my US friends I have been gaming with on another game went to Star Wars, and I wanted to too.

    I had money down, pre-paid and ready to roll at my game shop.

    Then I get told that I can’t join as I’m not in the US and that is so I don’t have a bad gaming experience.


    So when I do eventually join, and all my US friends are maxed level… Them helping me and rushing me through content is going to improve my gaming experience?

    Them not leveling with me is going to improve my gaming experience?

    Bad move Bio Ware because I cancelled my pre-payment, and not even interested any more. You RUINED my experience before I even experienced it.

    Now I’m playing another MMO with some of the same US crew that decided to play something other than Star Wars.

    Maybe one day I might buy it and play… but right now, due to how they handled this, I’m just not interested.

    And local servers?

    Seriously? I don’t give a shit about local servers. I’ve been playing on US servers with US friends for so long now, I’m totally used to the lag, which for me, normally isn’t that much.

    Any hoo, that’s my two cents to Bioware.
    Good job.

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