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    Greetings and salutations oh people of the Glorious TAY!
    How be you all on this most rain drenched of days?
    I be well, especially as this is my last week before holidays. Yay!

      I wonder what Sydney's quota for sunshine is, and how it has been filled so quickly.

      But I suppose I was lucky in some regards. I was out for lunch with some friends in manly yesterday, and although it did rain on the ferry ride back, the harbour was surprisingly calm. Which is good because one of my friends gets seasick very easily. And after the amount of good we ate, it would not have been a pretty sight.

        It's creating quite the existential crisis and no mistake.

        Australia, land of the burning sun, is identified by it's amazing surf, sun, sand, sun, kangaroos, sun, sun, koalas and sun. Without the sun it seems less bloody Australian. What are without our sun!?

        We might as well all be living in some other sunless shit-hole.

        I jest of course, although the sun is a great (cancer causing, skin cell destroying) perk.

        At least the Sydney drivers still seem to have their ever present sunny dispositions, flipping you off with a wink and a smile or attempting to run you over at the traffic lights in a jovial manner.

        Ha ha ha!

        In all seriousness, I have a friend who's friend told them that they saw on Facebook that we shall only get about two sunny days during the whole Christmas holiday season. Seems pretty legit to me.

        Consider yourself warned.

      Im starting to think I got stuck in a timespace continium and its actually winter.


        TEAM EDWAAAAaaaauuuueeerrgggghhhhhhhhhD

      Salutations, my adventurous chum! I am well and thank you greatly for asking!

      It's raining here in Sydney, as I'm sure it's raining other places. All over the world there are people outside as the moderately acidic water splashes down on their face, soaks in to their cloth and drips down their face. Some are miserable and others elate by this miracle of nature.

      And soon the water will evaporate, rising back up to the sky in unparallelled christ-like fashion to fall again.

      Speaking of which, what ever happened to 'Acid Rain'? When I was a child it was the talk of the playground. My friends and I would huddle together and talk of sulphuric acid raining down from on high like God's justice from the Old Testament, melting the faces off the teachers like that scene in Raiders when the Nazi's open the Ark. You know the one.

      The world was buzzing with discussions on 'Acid Rain' and 'Global Warming' and now the acid is gone. Did we fix it when we banned the CFCs? Did the alluminium (aloominum?) can recycling pay off?

      Three cheers for us! Global Warriors, one and all!

      But what happened to global warming? As a child this WAS happening. No 'ifs', 'buts' or 'maybies', and yet here we are, years on and people are telling me it's not real. A product of the over stimulated minds of those greenwardly inclined.

      Either way, would cutting back on the atmosphere raping chemicals we so lovingly saturate our air with, be a bad thing? Even if 'Climate Change' was just made up by the hippies?

      I'm inclined to say no.

      I'm also inclined to say "Enjoy your holidays!"

    New image - intree-esting.

    How was everyone's weekend? Mine was spent buggering around Constantinople. I think I'm a chance for reaching 100% sync before I get sick of it, for the first time in an AC game ever.

      I have to wait until christmas to be able to play revelations.
      Thank Talos for SKYRIM!
      Still, I am getting very tired of waiting, though I should probably go back and finish off some of the stuff from Brotherhood.

      i started my weekend getting another PS3. My third one now. Extended warranty this time. That doesn't help the 200+ hours of dark souls now gone.

        Oh no! That's awful. I'm seriously considering PS+ just so I can use the cloud Save for Dark Souls. I lost my Demon's Souls save twice and didn't have the heart to start again, would hate to have that happen to Dark Souls.

          Hello 'Strange One!'

          As I previously states in my previous statement, PS+ is only required for locked saves. An everyday, normal FAT32 disc would do the job for considerably less.

          A cheap option that only takes a few minutes to do. Just make sure the saves in question aren't copy protected. And easy way to test is to see if have the option to transfer the save to another account. If it does, you are good to go.

          REDUX AWAY!

          *flies off in to the sunset.*

          Made it through that whole thing without some painfully random, silly comment!

          But about riding off in to the sunset. It's not very accurate. Riding in the direction of the setting sun makes more sense. I mean, riding in to the sunset, no matter how tough the cowboy, that's gonna hurt. And it would be a tragic waste of a horse that is not only capable of flight but of traveling fast enough to reach a setting sun.

          My personal assistant once accused me of being to literal so I fired her.

          Not sure where she landed.

          And people thought I was mad when I bought the office cannon.

        I am SO going to figure out cloud saving for my Dark Souls save now. I've only got 30 hours at it (much better than 200) but it's 30 hours I don't want to lose. Especially after mastering Sen's Fortress last night.

        3 Playstation 3s? Has it occurred to you that perhaps your doing something wrong?

        I recall a problem I was having with 360s a while back. I was on my fourth broken system and it wasn't till I was explaining to a friend that he pointed out the reason that the consoles were having issues was my practice of saddling up the unit and riding it like a bucking bronco while yelling "Gid'yup li'l dawgy!" and kicking it while wearing spurs.

        Now, I'm not saying this exact thing is your problem, although I'm sure it's a lot more common than my friend insinuated upon his discovery of my pastime, but perhaps it's something.

