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  • Morning! So what happened on the weekend? My PS3 got a YLOD. Then I got sad. And Uncharted 3 was in the PS3 when it YLOD, so now I am doubly sad. Anyone know of any cheap PS3 deals?

    • just google how to fix it mate, I imagine its out of warranty?
      I transferred my PS3 controller to my pc so I now play most of my games on a 24 inch screen 1m away instead of 50 inch 4m away.

      • HAHA, I did the exact same thing! Except to a 26 inch monitor from a 55 inch TV… I must say it is so much cosier and more enjoyable!

    • Still going to cost you $300ish for a new slim, I think.
      Have you considered trying to get someone to fix it? are Melbourne based, and I’ve heard good things about Beetronix, but they’re Sydney based.
      Usually comes with a 3 month warranty, which, I suppose is a bit crummy if it does fail again. But at least you might be able to extract UC3?

      • Not sure if I want to try and fix it or not. Because it’s old, 4.5 years old, a launch fatty. I figure if I do fix it, there’s a chance it’ll probably break again within a couple of months. Or I could get a new one. hrmm. $100 from the site you linked to repair it, or wait until boxing day and maybe buy a new one for ~$250(hopefully?)

        • Ah, yeah, good point.
          Didn’t know it was a launch phat.
          Honestly quite surprised when I hear people still have them and they work. My friend’s launch model is all JET ENGINE WHRRRRRRR whenever he turns it on.

          • Mine isn’t that loud, I normally vacuum the vents every two months or so, and is pretty well ventilated, so I was pretty sad when it broke after all the care I put into it. Alas. Woe is me.

    • If you take it to AceGameStore, make sure you insist that they use re-ball method. Once you re-heat existing solder, you end up creating more dry joints in your solder.. re-balling the chip will ensure almost a new from factory result, with an extremely low chance of re-occurrence.

      I checked that link and apparently they re-flow, or re-ball,, its actually cheap at $99 considering the work involved and how expensive a re-balling station is.

  • Morning Kotaku. Hope you are all doing well this Monday. So what are you’re plans for the week?

    I’ll be looking for some casual job for the summer holiday. Any tips/advice will be appreciated.

    On the gaming front I bought Outland on PSN for $8. There are some great sales on PSN at the moment so make sure you check them all out.

    • Short term hires:
      – Gift wrapping station at a shopping centre.
      – Dental assistant (can be longer term)
      – Get your WWCC clearance and go with child care, child groups, etc for all of Jan

      General tip:
      – Be prepared to work anything, even if it’s mopping toilets at the shopping centre. Money is money.

  • Morning all. Burnt a hole in my wallet with the Steam sale, but couldn’t refuse Space Marine for $60. I have a feeling that with the sale winding up soon, something crazy will go on special and burn more money for me.



    I mean, uh, good morning TAY.

    One week until Japan! \o/

        • Whereabouts are you heading? I went a couple of times through my high school for 2 weeks at a time. We had a sister school in Osaka so every year a dozen or so students would go for a short term exchange.

          Its such a nice country. And the people are really friendly, once you get over the language barrier. Lots of good memories from those days…. Listen to me, I sound like and old man.

          “When I was a boy we didn’t have no interwebs or facespaces, we walked 50 kms through 10ft of snow to school and back and when we got home we had to chop 100kgs of firewood with a blunt razorblade”

          • I’ve been before, yeah, on a similar school trip – so all the touristy stuff in Tokyo/Nara/Kyoto/Hiroshima is done.

            This is a uni thing sponsored by the Japanese government, so it’s mostly just official visits like museums and lectures (hence the suit) – we’re only visiting Tokyo and another regional area for a homestay.

            I’d love to go longer and see more, but it’s just finding the time (and money) that’s the issue.

            And the language barrier shouldn’t be a problem, hopefully, I’ve done it at school and uni for a couple of years now.

  • Good morn’! I have a weekend story:

    So I went to a Toy Raffle yesterday with a few friends and we each bought $10 worth of tickets (they had a few cool major prizes like PS3s, 360s, cameras, etc, but mostly kids toys). Anyway, it was the final minute until they closed the barrel and they were doing a countdown. Everyone at this point were seated and waiting. Finally, they announce that the barrel is now closed… Until 30 seconds later when some woman comes running up and manages to convince them to put her ticket in despite being late.

    A few hours later, they were getting around to the major draws, and on the last prize of the day (an iPad pack) the number gets called… and that woman won it… It’s not fair I tells ya!

    Moral of the story: Don’t bother with raffles unless you’re willing to fork out $100+, because you don’t win anything with $10. xD

  • Greetings TAY to another new week.
    Is everybody excited?
    *cricket chirps*
    Me neither.
    *crawls back into cave*

    On a less pessimistic note, I got my arse handed to me by an Elder Dragon in SKYRIM! on the weekend.
    “What? You said less pessimistic Hugo, you liar” some of you might be thinking of considering possibly maybe saying. But yes dear fiends, for this was excellent news for me.
    Dragons were such a big part of the hype for SKYRIM!, yet when it came to fighting them, well, they weren’t exactly the threat they had been described as. Most of the time I have a bigger fight with Trolls, Sabre Cats or even some Bears.
    So to finally come across a Dragon that reduced me to a pile of ash, was kinda cool. I then proceeded to kick his arse all across SKYRIM! after the reload, but still, it was cool.
    Oh and SKYRIM!
    Sorry. had to be done.

