Starting Next Month You Will Get The Tools To Reinvent Skyrim On PC

Starting Next Month You Will Get The Tools To Reinvent Skyrim On PC

Starting next month computer Skyrim gamers will have access to the same development tools used by Bethesda Games Studio to make The Elder Scroll title.

“We want to thank everyone reading this for playing our game and supporting all it tries to do,” according to the post on the official Bethesda Blog. “We wouldn’t have this success without you, and we want you to know we’re committed to making your Skyrim experience even better. And not just in the short term, but over the life of the game.”

Bethesda also plans to roll out a set of new Wiki and videos with the Creation Kit to help folks get started on even more amazing mods. The new Creation Kit will also be tied to Steam Workshop. That means that the kit will be able to bundle and upload your mode to the Steam Workshop where everyone can browse, rate and flag them for download.

The workshop will let you do all of these from any web device, including smartphones. That means you can queue up modes like you can bank movies in Netflix and then auto download them the next time to start up the game.

The kit will also support existing modding sites, Bethesda said.


    • I don’t see it affecting DLC. DLC is still expansions made of original content from the professionals who know how.

      • wtf is this meant to mean? Many of the larger mods are built by professionals who know how. They just aren’t working for Beth, they work for other game companies instead.

        • Either way, I don’t think planned DLC would be affected in any way. For console gamers, DLC is pretty much the only way to access completely new content for Skyrim.

  • I’m enjoying my first playthrough on xbox, but am really looking forward to a new PC and some amazing mods next year some time.

    • DARN (of DARNified UI fame) is working on it as we speak. Problem is, it doesn’t work like any of the previous Bethsoft games. They used a Flash overlay running in game for the menus, instead of them being integrated to the engine, like they were on the Embryo engine. That means a lot of fiddling around and re-learning how to do it all from scratch.

      Give him and the others some time and it will all be worth it.

  • hahahaha, sneaky ass bethesda. they would say “next month” on the second of the month. dw beth, we still love you

  • I can’t wait to model some weapons!
    I guess I could actually start modelling them RIGHT NOW. But I wanna see how Skyrim does their weapons as far as texture size and poly count go.

  • Sweet.

    The first mod I made myself for both Morrowind and Oblivion was a basic(lame) “My kickass katana” mod where I created a unique weapon with absurd stats and had it sticking out of the ground immediately upon exiting the introductions to those games (outside the prison sewers and in the center of Seyda Neen)… So I might have to keep up with that tradition in Skyrim, even though I never really even used the thing in either game 😛

    I think I only ever did one mod for myself for Fallout 3… it was comparable in that it was a custom weapon that used the Chinese Machine Pistol (or whatever they called the Mauser) model and replaced the ammunition with lasers and gave it a unique ‘blaster’ sound effect and renamed it the DL-44

    I am a nerd, but damn do i have myself a good time with these Construction Sets 😀

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