        Have you been feeding it the correct amount of Sanitarium Up & Go via the disc slot? I hear this is a common error.

        On another note* you can back up all your saves to a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive or external HDD.

        *No actual note attached.

      I'll definitely be 100% synced.
      Took a break from buggering around and played the campaign.
      Sequence 7 is pretty cool.

      Hi deedly doop de doop to you, my friend!

      My weekend was pretty intense. I decided to go for a light jog, and one thing led to another (as is often the way of 'things') and I ended up embroiled in an international espionage with some Hungarian persons of reduced height (Read: Midgets) dressed as Marylin Munroe who run a Hyundai dealership on the Gold Coast. So pretty much business as usual.

      Nothing as glamorous as running around ancient Turkish Cities.

      Although if I had, I'd have definitely have found the time to stop for a tasty, authentic Turkish Kebab with the lot. Extra chilli sauce. No, more. More than that. Bit more. Aaaalmost there.. Yes. That much. Good show, old bean.

      I'd possibly follow that up with a serving of Turkish delight. Not too much, you understand.

      Rose flavoured sweets, well, that's a mite fruity.

      Or flowery.

      I have yet to play this 'Assassin's Creed Revelations' or its predecessor although I am tempted. I was watching a trailer a while back and noticed Ezio was rocking a beard this time round. Having a beard myself, there was a connection there. A bond. It's something women folk or young boys can never understand.

      One could liken it to child birth.

      That would be an awful comparison as the two are clearly nothing alike, but, if one wished, then there's no law to stop them.

      I think the next game should be set in the early 1900s, you play as Kevin, a Canadian lumberjack, wielding twin axes as you leap from giant redwood to giant redwood. he would have a mighty beard. Thick like mama's soup.

      You know you want it.

    I TAY, you TAY, we all TAY for TABTOL:

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    Post #1: Rize at 09:24 05/12

      Man i really wasn't around much lats week, was i? lol

      Augh, what.
      Must. Beat. Scree.

      Wow scree, you are most definitely the new spam, I mean, conversation queen.

        Nope I am the spam queen =D Which is why Bish is so angry as there can only be one.

        But seriously, I was not expecting that o_o I thought maybe top 30's at the most.

      Still in the top 10 AND #1 post!

      Be right back, explaining to my parents why they should be proud of me.

      I won the word count again?

      Come on people, step up your game. Mass mountains of words!

        I managed to beat everyone ahead of me on word count except you, Blaghs and Scree. I'm content with that.

      Ha! Didn't see this earlier! Ichi Ban!
      I knew I'd posted more than usual, but thought I might hit #4.

      Been sitting comfortably in the 20's for three weeks now. I am content.

      holy crap, I didn't visit TAY for most of thursday, and at all on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and I'm still 17th with 54 posts?

      who's got two thumbs and is an awesome multi-tasker?

      THIS GUY!

      The Last Minecrafter AKA Crickets AKA Mighty-Redux 1 posts (0.0%, 742 words)

      If I post a little more often, the highest word count would be mine, and the age of Redux would begin!

      *Evil laugh, thunder clash, other assorted evil cliches*

    Morning peeps!
    How was everyones weekend?

    @Harli and Strange - you haven't given me your phase 3's yet. Has either of you taken an arrow to the knee?

    KKP stuff should be finalised this week, for all those wondering, with the reveal being made at some point early next week.

    I used to be straight like you, but then i took a penis to the butt.

      scratch that - harli, i've done yours already

        The last sentence of your first comment and your reply should be read run together. Awkward questions insue.

        Or maybe I shouldn't be skim reading this early in the morning

        Also also - as you can see i haven't been on the net much in the past week so i'm still not quite sick of the meme yet :P

          This'll help you get sick of it

      Oh! I'm sorry! Is it too late, or can I send it to you today? I'm so sorry!

        It's ok - send it accross today if you can :)

      I just sent you one as well, hopefully it makes the cut

      A belated 'Good morrow, to you, Chuloop! I find myself well. It's actually pretty easy. I reach down and there I am.

      I tried finding other people like that but it resulted in nought by angry glares, restraining orders and the odd moan of excitement.

      All in all, I think I'm winning.

    Morning TAY!

    Early Christmas present time! I got given a new 250GB 360 Kinect bundle. The best part (warning, very basic maths involved!):
    Advertised at $348 -$50 cashback through Microsoft for $298 total.
    Girl at EB put it through as $298 up front. Cashback still stands, for a total of $248 \o/

    Oh, and for those people that have not tried APB:R on Steam, DO IT! It's a fantastic game. Think GTA multiplayer, which much more looting. Pixel and I are both on the Hong Kong server (Han) cause it offers the best connection, as criminals, cause looting is fun!

    I'll be back shortly. Time to roll around in the coffee pit.

      only thing about APB is the complete and utter butt rape you'll suffer the first few hours of the game... but having spent a total of 3 hours driving around or being driven around be Rize while smashing shop fronts and running away from cops while shooting innocent bystanders was awesome fun...

        We're not psychotic, we just know how to have a good time.

        Forgot to mention the sheer volume of customisation options for your character and cars.

        OH! It supports imported music, too. That made it all the more fun.

          nothing like listening to "YOU GOT THE TOUCH" while you're beating up random pedestrians and shooting out windows...