    • I had a similar thing happen with a blood dragon. Mostly because the damned bastard wouldn’t land, and I have no real ranged capabilities…
      Anyways, yeah, ended up being an awesome feeling having to actually fight for my life. Now I’m keen to find an Elder 😛

      • Yeah, I just had a Blood Dragon encounter like that. I was so thankful I’d just spent the last hour sneaking around with my bow to improve my dismal Archery skills.

      • I had the same thing with a blood dragon. He never really felt like a threat to me because it’s so easy to avoid their attacks unless you get caught on an open plain. It just took me a while to bring down though because my arrows were doing low damage.

    • Yeah, dragons are a bit of a letdown. One attacked a town I was in and I did not even get one hit in. By the time I ran up to where it finally landed it was dead from bow and magic fire from the guards and my companion.
      Fire mages now, they kick my arse.

      • I had a situation like that earlier in the game at Riverwood.
        I was running around trying to hit it with my lousy archery, but the guards brought it down before I could get a shot in. Still, I did manage to redeem myself by wacking it on the noggin a couple of times once it was grounded.

        On the weekend however, this Elder Dragon also attacked in Riverwood. First time, every single guard and adult was dead.
        Second time, 3 guards and two civilians dead.
        Much more impressive battle.

      • I saw a frost troll kill a dragon on the weekend. It was just a regular dragon though so it wasn’t too much of a surprise.

    • I had my first random dragon attack yesterday. Just outside Riften (Thieves Guild ftw). The only problem was with all my shouting and misaimed arrows, I managed to attract the eye of some of the local guards, who decided that a single lizard man defending their city was more in need of their attention than a FREAKING DRAGON!!

      It all went well after the reload though. I let the guards burn first, hee hee.

  • Morning All, My Friday ended fairly badly as i was driving to get some social club drinks for work a guy t-boned me in the car. It was a pretty shit experience and i don’t think i have ever had a worse day. On Saturday i went to the doctors (totally unrelated and they told me i had higher blood pressure then what i should for my age) I asked what the cause was and they told me probably stress and a sedentary lifestyle. So at that point i was having a even better day then the day before. How was your weekend guys?

  • Hey guys!
    How was everyones weekend?
    I have been soooo fracking busy… BUT Bee is back from the states now.
    She got me games

    Also, we set up our Christams tree

    On a side note – i have also been hell busy doing stuff for the KKP, and we’re up to Phase 4, whcih should be more or less the final phase you guys need to get involved in, providing you have already completed phase 3.
    SO, when you guys get the time, please just take 2 minutes to read over it and post a quick reply, that’s all we ask 🙂

    Thanks again, everyone!

          • You know – if they had some setting to allow us regular users to just auto post links, we’d all be cool… *grumble grumble*

          • Or maybe if you didn’t reply to your own unapproved comments?

            That would stop the breaks, Loops.


          • bahahaha – i don’t care – if i break tay then maybe it will draw attention to my poor unapproved comment – by the time it gets approved, we’ll be on page 2 and everyone will miss it! 😛

          • I hate it when that happens.

            I posted an AWESOMELY funny comment a while ago. By the time it was approved we were 2 pages on. TWO!

            True story

          • Morning all TAYbies,
            This week promises to be a good one – Picked up Ass Rev yesterday, got tickets to see Dirty Three and Future of the Left this morning, I’m finally able to get rid of this stupid moustache on wednesday night, and then more bands on Friday night!
            Somewhere inbetween all that will be Skyrim! And maybe some Skyward Sword…

            Just a thought, if there are any Sydney TAYbies who are regular gig-goers (or irregular gig-goers even, or even just anyone who is up for live music and shenannigans), I might suggest a mini musical meat at some point? Which bands are on isnt important, given that even if they’re crap, theres still beer & joviality involved.

            that is all.

          • “Just a thought, if there are any Sydney TAYbies who are regular gig-goers (or irregular gig-goers even, or even just anyone who is up for live music and shenannigans), I might suggest a mini musical meat at some point? ”

            This is a grand idea, I currently have tickets for The Foo Fighters next week if anyone else is going?

  • Good Morning all,

    Did anyone see the story on the front page of the Telegraph this morning?

    It’s about Video game addiction. Nothing new really, should read “Parents can’t control their kids”, hardly worthy of front page news, but then nothing else much happened, so i guess they ran with it.

  • So here’s the thing peeps!

    I did my little TAYbie sketch last week as, well, a way to alleviate boredom at work. As I added more and more people I realised that some people might get a kick out of it. You guys really seemed to like it, which is great!

    And now, once it’s cleaned up and prettyfull, it will be the new TAY image!

    Didn’t expect that!

    Anyway, there are a few long standing TAYbies who I haven’t had eth pleasure of meeting and therefore don’t appear. In order to rectify this, while I clean up and edit the image, if any of you guys want to appear, feel free to let me know and I’ll see what I can do. It’s not a big deal, I know. But I thought, while the art is still unfinished, I’d put this out there.

    So far I realised I forgot to add Rocketman, Lambomann007, Shane and Ruffleberg. This shall be fixed!

    So, yeah. Feel free to reply, email me or whatever.

    Weekend Update NO SPOILERS

    Wanted to play Skyward Sword. Sister wanted to move house. The latter won out to consume most of my free time.

    I have a few problems with Skyward Sword, mainly some iffy control ideas, but as I play, the game itself eclipses all these problems. Greatest Zelda game ever? No. But it’s right up there. It tries to take the best of Wind Waker and the best of Twilight Princess as well as do a great many brand new things. Can’t wait to play more.

