Survival Mode Coming To Portable Version Of Minecraft

The experience that many people were hoping would be on the portable versions of Mojang's hit construction/adventure game should be finally coming to iOS and Android.

The biggest complaint about Minecraft Pocket Edition has been that only delivers the PC game's Creation mode, the part of the game that lets players build outlandishly detailed environments and accoutrements in pixelated fashion. But Minecraft's as much about running from and killing creepers as recreating famous Game Boy titles. To not have that aspect of the game felt like a major void for players and Mojang's working to bring some of that to the handheld iteration.

A new post on the company's blog details what they're working to bring to Pocket Edition:

This is what the plan looks like right now and being worked on:

• A new file system — to make sure we can support items and mobs in the world • Item system — to be able to pick up items • Crafting — we know you want this :) This will probably need some iterations since the interface will be customised for the touch devices • Inventory system • Mobs — animals and enemies! • Optimising rendering code — we are experimenting with caves but need to make it work better before we are able to release it • Clean up of code and overall optimisation

So, while it might not be the same exact thing as you get on a PC, mobile Minecraft will be becoming a more robust experience.


    Yay, hopefully!

    It's quite an expensive app on the market haha.. was a bit disappointed but I'm willing to wait.

      Actually Minecraft pocket edition is only $0.10 at the moment!

    OMFG... it is seriously about time! I paid for this crud on day one, in creative it sucks more than anything that has sucked before.

    Thank goodness, i have hoped they were going to do this, the only reason I haven't deleted it off my iphone :)

    My only gripe is the mechanic for laying blocks seems overly difficult... at least on the iPhone. Haven't experimented with the iPad.

    'No android device is associated with my account'


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