      Interesting, one of my friends was bugging me to play that a couple of months ago. Maybe I'll have a look

      Good day to you, Rize!

      Oh how I missed you. Do remember that time (December 6, 2011 at 9:58 AM) you said "…who here has dealt with WSUS 3.0 SP2 permissions errors in Server 2K3?" Then waited for crickets.

      Then I showed up as 'Crickets' and was all "HEY! *huffs* Sorry I’m late! Were you waiting long?"

      Weren't they good times? The best of times?

      then later (11:12 AM) you were all "I…but…what? …hiiiii?" when I told everyone about how we were friends and I was helping you with the WSUS 3.0 SP2 permissions errors in Server 2K3.

      So how have you been man, it's been a while. Hows that thing with your thing. Is it working yet?

      I bet it is, you rascal! I bet it is!

      HA HA!

    Hi everyone, I just have a question.

    Is it sad that this weekend I reached Level 2 in EB World. . .?

      It could be.
      Or it could be a reflection of some neat things you now have at home.

        Chuloopa's right. After all if you pre-order anything with them you get extra points. After all EB has a lot of exclusives.

        Congratulations though, I think. I looked at what it took to get to level 2 and just kind of said "sod it, too hard"

          I thought the same thing, then realised that for the most part EB Games is the only option I have down here when it comes to dedicated game stores (bar JB HiFi, which only has one store down here which opened last year iirc) but still, I shudder to think of the day when I get to level 4. . .

            Don't worry, TAY will be here for you then.
            Hm, near me I'm lucky enough to have a gametraders as well. I wish a game would open up too as they are having a big sale right now >_<

      Just want to clarify something here. I do not buy Pre-owned games, so I didn't get the double points benefit either.


      You know what this means? PARTY TIME!

      doof doof doof unts unts unts etc etc etc.

      I'm not sure what was involved but I'm sure you bought games like a boss, put down some playa hatin' EB staff with your mad MMA skillz and possibly completed several long and arduous fetch quest, but all was not in vain for you LEVELED UP!

      Make sure you put the skill points gained to the stats that most need the boost.

      Personally, I'd drop mine in to stamina and strength, but that's me and in no way reflects what I believe you should do with your hard earned "level 2" gains.

    Morning everyone!

    So. Dem weekends. Bad and rather unsurprising news (which makes hate Ubisoft all the more), Rayman Origins has sold shockingly bad, only selling 50,000 copies in the first four weeks of sale in the US, and failed to appear at any stage in the UK Top 40. More here:

    It's a damn shame, because it's such a colorful and musical game, and I wish they released it or marketed it better.

    Anyway. VGA's. I like the VGA's. I don't care about the awards, but I love the slew of announcements and trailers that come with it. So, while I'm complaining: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. =\. It looks like a great action game. It looks very japanese-y. It doesn't remotely resemble anything Metal Gear related. Even with the little that was shown and interviewed with the previous Kojima Productions version of rising, it still sounded like there'd be some stealth to it, and it still looked like it fit in the Metal Gear universe. This, this just looks stupid. Maybe it'll be a good game, I don't know, but at the moment, that trailer that did not impress at all.

    Also, yay, new Alan Wake! Thought the first one was really good, and definitely would like to play more (although I should get around to buying and playing the DLC)

    But! One thing I really liked about the VGA's was the fact that there was a surprise. That nothing leaked about The Last of Us, and I was genuinely surprised at the announcement that Naughty Dog is creating a brand new game and IP. In an age where everything gets leaked, whether it be months or days before, I'm super happy that they kept everything under wraps. As for the Last of Us, I'm pretty excited. I haven't played any zombie games for a while (other than age of zombies) but even though on paper the premise sounds fairly average, I think Naughty Dog will manage to execute it well. Because Uncharted is just a third person shooter where you go cover to cover, but it's the execution of so many other elements that make it awesome. And that's what I look forward to with The Last of Us. Also, kudos to them for creating a new IP so late in the consoles life cycle. I think that the Last of us will be their last PS3 game (with a small team already working on their PS4 IP). I'm really looking forward to 2012 now: The Last of Us, Journey, (hopefully) The Last Guardian, Bioshock Infinite, which are all (arguably) new IP.

    Anyway. That's about it. No it isn't. Finished Batman Arkham city. Such an amazing game. Kudos to Rocksteady, they know how to top Arkham Asylum. Although the atmosphere in AA was better than that in Arkham City, I think overall (combat, gadgets, side missions, story) AC is a much more improved and polished experience.

    Okay, back to the Last of Us. I'm excited about it. And the dude playing Joel is the main dude in Bioshock Infinite, Troy Baker. Which I think is cool. Because I also really love the way Naughty Dog deals with the story and characters. Which makes me wonder, do people think TLOU will be a linear cinematic game, or a more open world thing? They've done open world pretty well before, with Jak, so I'm curious to think what you guys think. Okay. Back to work.


      Dem VGAs. I don't really know why people bother complaining. You watch it for the trailers, if you have nothing better to do on Sunday, you don't watch it for the actual attempt at content (LOOK, NERD JOKES AND AN ANGRY BLACK MAN, HAHAHA). Yeah they're going to be pre-rendered cinematics (except for the Bioshock Infinite one, that looked in-game), but that's just how it is. I'm one more for game footage, but the point of these are to look cool, and they do, and I can accept that.

