Surprise! That PS Vita Wasn’t Lost At The VGAs After All

Surprise! That PS Vita Wasn’t Lost At The VGAs After All

Yep, that DeadMau5 is a real funny fucker. To no one’s surprise, the DJ revealed this afternoon he did not, in fact, lose an unreleased PlayStation Vita in a Los Angeles cab after his performance at last night’s Spike Video Game Awards.

“I just wanted to see how much management would freak out over it, trolololol,” wrote Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, on his Facebook page. He supplied that image above.

You think I think management freaked out over this? It utterly reeks of a publicity stunt and even if it isn’t, I’m sure Sony’s delighted by the attention, and news accounts discussing what a valuable piece of hardware the Vita is.


        • Profanity from the general population isn’t an issue. It smacks of immaturity when a ‘journalist’ throws it in, seemingly for the hell of it. If we wanted unnecessary profanity, we’ll go hang out somehwere it’s expected and not be offended.

          • Exactly. It wasn’t offensive, it just wasn’t warranted. If a journalist can’t get their point across without resorting to outright profanity then they’re either lazy or unimaginative.
            My point was not that I was offended by it, it was more needing a way to let the authors know we expect higher quality than what they have given us in this instance.

          • Hahahaha!!!! Higher quality! From the yanks! Yesterday they wrote ‘skae’ instead of ‘skate’, wrote causality instead of casualty, decreed a blatant murder as a suicide bombing, fell for the deadmouse shenanigans, and then put up dead links in the list post this morning. You shall find no quality from them.

          • Exactly! Maybe if we did have a ‘report’ button for the articles, one that reported back to the author they’d start behaving profesionally. One can dream, surely? 😛

          • It’s a beautiful dream. I just find it hilarious that all these terribly written articles appear alongside that job ad that asks “Do you pride yourself in writing goid, clean code?” If so come here and use that proud clean code to post this drivel!

          • SO do you need a ladder or a crane. I think you probably do need something to help you get down from your high horse.

            BAM !

          • Just because it’s the internet doesn’t excuse it’s use. Would you read a newspaper if they started adding profanity? Probably not.
            Also if the Kotaku AUS editors were aware of this they’d probably remove it.
            For example he could’ve said “Yep, that DeadMau5 isn’t as funny as he thinks he is.’ It sounds more professional.

          • Oh Jacka. In a few years time, you’ll hopefully look back on things like this, and think to yourself, “Man, when I was 13, I was a tool”.

          • You sir are brilliant. Did it take all of your experience on the internet to conjure up such a witty response?

            Warrented or Not, you feel like flexing your finger muscles over that keyboard of yours, I know that we all appreciate every spark of intelligence you have to offer. Thank you Jacka, If that is your really name

          • Jacka, I find it quite amusing that you’re calling me childish but the one behaving childishly is you.
            I actually have two children and it’s because of this that I will fight the decline of the English language wherever possible. I do not want my children to grow up in a world where everyone’s forgotten how to spell and nobody has any self-control or respect for other people’s opinions.

          • To take a phrase for 4chan (which to my knowledge Deadmau5 is known to frequent)

            >Expecting Journalistic integrity from KotakUS


          • I found its use appropriate. The article sardonically interpose the word ‘fucker’ to imply the subjects “lolz” was seen as a deliberate and unashamed attempt to get some free marketing.

            Kotaku receives significant amounts of criticism these days, especially for implications of corrupt puff pieces, and yet for once when their critical at such a blatant marketing manoeuvre they’re hammered mercilessly. In my view it was a, refreshing use of the word “fucker”.

            All of this hyperbole about journalist being lazy and such for swearing is too much. I enjoy the writing at Kotaku. Sure it’s no investigative journalism but it’s interesting aggregator of gaming info. The articles, the comments its all intertaining. If you all want a journalist to go smash then go vist the Vine’s Gaming Section on SMH. They should be taken to task for the unintelligent use of the word fuck.

            Lastly I do enjoy reading the comments but it’s like the Cosby Brigade have come out in force. Enough.

        • You can’t be serious with that statement. I’m disappointed and a little disgusted by the lazy use of profanity in this article (rather than offended), but if I was, would you really attempt to convince me that I’m not welcome anywhere on the internet?

  • To the author : Owen Good

    you should have seen right through this anyway. if someone was to lose a piece of gaming hardware that valuable they wouldn’t go posting it on the internet for everyone to see.

    • A normal person wouldn’t, no. However, if you’re stupid enough to lose something that important that quickly, who knows…

  • It doesn’t make me want the PS Vita more or less, but it makes me dislike Deadmau5. I don’t like publicity stunts that involve deception.

    Owen Good and I seem to share that, although the difference is I’m allowed to swear at the guy, but Good shouldn’t be. You’re a journo and should act professional. Newspaper articles don’t call murderers “fuckheads”.

  • Don’t lie, the majority of you got excited when you heard it had been lost. You all quickly checked on twitter and your favourite gaming news/reviews sites to hear more about this fandangle instrument of gaming. It was big news to all the fans of PSVita who immediatly exclaimed “OH NOES” and secretly whispered “damn the lucky bastard who foundz it”. But alas you where fooled by one *does kiwi accent* deceptive pruck, for he had lied, tried and succeeded in trolling you all. So for a taste of your own medicine Interwebers and Gamers you react with Horrified looks and rage face memes, congratulations fools you fell for one of your own tricks and became that which you hate a n00b or not. thats completley up to you inderpppredation.


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