Stranger’s Dream Is Bastion’s Only Planned DLC

Stranger’s Dream Is Bastion’s Only Planned DLC

The Bastion DLC that expands on the back story of the game’s mysterious narrator and unlocks two new modes will be the only and last planned DLC for the XBLA and PC game, according to Supergiant Games’ creative director, Greg Kasavin.

Over the weekend, when asked whether Bastion will be receiving more DLC after Stranger’s Dream, Kasavin said “no”. He said he wasn’t certain if this was the end of Bastion, but that they had no further plans for the game at this point.

Stranger’s Dream, will be available in December 14 and will be free for PC and cost 80 Microsoft Points on XBLA. Due to Microsoft policy, Supergiant Games were not able to offer the DLC on XBLA for free.



    • You’re looking for an angle on this, too?

      Maybe you could answer me a few questions later on down the line. I don’t know what to think about this for even a moment. What I do think is someone’s got some explaining to do.

      If I could get something for free someplace and then the same thing not so much free at someplace else – I’d think about that. Much obliged, Sir, I didn’t mean to take up too much of your time.

  • According to the game’s creator in a Kotaku article on September 5, there will be no DLC because they held nothing back and the original story was already complete. I don’t care that he changed his mind, but asking him to accurately predict whether his future self will change his mind again is clearly a waste of time, and it isn’t news.

    • Thats what I was thinking when I saw the DLC announced.

      I think its good they’re moving it for free ($1), I’d be mighty annoyed if they had said “No DLC….Oh except for this $15 one we just found”

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