        The Last of Us was also in game footage, well, not really, but it wasn't pre-rendered. it says "All this footage was captured directly from a playstation 3."

        Anyway, I'm interested to see what Naughty dog do with The Last of Us anyway

      Naughty Dog is up there as one of my favourite developers... and the overgrown city setting looks awesome... but I don't really like zombie games... maybe ND can change my mind.

      Haven't looked at much from VGA yet, but I've seen the Transformers Fall of Cybertron 'trailer'. Can't wait for that game :D
      The new Command and Conquer game looks awesome too, but it's not coming out till 2013 :(
      So far, my favourite game reveal would have to be Epic's FortNite. That game looks like so much fun :)

      I think Naughty Dog being the type of developers they are, they will want to tell a good story with The Last of Us. And for that you probably need a more linear style of game. As good as games like Skyrim and GTA are, their storytelling falls apart a bit when you give the player too much freedom. Which is not a bad thing in and of itself. The elder scrolls and GTA have always been like that, it's what most people buy them for. But to tell a good story, I think you need to go more linear.

      Se... it sounds like you wanted to say Command and Conquer: Generals was the best C&C game of all time yo!

      You need that Alan Wake DLC! It offers a nice little extension to the story, but more importantly it really plays around with some of the game mechanics because of the situation at that point in the story. Plus, its a little bit more challenging at times, but in a good way (I think, results may vary).

      I still can't believe that Logan Cunningham (Bastion) didn't get a nomination for best voice acting.
      haven't had a chance to watch all the release trailers yet, I'll get to that after work tonight

      A shame to hear Rayman did so poorly but much like the other ubisoft title Child of Eden I don't think either of those games belong at retail anymore and should be priced accordingly.

      I look forward to picking up Rayman once it hits that sweet spot on zavvi.

    Anyone watch UFC 140. SHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

    -- Big Nog's arm!
    -- Seven second KO!
    -- Machida getting the Million Dollar Dream.

    Amazing event.

      I was going to watch it then i didn't


      I was going to watch it... but then I decided going to a matinee of Rent would be less homo-erotic.

      I was going to watch it, but then I took a Skyrim to the computer.


        lolol! Actually, I wish I did. You guys were talking about it on the weekend and I was sayin to my ladyfriend 'hey... so ah... lets go watch some ufc..?'. She just gave me that look and then I knew that we werent going to go see it :(

      Jon Jones is a freak! Machida did a whole lot better than I expected, I didn't think his style would work well considering Jones' reach, but he really was going well. Until he got choked out. Standing up.

      Haven't seen the Mir v Nog fight, the satellite cut out before that fight and came back just as the main event was about to start. I'll definitely have to check it out though. Mir has a real thing against arms.

      I watched UFC once.

      I say UFC, it was more of a street fight.

      And when I mean street fight, I just mean two guys beating the shit out of each other.

      And, obviously, by two guys, I mean hobos.

      I'm not sure what "went down" in the "hood" that made these guys go at at. One may have stolen the other's can collection. One may have taken the other guy's sleeping spot. I may have offered $10 to the winner. Who can say, all we know is that it was pretty brutal. And hobos fight dirt.

      This one time, I met a hobo named Tramp. Tramp told me he was looking for a tramp named Doll who lost her doll to a bum named hobo.

      Despite the remarkable oppertunity to create a twisting and confusing story that would puzzle and delight you with it's cutting use of word play, it was easy to understand and made perfect sense.

      I felt somewhat deflated due to the passed up chance at a gag, so I left to reinflate at an Oxygen Bar called the "OxyMoron".

      But that's a story for another day...

    Guys - i need a list of Aussie Indie Game studios, preferably with console based games.

    I also need to know who the distributors are in Australia and where to find their contact details.

    This is your mission for the day and it will benefit you all in the end.
    GO GO GO!

      This page has a list of aussie(?) developers down the right hand side.

      Holopoint interactive in Adelaide- they've done some stuff for iOS

      Maybe contact the guys who run Desura and IndieRoyale?

    Okay, let's talk about the shafting of SWTOR's preorder customers, hit with a bait and switch over the industry standard grace period and then essentially told it was our fault we misunderstood the unambiguous wording of emails, site copy and the statements of the official spokesperson.

    Let's talk about the total lack of coverage of this story, and the implication that wronged customers are less interesting to sites like this one than Bioware and EA, even if they've been shown to do their customers and your readers wrong.

    Let's talk about how the launch of a multi-year, multi-million dollar MMO has suffered a huge own goal, that has gotten many paying customers in Green and Red Zones alike offside before it even begins.

    Let's talk about how before the forums went down, the posts from angry paying customers told they were being locked out at launch day were in the thousands, with previously strong supporters cancelling orders and swearing off all future EA/Bioware purchases, contacting consumer affairs agencies and considering legal action - something EA is no stranger to for broken promises.

    Let's talk about how dubious are any claims that the makers of SWTOR are trying to fix this mess of their making, in light of previous assurances of a grace period.

