Take A Gander At The Guns Of Max Payne 3 In These New Screens

Other than the ability to absorb enough human misery to fell any three lesser men and not get addicted to all those painkillers he guzzles, Max Payne has no superpowers to speak of. When Rockstar's hard-boiled hero cop needs to dispatch bad guys, he needs guns. Lots of ‘em.

These new shots from the threequel in progress show off the pistols, submachine guns and rifles that you'll be shooting in slo-mo. We're guessing that there'll be more guns to come as Max Payne 3 marches closer to release.


    As long as I can dual wield Desert Eagles I'll be happy.

      Why not dual wield a desert eagle AND A MOTHER FIN' MCRIO WHILE YOUR AT IT?!?!

        It's actually an Uzi, my bad.

    Yes, yes, but is there a Lead Pipe?

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