    Progress update: On my second trip to the forest. Looking for Farore’s Flame (I think).

    • just draw a generic guy with a horned helmet and you got me 😛

      seriously though if you want i can send you photos… *wink*

    • Me too, me too.
      Sughly’s interpretation of me is pretty damn sweet, see gravater pic.
      Or just any generic barbarian with a club.

    • Its too early to call Skywards Sword’s stature amongst Zelda games! You havent even finished it yet! Gah! I’m not sure how far into it I am… I have no idea how many temples are still in store for me, but I’m finding it to be one of the most emotionally involving Zeldas at least. Well, so far…

    • Re; Zelda

      I was unsure about the controls too, most notably the lack of IR aiming. But then I realised that what they’ve done is actually pretty cool: using the motion plus to aim allows you hold the wii remote however you want and just make relative motions.

      So I hold the remote by my side for everything except sword swipes, pointing off at an angle from the TV, and just make sure that it’s in my desired neutral position when I press B to arm a weapon. Works quite nicely and probably better than IR.

      • I should point out that I haven’t even finished the first dungeon, so I’m probably not qualified to make a full judgement on the controls yet.

    • I didn’t get to try it but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews all weekend, which is to be expected I guess because not everyone likes the same things. One thing I’ve been consistently reading even among people who enjoyed the game is that character customisation is very poor. How’d you find it? Also what’s the game like with no auto attack?

      • The character customisation could be much improved, yeah – I’ve only found two (male) hairstyles that I don’t think are ridiculous, and there isn’t that much of a range of options. That said, I did manage to create a few characters that I don’t think are hideously ugly.

        My laptop isn’t really set up for SWTOR (I’ve gotta get a new one), so it hardly runs smoothly, but I’ve found combat to be pretty fluid. The basic attack runs on a cooldown anyway, so it’s not as though you can just mash the button. I’m not really an MMO player so I can’ t compare it to others, but it seems good enough.


      For those of you who didn’t get in, I am sorry. It was awesome.
      Also, that’s the main reason I didn’t post at all in TAY.

  • So, I bought a new laptop last week and set it up on Saturday.

    I’ve joined Steam *shudder* and bought Minecraft…

    Other than that I spent Sunday downloading mods and wandering around Skyrim… when I wasn’t grinding smithing or farming archery skills off my follower.

    • I really like Steam (when it works), but I suspect that part of it is that it tracks how long I’ve spent playing each game.

      If anyone is looking for a Steam friend, I go by MrMcGarnical. I’ve already made one friend from Kotaku, and the more the merrier!

      Don’t know why I added the “Mr”. It’s not like McGarnical was taken. For some reason I add the Mr for anything PC. (Kotaku is cross platform I guess.)

    • You know I played Minecraft after I played Skyrim for a while.

      In Skyrim I was running around mining, fighting skeletons, spiders and killed a pig…

      In Minecraft I mined for ore, fought a skeleton and killed a pig.

      It was like I was playing the Atari 2600 version of Skyrim after a while lol.

  • Also – started playing Shadows of the Damned

    Man that game has some SERIOUS short falls.. but at the same time it is HILARIOUS and some of the references are just brilliant – so i keep playing..

      • Really.. me either. LOL

        But seriously – the controls are just HORRIBLE

        and it took me 4 hours before i started dying on Normal Difficulty.

        4 HOURS!!

        A bunch of things really irk me, but it’s actually really interesting and amusing so i don’t want to stop playing…


          • Yeah.. but more awkward.

            I mean you can still move while you’re shooting which is a plus, but the way the buttons are laid out is a mess – but that migth be a more PS3 thing, maybe

  • Skyrim players, I found a fun exploit on the weekend if that is your thing:

    Lbh arrq gur jrerjbys cbjre, n cynva (abg rapunagrq) gjb unaqrq jrncba naq n punetrq fgnss bs lbhe pubvpr.

    Rdhvc gur 2u jrncba, tb vagb gur vgrz zrah, rdhvc fgnss, rdhvc 2u jrncba, rkvg zrah.
    Gura punatr vagb jrerjbys naq lbh jvyy or ubyqvat gur fgnss va bar unaq naq lbhe bgure unaq jvyy qb gur fgnss’f rssrpg jvgu rnpu uvg. Guvf jvyy abg hfr nal punetrf naq bayl arrqf gur zvavzhz punetr va gur fgnss.
    Zbfg sha jvgu n fgnss bs sveronyyf sbe rkcybqvat svfgf bs shel.

  • Every week I wrack my brains to think of something new to sell to you guys (just kidding). This is something that might appeal to some of you.

    Come 2012, I will be getting a short comic (or two) published in the upcoming Beginnings Anthology, produced by the ACT Comic Meet group. Info here:

    They are running a campaign at IndieGoGo, trying to get funding to get the book up and running, with some very cool perks for donators. Info here:

    Feel free to give, or not. (If you do give, I recommend a pre-order package, because then you get the book when it comes out)

    In other news, and just because I’ve already passed the number of links moderation threshold, there are now 22 people who have applied to win one of three free copies of my book. You don’t get raffles with odds that good, so add your name to the clamouring throng here:

    Selling over. Now on with your regularly scheduled TAY.