    Let's talk about the prospects of a viable future for the game and community, when some gamers are rewarding the makers of SWTOR for this evil and/or cackhanded move with additional purchases of the game in digital form, to get around this yanking of the grace period.

    Let's talk about all that.

      Someone's a grouch.


        Do you mind? I was just getting all nice and snuggly in my garbage can.

      If Aidan wasn't away he'd be all talking about this with you.
      I would talk about it with you but I have no idea what's going on. I've been mad at Bioware though since they announced SWTOR was going to be an MMO, so basically I stopped following the game all the way back then. I don't play well with others.

        Same here Strange, but if anything was going to get me to try and MMO, it would be Star Wars/KOTOR. So I've sort of kept an eye on whats been going on. Not like jumping onto the beta or anything like that. Still, I would have much preferred a new single player KOTOR game :(

        Same here Strange.

        Not really I just wanted to join in the chorus of same here Strange.

    That was a fun little weekend and by that I mean that I managed to avoid any excessive social activities.

    On Saturday, I went down to the Gold Coast with some mates. Had dinner at a place called Rumps and Ribs. I had the rump, almost everyone else had the ribs. We were all satisfied.

    They had Christmas crackers laid out on the table, but they were easy enough to open without cracking. So I opened a handful of them and extracted the "prize". Quite happy with being responsible for making those crackers even more disappointing than they usually are.

    After that it was back to an apartment that was rented out for drinking before everyone went clubbing. I'm not so much a fan of clubbing. So instead, I just had a few drinks and came back up to Brisbane with some people who weren't staying for a night of clubbing down the coast.

    They were going for a night of clubbing in Brisbane. At least my house was on the way.

    It's always fun to drive for an hour with two very drunk girls in the back while the driver and I talk comic books. Should keep that in mind.

    Seriously though, I just don't get clubbing. Add it to the list of things that many people my age do that just don't make sense to me: clubbing, pop music, binge drinking (don't get me wrong, I like to drink but there's no fun in doing it to excess) and a fanatic devotion to the pope. Four weapons. Our four weapons are...

      did you go surfers or broadbeach?


        Oddly enough the apartment we went to was almost definitely in the same building as a party I went to back in Schoolies week seven years ago.

        At least, I think it was. I was drunk the first time I was there.

          If your ever down here again, there's a place in broadbeach called Howl at the Moon that generally has an older crowd. It's a piano bar sorta place that plays music from 80s and 90s but a kind of rockabilly style to it all.

      Excessively loud music gives me a headache. Also, I dislike crowded places. So I too dislike Clubbing.

      Re: binge drinking, I don't get it. I have a couple of friends that just get so madly drunk when they go out and the next day they make facebook posts about how proud they are that they managed to throw up in the bathroom as opposed to the floor. I do not understand this at all.

      Clubbing is indeed a difficult activity to understand, let alone enjoy.
      Vast majority of people who do frequent clubs (not saying all, just I've not yet met anyone who this doesnt apply to) go there just to be seen like the sniveling posers they are. I mean holy shit, have you seen those idiot 18 year olds at a night club playing at being grown ups?!?

      You know, I think I'm gonna institue a rule. Play along at home if you like : if a person is wearing more makeup than clothes, theres something wrong with them and they should be avoided at all costs. If a person spends more time working out than they do sleeping, then they too are a person to avoid.
      Dammit. while I'm ranting about these idiot children, What the hell is it with the posing they all do for photos?!?!?!?! Heres a description of any photo of a 15-21 year old female -
      Step 1: Hold camera above your own head.
      Step 2: Finds as many like-minded individuals as you can and all jam as many heads together as will fit in the frame
      Step 3: All stare seductively at the camera while pouting.
      Step 4: *CLICK*
      Clarification on Step 3: I say 'seductively' and 'pouting' but I'm pretty sure the children doing this have not yet found out what seductive and pouting actually look like, so they propegate this idea that "seductive" = dead-eyed, soulless and submissive & 'pouting' = going out of the way to do an impression of a fucking duck whos recently been stung by a bee.

      For male idiots, this is how it's done:
      Step 1: Get a bunch of guys to all don skin-tight t-shirts (to show off how their sleep-deprivation is totally justified, I mean, have you seen their abs? wheres my protein shakes at? etc)
      Step 2a: For meat head jocks who are simply at a club to get drunk & pick up, all assume a position wre arms are placed around your neighbours shoulders & pretend they're not at least a little bit turned on. The look at the camera in a vaguely threatening manner.
      Step 3a: For guys who are there only to 'be seen' it would seem the desired facial expression is to stare slack-jawed at the camera with your eyes half closed. Apparently this is to convey that yes, they know you're there and you're taking a picture, but they are too cool to actually care that theyre in it, coz you know... aloof is cool isnt it?

      Oh & club music.... oh dear god.... how about these 'artists' get some goddamn talent & stop taking crappy pop songs and turning them into migraine-inducing piles of aural shit by applying the same stupid drum loop to everything. LEARN TO PLAY A FUCKING INSTRUMENT DJ PISSANT!

      Holy hell. Apologies for that rant. That is all.

        Some of us genuinely enjoy clubbing for the fun of it, but thanks for lumping us together all as a group of 'posers'.

