Street Fighter V? Contra 6? These Games Exist (In Russia).

Remember how last month we looked at some of the better examples of the unlicensed NES/Famicom clones that walked the earth during the 1980s and 1990s? One towered above all others like a colossus in terms of how successful it was, and that was Russia's Dendy console.

It's my personal favourite of the bunch. Not because of what the console looked like, but because of the games that were released on the system. Games that, for the rest of us, only exist on paper, or in the distant future.

Being a bootleg console, it didn't just play actual cartridges from Japan and the West. It was home to an impressive catalogue of bootleg games as well, some pieced together from other titles like Frankenstein's monster, others crude, original games in their own right.

Some of those bootleg games included Street Fighter V. Even though we're only just now, in 2011, up to Street Fighter IV. There's Contra 6. Even though the highest we've ever got for a numbered Contra game is 4, and that came out in 2007. Ditto for Robocop IV.

Other awesome hatchet jobs include a Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers game that looks more like Commando, a Top Gun sequel, Prince Persia and a third Battletoads game.

Website DendyGames has an enormous collection of these horrors, so if you'd like to see more of how the Russians may have a different concept of franchise exploitation than you or I, head to the link below.

DendyGames [Dendy Games]

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    Love how Robocop 4 has the Terminator on the front XD

    Is Super Lion King the one where Simba hangs himself at the game over screen?

    Oh god.

    Woah! SFV is 20 players! Can't wait! =p

    oh and it has Streets of rage cameos

    Contra 6 looks like an unreal tournament clone.

    not quite sure what to think of that Chip and Dale game...

    I want that Chip & Dale game so bad

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