  • BLOODY HELL… that Steam Sale was freakin’ awesome 😀 I think I quadrupled my catalogue. Fallout 1 and 2, Max Payne 2, Sam and Max Collection (seasons 1 2 AND 3), Overlord 1 2 and the Expansion, Portal 2, Limbo, World of Goo, Trauma, Orcs must die, Oddworld Abe 1 and 2, Munches Oddysey and Strangers Wrath… all that and I never broke the 50 dollar ceiling 😀

    How did all you guys go this weekend? Get anything good?

    • I just picked up some DLC. Lonesome Rd for New Vegas (I’ve heard it’s ordinary but you know, it was like $2.50). But now Ineed to update my mod (Project Nevada). Also got ome hand-picked bits for Civ V, and a couple of packs for Worms Reloaded. The Worms packs are really decent I reckon.

    • only thing I grabbed was the Serious Sam pack, not much else grabbed my eye.

      though I did laugh at the fact that Modern Warfare 2 is on sale and it’s still nearly $50.

    • So far I only bought Orcs must die and oddworld: strangers wrath.
      Actually scratch that I bought Limbo and Detour the other day as well

      Last day so just will have a browse through and see what I might pickup. So far interested in majesty 2 DLC, maybe some sanctum DLC, and definitely the purple tentacle robe for magicka.
      Was tempted by Alice but it appears they don’t want my money, stupid Australia tax.

  • I was playing Greed Corp last night. Hadn’t played it for ages. For some reason I love that game.

    I’ve just found out it’s on iPad. My resistance is weakening.

      • IT’S ON SALE TODAY ON PC FOR $2.50.


        It’s basically a board game. It’s got hex tiles and the only way to get extra money is to put harvesters down which as they give you money they destroy the land. Eventually it collapses into the clouds below and soon you’re fighting over a few scraps of islands. Games go for about 15 minutes and have surprising reversals of fortune. There is zero luck element so it’s all about your understanding of the game.

        • OHH!!!
          I remember seeing a preview for that a while ago.
          But i have 2 problems.

          1. I can’t buy anything while the KKP is on
          2. I don’t know how wel lthat would run on my crappy laptop.

          Does look good, though.
          Have you tried atom zombie smasher yet? That game is also brilliant

  • Okay, I have a deal for anyone who lives in melb.
    I have 2 x Foo Fighters Tix for Sat 3rd Dec at AAMI Park. They are GA (standing room) right up near the stage if anyone is keen to go.
    I am selling them to whoever wants them for $210 for the pair. (I will send them express post straight to ya’s. Email me at morfling(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I am finally getting into Saints Row 3. I was really disappointed with it at first, but more things seem to be unlocking as time goes by, plus the missions are getting a little more interesting.
    Plus having a muscle bound hulk running down the street in pink bunny slippers a bright purple g-string and massive red mad hatter top hat, while wielding a giant purple dildo as a weapon, is just plain AWESOME!

    • Yeah, I think I’m towards the end… I’m churning through missions now.
      The Stronghold customisation is really what I wanted from each crib… and I feel it was noticible when it was absent.

    i have re-arranged my priorities so hopefully now work won’t get in the way of us….
    i’ve missed you so much it hurts sometimes :'(

  • This weekend I got a refund for the two headsets I bought that didn’t work, got a headset that did work, built a new computer, got told by Windows 7 that I need to reactivate it because of the new parts, spilt an iced coffee Breaka on my laptop (which make some of the keys in the top left corner a little stiff but otherwise it ate an orange and is k), tested the new PC by playing on SC2 on Kulas Extreme and just massing carriers and a Mothership, watched Dreamhack (yay manner Nexus), watched more Dreamhack (dat Phoenix Control), went to a BBQ/pool party, had a friend offer to bake me and my housemate cake because we live so close to her now (yay!), played a little LOL and found out that I suck terribly with Renekton and failed to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

    Such a failure of a weekend /o\

    • Also, there was the office Christmas party where I drunk much cheap German beer. Well, the price was cheap. The beer itself was rather good.

    • “…failed to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”

      I feel your pain man, I did that once. Turns out I was facing the wrong way. Rookie mistake. 🙁

  • Despite having the game for a few weeks and having over 40 hours of play time in it I just learnt yesterday that it’s possible to sprint in Skyrim. The revalation came entirely by accident. Normally when I move I run and if I want to walk I hold down the shift key. After walking around a bit yesterday I found that my shift key had reversed its function. I was now walking everywhere and had to hold down shift to run. Checking my keybindings I saw what the problem was, I’d accidently hit caps lock and turned auto run off, but also saw that alt was bound to run. Testing it out ingame I found my character sprinting all over the place. Suddenly horses didn’t seem so useless and my journies around Skyrim became much quicker.

  • Morning All. So, my experiment of an xbox free weekend has proven one thing only. I should not do xbox free weekends. Apart from driving my wife to utter distraction, i was just bored out of my mind, and still didnt really get anything done around the house.

    This being said, im going to have to spend many hours this week to make up for lost time.

    • Welcome back to the fold 🙂
      You don’t need to quit xbox if you think you’re spending too much time on it, just cut back a bit so you can do other things alongside playing xbox.

      • i wasnt quitting so much as, yeah, taking time to see how i would cope, i think even the wife wants me to never have an xbox free weekend again. lol.

        But at least i know im just as useless when not gaming as when i spend 8 hours on the box.

  • I beat Arkham City last night.

    Without spoiling anything, I was quite surprised by the plot twists, especially in the second half of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game, and thought it was brilliant the way it pretty much forced you to adapt different techniques to every situation, while still maintaining excellent flexibility.