          Sorry Harli. I am well aware that there are people who enjoy clubbing and are not in any way like the ones I described. In fact, I truely do understand that the people I'm ranting about are in the minority.

          I got carried away with that rant, and it was not only rude, but plain wrong to use such broad & sweeping language.

            That's okay #35, I understand where you're coming from though. There's always some group of dicks in every club who are out to spoil everyone's night! I was just feeling a bit defensive is all. Sorry.

              Well for many people who don't actually go clubbing the only exposure they get to it is A) the drunk, scantily clad women late at night or B) the stories and photos posted on facebook.

              Both of these are generally done by the small group of people that 35 was describing. But really it is easy enough to negatively stereo type the people in any setting that isn't your cup of tea

              At least you have Hugo on your side, he is always up for some clubbing

          What fun?

          Seriously. I just don't get how any aspect of it is fun. It just don't make no sense to my brain.

        I agree with the whole more make up then clothes. I used to work at a certain fast food restaurant and I would always do the night shift. People were so drunk they had no idea what they were doing. Several times women weren't wearing their tops properly, usually without a bra. Some did impromptu strips (guys and girls). Not to mention they weren't wearing much int he first place.
        I would stand at the window with a huge jumper on because I was so cold and these girls were wearing tank tops and mini skirts in the middle of winter.
        Binge drinking is stupid, I think we all know it. Getting drunk is fine, but drinking until you don't even know where you are?
        /end little rant

      Glad to hear I am not the only one who does not enjoy the clubbing/binge drinking/puking on yourself thing.
      Sometimes I worry I am not very social. Then I go out and remember why.

      Dude remember when 299 existed in The Valley?

      And Rosie's in the City?

      Man, those places were the shit!

      I do enjoy a good night out, but it's been so effing long that all the places I used to go have closed down or been turned into hipster spots.


      I don't get clubbing. probably just because I'm too old and the music gives me a headache.
      Back in my day( :P ), it was pubbing, with live bands, both cover bands and original bands. And yes, I'd binge-drink but only because I was so insecure I thought I could only socialise with the help of alcohol. I was stupid, but thankfully not stupid enough to wear more make-up than clothing. I feel a bit sorry for those girls.

    By the way, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack came out.

    Worth the price of admissions for The Immigrant Song alone but the rest is pretty nifty too.

    Particularly if you liked Ghosts I-IV or the Social Network Soundtrack (and to a lesser extent How to Destroy Angels).

    If none of those words made sense to you, please take advantage of the modern technologies available to you in order to rectify the situation.

      We come from the land of the ice and snow...

      Feeling a sudden urge to listen to some Led Zepp now.

        With the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow...
        Amen to that.

        I'm not sure how to feel about this cover...

          The cover didn't really work for me. It's a bit too messy, especially with the static that seems to come in and overpower the rest of the song.

    Morning All :D

    how are you peoples?

    I hired Skyrim last nightand will begin to play it this afternoon on my xbox. I am Excite!

    I Has a question for everyone,
    can you recommend/help me find a gaming headset that will work on 360 and PC and work well for that matter, im looking for a pretty high quality headset for less than $300 (if thats possible) its my christmas present, needs a mic as well :). oh and it has to work on PC and 360
    cheers peoples!

      hired... like a prostitute... i am ashamed of Skyrim lowering itself to this level :P

      with the headsets, i am a bit clueless on the 360 range and their compatibility, but for pc and gaming, Sennheizer is ALWAYS my go to brand :P

    so... i had an eventful weekend*

    *not that eventful

    first saturday, i ended up completing my second dwelling, then started digging and came cross an abandoned mineshaft... i asked Rize to join me and we ventured forth into this abandoned shaft with no regard for our own lives... many encounters were had, with zombies, spiders, skeletons and what not... but a few hours later we emerged victorious each holding our price, a leathery saddle... after that i spent an hour being ridden around by a pig... then it fell down a cliff... and died... then i went to bed and cried myself to sleep..

    the next day i woke up... thought my car looked a bit weird so i spent an hour respraying it... after that Rize drove past and i jumped in his car... took me a few minutes to learn how to lean out the window while the car was going full ball down the main street but after that i managed to shoot a few bystanders... it occurs to me that i spend too much time with Rize and he's a bad influence... then we smashed the car straight into a store front for a jeweller and nicked the safe... alas it wouldn't fit in the car.... but then i saw a van drive past, which i managed to catch up to (thank you red light). i pulled the guy out and thought "sure why not" and mugged him, stealing his mobile phone... the safe fit snuggly in there and we realised that we could fit a few more... we smashed into a few more storefront, until an enforcer showed up... luckily he didn't see us committing any crimes so he couldn't do anything... instead we just squatted on his car till he got bored and drove off... then we filled the van and drove off to the fence for fat loot...

    i realise having typed up all of this that i should have specified that i was playing pc games and which ones they are... but i couldn't be bothered...

    also this may have been caused by the caffeine coursing through my veins at the moment.

    tl;dr weekend good, caffeine awesome

      Minecraft and.... GTA IV?

        All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

        good game... GTA, back when it was still fun (GTAIII era) as an MMO

          That must be pure insanity - I love it

            free 2 play on steam, just such APB on the store... it's great fun, if you can get over the first 30 minutes of OMG WHAT"S HAPPENING... did i mention it's PVP based, so you can pick sides as criminal or enforcer? i've opted for criminal purely because the small lag due to the lack of an AUS server and i end up running down half the population of the city when i'm driving

      Anyone who jumps on APB:R, give me a shout on TAY. Happy to good lootin' with you, or answer questions based on my current (short) experience.

      Seriously, GTA fans will love it, and in general it's a fun game.

      Hey, important note! I forgot to mention that it's FREE.

        Free? That's my favorite price! Might have to look into this.

          we should start an TAY Clan on APB... it can be done :P
          we can create custom logos, have gang cars, mug people together... IT'LL BE GOOD FUN

            shh Pixel if the media catches any wind of this we'll all be swept up into the sensationalist shitstorm.

              aahh but the trick is i didn't specify in that comment that i intended this in a game, so now i just come off as a random psycho which is perfectly socially acceptable...
              i had a difficult childhood?*
              *not really

                speaking of which we should create a karting group as well, we'll be "Hell's Goombas" and hurl turtle shells everywhere...
                and then go an play some mario kart

                  Blue shells would definitely make the Occupy protests more interesting.

                  It'll be like Mario Kart Wii where they come thick and fast, so those in front are just being bombarded. Silly 1%ers will be dropping all of their coins and those next to them will spin out and lose coins too.

                  It's a novel way to solve some economic problems, but methinks it has some merit. If only for the novelty value from those who get to watch.

              As long as access to create a guild in APB:R isn't restricted, I'll be making one tonight. Already got a few design things planned.

              Seriously, customisation options are fantastic. Best thing I've seen is a "Derpy's Muffin Deliveries" van, complete with crazy eyes and bubbles.

      I may have to try this APB thing, that sounds like a blast.

    I don't want to work today. It's my last week. Too tired. What do?

      last week for the year, or forever?

        Last week for the year as a work placement student. Will be coming back in January and February as a 'contractor'. Then back to uni, then hopefully a graduate position here.

      Wait till Friday and then tell everyone what you really think of them

        I don't mind this place. Some projects have been really dull, but most have been pretty interesting. Also, they're breaking out Mario Kart again on friday!

          You get to play Mario Kart at work? And you're leaving, why?

      I'm almost in the same boat, this is my second last week at this job, I finish on the 23rd, I'm kinda sad due to the acute lack of dancing penguins this will bring to my life :(

    Hi guys! How was the weekend?

      when life gives you lemons, you ask for the salt and tequila

        Then you snort the salt, take the shot and squeeze the lemon in your eye.

          Snort the lemon, pour salt in your eye, and wash your face with the tequila.

          Or pour all of them in your pants and wait !

            I'm waiting, nothing's happening??

              Nothing Really except if you watch the person i imagine it would be funny!

                Oh Rocketman.

                  Oh um yeah this is going to stop one day isn't it otherwise i will have to think of a awesome deadly way to get you back!

          Eugh, I remember doing that a few times when I was in high school. Baaaad.

        Are you just grumpy because you didn't win another tournament/competition this weekend?
        Gosh, you give some people a taste of the high life...

          Geez Harli is such a snob Look who thinks they are HuK.

            You actually looked up how to capitalise his name, didn't you?

              Sure did, i was going to try and remember how to type mOOnGLaDEAU but i didn't think it was right and knew you would say i was wrong!

                take out the AU and you are almost correct!

                  yeah the AU is from his twitter name. Sorry bunny i will work harder on remembering names of people who you watch on live streams and talk about and i barely listen to! Honest i will!


    got error E68, HD failure. anybody know a quick fix?
    Have I lost all my saves forever?

    is it definetly the HD or could it be the communication?


    (PS Mrs says I can get a PS3 now, so no rush!)

      I have to work on my karting ability before we return to the mario karting. I dont do that badly against bots why does everyone push me off walls?

      Probably the drive but could be a communication error between the drive and the system itself. Try removing the hard drive and playing without it.

        And you might still have your saves. I had the error once but it went away with no effort on my behalf.

        JIMU SAYS

        I did, it goes, will also try pluggin in another one see what happens

      My brother had that error a while ago - tried a different HDD - same error. He was also getting prompted to update his console, but it always failed... He ended up borrowing a spare I had as it was out of warranty. My suggestion is to try and pick up a new 4GB slim console cheap, take the current HDD out of the chassis and stick it in the 4gb slim...

    Just moved into a new office at work, for those who know Melbourne we've moved in to that new big glass building on Punt Rd just by the yarra. It's awesomeballs, change is as good as a holiday :D

      PuppyLicks: "Awesomeballs"

      My mind is a scary*, scary** place.


      **no, wait, scary

      Movin' up in the world Puppylicks ;D

    Dungeon Defenders is a lot of fun- if you're looking for a game hit me up on steam at red_artifice

      I might just do that, if you're willing to put up with a nub - I've only played through the tutorial so far but seems quite fun. Any other TAYbies with Dungeon Defenders? Oh and my steam name is thisisdickhead.