    This is my GOTY for sure.

    • it is pretty amazing, although the ending was sorta…
      “but, but it can’t end like that can it?
      can it?

      *credits roll*


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        TBGL sbe fher.

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          v qrsvavgryl nterr jvgu gur TBGL nf jryy, orfg tnzr v’ir cynlrq nyy lrne

  • Morning All 😀

    howdy doody?
    I played LoL with a few excellent Chaps and Chapettes. They where good and I was terrible hahaha, it is now obvious that i need to practice which is something I never do for anything #breakingoldhabits. Other than that I failed to Get much Gaming in due to working at the video store an awful lot. I had a pretty easy weekend, hope everyone had a good one too.

    • Morning Di11… how are you? i’m good thank you for asking…
      aside from Friday night on TS which was a blast (we need more people in TF2 next time though) i had a pretty ordinary weekend… got up at 6 to drive to wagga wagga saturday, came back sunday and had a drinking marathon with a few scrubs… i mean a Scrubs marathon with a few drinks… and pizza… so much pizza… good times

    • Disconnect, mental disease cured in a week?

      More seriously, it’s good to see the number of people calling this crap out.

    • To be fair internet and video game addiction is an actual thing, though I know most ‘normal’ gamers are loath to admit it, and any help provided to those suffering is a good thing. While the article itself and some of the parents quoted does seem to be pushing the ‘video games are evil’ angle, though only slightly when compared to the likes of Fox News, the people behind trying to get it recognised as a disorder seem to generally want to help people, at least as far as I can tell.

      • Yeah, there’s actually not a great deal wrong with the story, it’s the idiotic panic-inducing headlines screaming at everyone that’s the problem.

  • Okay, last time I tried this it wasn’t very successful. Let’s see if we can change it this time.

    TAYbies, let’s learn to not suck at Starcraft 2!

    There’s too much LOL going on, we need some diversity in TeamSpeak and methinks getting people to play SC2 might just be the trick. Also, I just want to start playing the game more. Last time, we did a few things like Kulas Extreme and Monobattles. This time, I think we play the game a little more normally.

    Some 4vs4 against bots, maybe some team battles between TAYbies. If we feel like it, we can step into the ladder and be a complete shambles. That could be fun.

    What say you?

        • New rule to TAY: If something breaks, shoot it till the laws of science come full circle, and they un-break.
          Also, only Loops has the required hardware to do this.

          I’m kinda seeing this as the antithesis to that thing I refuse to mention for fear of incurring a certain person’s wrath. The thing that sounds like disappointment.

  • Good Morning TAY. How’s everyone doing? I had a pretty good weekend. Had to work quite a bit, but 9 hours with Sunday pay rates is never a bad thing. Got some more Skyrim in, and got the email from Ozgameshop that Arkham City is on the way 🙂

    My dad is also going to pick our new car this afternoon. Old one was getting old and starting to fall apart, not worth the money to keep fixing it.

    This week is going to be a bit crazy in my house. My younger sister is having her engagement party this weekend. Some 100 people are going to be at our place on Saturday afternoon. Save me now, things are going to be interesting to say the least.

  • Good morning TAY, been a bit of a lousy weekend, between having a cold and dealing with one of our cats being quite sick, its not looking good for her and we are all quite sad right now.

    Playing Skyrim over the weekend I’ve learned that I really have to quicksave often because the game has a terrible habit of crashing on my computer. It really sucks to be exploring out and about for half an hour without saving and have the game crash on you.

    Also restarted AssRev to see if I enjoy it better the second time around. Into sequence 3 and its not going very well…

        • A few months ago my cat was insanely sick, threw up like 17 times over the course of the day. Was just an intestinal blockage that was fixed almost immediately after the vet visit. Here’s hoping it’s something that simple with yours.

    • I’ve been through many a situation of unwell cats. There’s no proper words to express my sympathy, so all I can do is give you a virtual hug from a virtual stranger. *hugs* Hope it all works out well for you.

    • Cats are such a pain – we’ve had 2 scary runs to the bet because of ours… Hope everything works out, though – even if it is looking bleak.

  • Morning TAYbies…

    I have 6 AAA games that were all released in the last 3 months sitting on my desk and I spent 7 hours this weekend playing a game from 2008! Damn good fun though.

    Also I want to get into MC again so i can make a cool house so ill do that soon too!

    Hope you all had a good game playing time this weekend.

  • I’m going to join in the lousy weekend chorus. Let’s just say that sometimes being married is more lonely than being single.

    Also, I think I may have heat stroke. I had to push my son and the bass clarinet in the pram all the way to school again this morning in the already scorching heat and I couldn’t find my hat and I hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime yesterday.
    So if I start acting weirder than usual, that’s my excuse. Heat stroke. 😛

    • Aww Strange.. I’m sorry to hear that. Men suck! YEAH! Who’s with me?!

      Hmm. Must be in the wrong place 😛

      but I hope you’re feeling better and please look after yourself. Lots of water and ice blocks! and eat something already omg -.-

        • I knowwwww, I dont know why I did it. I just DONT. Five minutes in, the stern scientist with some kind of European accent is asking the random cute girl to come on his secret expedition, and shes all like ‘Im not going anywhere til someone tells me what this is about!’ and I was like oh nooooo, why did I start this :'(

          • What if I had said (more accurately) REwatched? 😛
            I’ve read the books, seen the movies, and I’m actually taking my daughter to see the latest one soon.
            I am not, nor have I ever been under the impression that they are great, and I definitely don’t understand the obsession (for or against) associated with them, but they are very good for mindless fluffy entertainment.