        Awesome steam name XD Sorry I think I will have to pass, I'm terrible at tower defense (which I'm guessing this game is)

        Yeah, I grabbed in during the sale :D

        It looks like a fair bit of fun, but I'm currently jumping between way too many new games. Lousy Steam sale, etc.etc.

        I am keen to give it a go every so often. Pretty sure I have you on my friends list, because of how we're best friends and such. I LOVE YOU.

      Me faction and Freyr played last night. I agree its fun but there are just so many options.On upgrading stuff! All in all i was having fun but you need good teamwork!

        Was I suppose to download this?


          But yes, yes you were you monster!

        Teamwork is a must- the best monster killers are a combination of different classes' towers

        Yeah, it was fun! We should play more!

    Arrgghh. Stupid having no moneys making me have even less moneys. I'll be paid again in two weeks and that's when I'll be getting Skyward Sword for my daughter for her birthday which is right at the end of the year.
    But EB have Skyward Sword online right now for $58 as part of their Mad Monday thingy. It definitely won't be that cheap by the time I can get it. Oh well, guess that'll teach me a lesson about planning better. I should have ordered it earlier from Ozgameshop or somewhere.

    Skyward Sword is $58 right now! Go get it, guys!
    Oh, and Ruen...double carrots! :P

      I can send you my copy. I copied it to my hardrive so its not a big issue if you want it!

        Oh, you don't have to do that, Rockets! I'm just having a whinge. Thanks for the offer though! *hugs*

      I know! Having no money is awful >_< So many games no money =</3
      Yeah I got the email about the EBGames Mad Monday sale. Lots of things are almost half price D=
      Also, my birthday is 5 days before Christmas and I know that it's a pain

      Oh cool, originally Zelda was only going to be $58 for an hour today, but it looks like they decided to keep it going until they run out of stock. That's nice. If it's still there in the afternoon I'll probably pick it up. I'm also considering Deus Ex, considering how cheap they have that at.

      Strange!! Do you want me to buy for you, and you can pay me back whenever?

        Oh god no! Please don't do that!
        -Note to self: Don't whinge on Kotaku, people are too nice!

    Anyone here jump on Killing Floor for the free weekend?

      I didn't although I've got around 10 hours clocked up on that game. For some reason I really like it even though it's creepy in an unwholesome way and feels somehow low budget and polished at the same time. I love the weapon feel in that game. Dual handcannons is pretty epic.

        I did but I didn't even get to play a round. My cousins showed up after I'd completed one wave >_<

        Yeah, despite knowing it's essentially a full conversion mod, it works quite well, though my copy occasionally crashes and tells me my graphics card is overheating (even though I'm nowhere near).
        I love it, and it's good value for money.

          I don't find KF creepy, but rather funny. Did you guys know they're putting in an American character? Everything is in monotone D=

            Damn...I love the fact that they weren't American. Plus, fantastic English insults:
            "Bog off, you wanker!"

              Exactly, but it sounds terrible. Listen for yourself
              I guess the americans couldn't understand it so they have to implement one just for them

      Didn't have a go this weekend but I love any games where I get to be an Indy wannabe. Limited edition skins FTW

    My plan to play Dungeons and Dragons on Friday fell through for an interesting reason, too many people. Invited over five people originally to give it a try, but ten people showed up, and that seems like just a few too many for a first attempt at figuring this game out. Oh well, guess I'll try again another week.

    Sydney people! Anyone else get some absolutely insane rain in the middle of the night last night? I was trying to fall asleep at about 2 when the rain picked up. The sound was incredible, and it went on for at least ten minutes. I was worried my roof was gonna star leaking, because its done that before and it wasn't pretty.

      Best number would probably be 4 (including the GM) cause it can get pretty hectic in and out of combat with lots of players. Could get those 5 around and have a couple watch while others give it a try?

        Yeah, that's the plan for sometime soon in the future. But with Christmas fast approaching, people are getting busier...

      Yes! Raining nonstop since then, I believe. Dog came into the bedroom this morning trying to sleep on my bed all soaked.

        Dog: Why? Why am I not allowed on the bed? I was yesterday. I don't understand. Btw, can you dry me?

        I don't know if your dog does the last part, but mine does. Well, he doesn't say it but he sits and stares until you dry him.

          She's all "I'm wet! What of it?"
          And I'm all "You're wet /o\"
          So I get out of bed at 6:22 AM just to dry her off, she bolts back to my bed, and we both go back to sleep.



      probably one of the best websites on the net.

      I'm amused that some of the lyrics are as follows:

      Tuh tuh tuh tuh take me high!
      Tay take me higher!
      Take me high!
      Tay take me higher!
      Take me high!
      Tay take me higher yer yer yer yer yer yer…

      Yes, TAY, take me higher.

        Of course, the best lyrics are later:

        BWAOW, faow fitty fitty faow fitty fitty BWAOW, faow fitty fitty faow BWAOW BWOH.
        Doopa doopa doo dee doo dah doo dah deeh.
        BWAOW, doopa doopa doo dee doo dah diddoh doo.
        BWAOW, faow fitty fitty faow fitty fitty BWAOW, faow fitty fitty faow BWAOW BWOH.
        Doopa doopa doo dee doo dah doo dah deeh.

        Good stuff.

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