            Also, thankfully my daughter is smart enough to not be obsessed with them either. She thinks the kissing parts are silly. 😛

          • Doctor Ron was no stranger to horror. Indeed, in his eighteen years in the ER, he’d seen it all. Juvenile hit-and-run victims, stabbings, shootings, mutiliations, even vampire imitation.

            He dealt with it by drinking. And he dealt with the drinking by saving lives when he could.

            But nothing in the last eighteen years had prepared him for the epidemic sweeping through ERs around the world over the last couple of years…

            “Doctor, is it what I think it is?”

            “I’m afraid so,” Ron answered grimly. His firm jaw clenched tight as he surveyed the young woman on the gurney, her eyes locked open in a glassy and farseeing stare. A small trickle of spittle leaked unnoticed from her vacant grin.

            “Brainwaves?” he asked, seeking confirmation.

            “Almost non-existent.”

            Doctor Ron hung his head in despair. “No hope, there’s no hope,” he muttered.

            “Is there really nothing we can do?” asked the nurse sadly.

            “How many times have we seen the Twilight Syndrome come through those door in the last two years?” Ron said through clenched teeth, turning on her. “Once it takes their brains, what can we do?”

            The reading on the screen flattened slightly, letting out a piercing tone to alert the medicos to the change. Ron looked up and then closed his eyes.

            “That’s it,” he said. “She’s completely brain dead.”

            “Shall I take her, doctor?” asked a nearby orderly.

            “Yes,” Ron said. “Make her comfortable in the Edward ward. Don’t let any families from the Jacob ward see her.”

          • Is it wrong that I assumed Doctor Ron was Ron Weasley?

            Yes, yes it is. Ron could never be smart enough to be a doctor.

            Great story, otherwise!

          • Cross-pollination of overhyped popular culture phenomena? WHYNOT.


            Doctor Ron Weasley sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. Too much, it was too much. Ever since he had killed his best friend Harry and forsaken magic forever, he had felt empty inside.

            Hollow. Unsubstantial.

            Like the world felt today.

            He once again wandered past the dispensary and wondered once again how hard it would be to get enough of what he needed to get the job done.

            But once again, he shook his head and kept walking.

            One day, he told himself. One day.

          • My 2 best friends are firmly in the obsessed category. They basically locked me in my room and forced me to read the books, I get dragged to every movie within a week of release (usually gold class parramatta, so kinda makes up for it) but they just don’t understand why I don’t like it as much as they do. Probably something to do with a Y-chromosome 🙂 Sure, they are OK, but the obsession I just don’t get.

            And when I walk into Dymocks and see that “Paranormal Romance” has its own section, things are out of hand

          • I was dragged to the first movie, and I can confirm absolutely that the kissing parts ARE silly. 😛

  • It would appear that the muscles used to tread water while throwing and catching a deflated rugby ball are not muscles that I regularly use. Damned exercise, I try to avoid you!

  • Spent most of the weekend playing The Old Republic beta.
    It’s good, but it is just another MMO. Early impressions have me longing for a single player KOTOR3.

    There’s nothing that really sets it apart from other MMOs, with the exception of the story driven main quest. But even that got boring after a few hours. Needs more variations in quests. Most are the usual “kill 15 creatures”, “collect 10 crates” etc. I do like the dialouge options and the voice acting is great, as expected from a Bioware game.

    For a beta it was rather polished. The animations are excellent. The sound design is pretty good (some of the audio levels when in a dialouge scene could use some work) and hearing that Star Wars music swell when entering battle is an awesome experience.

    I’ll still play it on launch but my expectations have been somewhat lowered.

    • Agree with most of this, although given that I don’t play MMOs I’m probably liking it more than someone who’s sick of them.

      The main story is interesting, and I love the effort they go to in order to make sidequests feel more necessary. Instead of “destroy 10 crates”, they give some backstory about why you need to destroy them, which is often quite fascinating.

      I’ll definitely be playing it, but I can’t help but think how many KoTORs they could’ve made with that sort of money. Eight classes is huge, and the amount of content is enormous, but it all feels just a little bit more shallow, role-playing wise, than any of Bioware’s singleplayer games.

    • I was playing it as well, I think I’m level 6 now, I rolled a Republic Trooper, and it’s kinda cool. Like most, I really like the voice acting, and the animations are really cool, along with the scenery, which definitely fits the star wars universe.

      I have been told by a friend (who spent almost the entire weekend playing, and is now level 20-something) that the story branches a hell of a lot more once you break through level 10, and once you start picking skills, your character feels a lot more like what you’d envision, rather than the cookie cutter started class.

  • Another one here with a terrible weekend. Nothing particularly bad happened, but left with a feeling that there’s no point existing. I’m going to go listen to some emo music. :p

  • Morning TAYbies. How is everyone?

    I’m slightly underwhelmed by the steam sale. On the bright side it means my wallet is saved from violation.

    • Well, it is labelled as the pre-holiday sale.
      It’s like the sale before the BIG SALE CAPITAL LETTERS
      I didn’t think it was too bad. Plenty of games on sale. Just that not very many grabbed my attention.

    • Could be worse. It could be the absolutely terrible XBLA sale.

      The last few years have been FANTASTIC and I’ve picked up stuff I’ve been waiting for at less than half the original price. This year was a couple of things that nobody cared about at half-hearted discounts.

  • Mornin’ all! How was everyone’s weekend? I had two Christmas parties Friday night and another one that started Saturday morning and finished Sunday morning. Needless to say I wasn’t very healthy yesterday, and some incriminating videos of me dancing (wiggle wiggle wiggle) have surfaced. Also, did anyone know that you can buy shot-buckets? They are amazing. 28 shots for $30. I bought 4 – Was a very messy night. Also to those who have me on facebook, as much as it may have seemed it Saturday night, I DO NOT want giant male genitalia up my rectum. I lent my phone to a mate to order pizza and this was how he repaid me…

    • damn… the bottleshop down from my house (20 meters away) sells shotbuckets for $25… must investigate further

    • hang on a sec…. buckets? with shots? shot buckets? you mean alcoholic beverages of the spirit kind for sale in large quantities? oh god… i think I’m getting a hangover just thinking about it.

      $18 jugs of absinth cocktails is the ONLY thing i remember from my birthday last year… well, that and sitting on the ground in front of a stage while Her Space Holiday were on, playing hand-clapping games with someone… messy night.

      • shot buckets, i think it’s Bacchus that makes them, you know the lovely people that brought us CS Cowboys etc.
        i haven’t tried the bucket’s yet but i’ve had some of their single shots and they are not too bad

    • Yes. Then prepare to wait… it took 6 months for my first one to arrive, and I have actually won twice more this year and not received anything yet (once from Mark, once from Tracey – though she did apologise that there was nothing good lying around at the time). Josephine the delivery turtle is verrrrry slow.

      I should probably email Mark to remind him, but, well, that just feels rude when I’m getting stuff for free 🙂

  • It appears everyone had a terrible weekend. That sucks. I almost feel bad for how good mine was.

    I went to Foreshore festival in Canberra and saw a whole bunch of bands. LMFAO, Architecture in Helsinki, Gypsy and the Cat, Boy and Bear and Gotye were the ones I really remember. Gotye was amazing, the talent of that man is incredible. The Stafford Brothers also played but I remembered that song Rocketman posted and avoided them. I feel that was a good decision.

    • While I’m only 25 I feel old because I don’t know these bands the kids are listening to these days. I only know LMFAO because they shuffle ad nauseum.

      • pffft kids these days

        *turns on Mozart*

        on a serious note i know what you mean… this here so called “modern” stuff… i don’t get it…
        Metallica, Poets of the Fall, D.A.D, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Muse, Within Temptation… now that’s muzak…

      • Most of the bands the kids are listening to are generally Triple J bands that slowly leak into a kind of pop attention. Most of them arent really that great or interesting. Best music these days is found on the nets, trawling forums and blogs until you find people that share your tastes. Finding good music = lots of effort.

        • Something I found amusing when I did listen to Triple J would be when I got into my friends car and they were listening to Nova or B105 or something like that. Inevitably, we’d hear “and now for a new song from band X” which would always be something that Triple J had been flogging for months.

          My personal favourite was Cee Lo Green, because “Forget You” just doesn’t work as well as “Fuck You”.

          • Haha! Yeah but Triple J are pretty guilty of this themselves. I remember listening to Mumford and sons about a year before Triple J ‘discovered’ them. The amount of stuff though that just seems to go unnoticed by even Triple J is a bit sad really.

          • Mumford and Sons was one of those weird ones where it seems like Triple J was the first “big” station to really give them a break and turn Little Lion Man into as big a song as it was, yet it was all floating around for a while before then.

            Makes me wonder how they source their music. Aside from the Unearthed stuff, of course.

          • Exactly! Its so true! It seems like sometimes they are on the ball with some bands, but other times, even when every blog I can think of is talking about a band, they wont play them. I dun geddit.

          • I don’t even follow that stuff but I do hear the odd song before I hear it on the radio.

            The part that amuses me the most about it all is when commercial radio stations try that “you heard it first on …” when in fact, that was one of the last places I heard it.

        • Lately I’ve found that finding good music = wait until Sughly says he likes something. Zola Jesus and M83 in the last few weeks. It’s a good system.

          • Niiiiice! You got into Zola! Ive tried to recommend her whenever I get the oportunity, but I also understand she’s not everyone’s cup o tea. It’s just kind of the thing I’m into at the moment. But holy hell, Vessel is just amazing. That end part is just, gah! Volume up, give into it.

            M83 is too easy to recommend, everyone loves him!

      • I heard that LMFAO shuffle everyday. How scandalous!

        Oddly enough, I know of all of these bands and have even heard their music but I couldn’t tell you which is which. They all sound the same to me. Which is why I switched from listening to Triple J to Triple M.

        On a related note, I swear that Triple M tries to be as bogan as possible. They have the market cornered for music that doesn’t suck but they fail to realise that there are people who like Queen who don’t like chucking slabs of XXXX in the back of the ute and something something something bloody oath.

        • lolol! Similarly while in France I was told Australian beer is terrible. When I tried to defend Aus beer, I realised that they think Fosters and XXXX represents all Australian beer. So sad…

        • I never used to like LMFAO, but after exposure to them on my PNO Cruise, I grew to like them purely for what they can do to a dance-floor when one of their songs comes on.

          • Yeah, its not so much that I think they’re terrible, because their songs can admittedly be quite catchy, their music just plays with alarming regularity on the radio. I must’ve heard Party Rock Anthem thousands of times this year.

            Maybe one day I will bother to switch to Triple J, but honestly I’m a sucker for 2DayFM when I’m driving.

    • Well my weekend was a big diferent

      I got beat up, jumped on, drooled on, laughed at, growled at, hugged, kissed, headbutted and told stories by so many different little ones.
      I was in heaven

          • *turns off Boomblaster*

            wat’choo mean foo’?
            we ain’t ghetto… fo shizzle… my dizzle

            *puts viking helmet on a slant*

          • Hey home’, I can dig it.
            Slide a piece o’ da’ porter. Drinks, I run da’ java.
            Lookie here. I can dig grease ‘n chompin’ on some buns and draggin’ through the garden.

          • Shii son wer u at

            i gat dat shmoove flow

            y’all gatta get sum mo
            i pass dat blunt like its fresha yo

          • yo dawg, my ghetto skillz be bitching…
            aight, i do get down dat google translate be failing me on occasions

          • Yeah, but you’re forgetting the obvious advantage that comes with being in the ACT:

            Shut up!

            *runs away*

    • Gotye \o/

      You’re right about his talent. I’m pretty sure there’s a highlander thing going on with him, eatin’ up other people’s talent.

    • a group of 20 youths came into my video store on saturday and started shuffling singing that song and playing it on their iphones. i was quite amused.

      one of the dudes was in tiger coloured undies. <–quickly became unamused.

    • I had a decent weekend. Played Zelda, visited family and watched The Assassination of Jesse James etc (which I will discuss later) on Saturday, looked after my son all day and wrote a twitter bot on Sunday. Didn’t get to play any Zelda on Sunday which was disappointing but did play the first world in Mario 3D. Good fun.

  • I went and saw the inbetweeners movie…

    It was good.

    I’d have worn my wellies if I’d have known I was going to be knee deep in frothing wet *****.

  • Reasons Canberra is Australia’s Ghetto

    It’s run by a big-booty-biatch
    Readily available Pron
    Readily available drugs
    They have a dude called “K-Rudd”

    In fact, all political types need gang-banger names.
    Vanilla Costello
    Notorious I-A-N
    Snoop John

  • Bought tickets to see Ross Noble in Sydney early next year. Found out about it immediately after he announced the show on twitter, so I was able to buy a front row seat – which is something I’ve always wanted to do but never managed in the 4 or 5 times I’ve seen him in the past.

    So now I’m sitting front row, right in the centre near the aisle. And I’m having some regret. If you’ve ever been to one of his shows before – and you should, he’s bloody hilarious – you will realise that I have a very real chance of being picked out for ridicule in front of several thousand people.


      • Far as I’m aware, it’s based off the way they say it, i.e. “Today is November the 28th”.

        Some people call it American format, others call it WRONG.

      • It does make some sense when you consider that they naturally say dates as “November 28”. I guess the month is also the more important thing you’re looking for when you’re skimming a list of dates.

        Just try living there. It’s absolute murder writing dates, you end up second guessing and translating every single time you do it.

        But I agree the English/Australian way is definitely more logical.

        • No it doesn’t. DD/MM/YYYY does, the asian YYYY/MM/DD does as well. But month before day is just crazy and backwards.

          But then again, this is the same country that uses the length of the king they gained independence from over two centuries ago’s foot.

    • Having a Big-Endian or Little-endian date format makes sense. Having to go from the middle sized unit (month) to a smaller unit (day) then back to a bigger unit (year) is silly.

  • It appears my housemate is getting into a soundwar with the neighbours. They were in the backyard being all noisy like and he decided to blast what he refers to as “gay music” loudly. He was taking requests from his friends on facebook and someone requested Basshunter.


    Have I missed something here? Did the translation from Swedish nerd music to English sappy love pop turn Basshunter into a gay icon alongside Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga?

    Dammit, now I’m all confused.

    Not that sort of confused.

  • Has any one read the Film Nerd 2.0 articles at HitFix? They’re insanely good. Basically about the guy sharing movies with his kids, then reporting their reactions. I definitely recommend you read all the Star Wars ones. I didn’t know my black heart could be so warmed at the kids antics. Who knew kids aren’t (entirely) evil after all?

  • Following BDKIAF and sughly discussing musics and stuff. I agree with sughly about JJJ alot of there stuff is a bit meh and the only real way to find music that is good is to trawl the interwebs. I also listen to BAlocks indie playlist. I discover so many good bands and songs this way. You do have to go through quite a bit of crap to get to the diamond though!. Also thanks for the hugs and cookies guys!

    • Or pick up random albums from record stores. Or go to smaller venues & check out bands you’ve never heard of. Sure, you’ll come across some crap, but there are plenty of good bands out there waiting to be discovered.

      • I dunno, its a nice idea… but seriously, at least 9 out of 10 bands that I… ah… sample, are sucky. If I actually found the good bands (that I do support after discovering) by finding them your way, I would be broke.

    • let’s just preface this by saying that I’m much more of a metalhead than into the indie/pop scene, but of late, I’ve been trawling music blogs, or *gasp* torrent sites, and downloading compilations or demos of various bands of various styles.

      I really like the compilations, especially if they’re not a specific style, because then there’s a little bit of everything, thrash/death/black/crossover/power/NWOBHM etc. and I can almost always find something worth listening to.

  • Today is a good day. DragonstarDT has released a new Epic Music Mix. I really love this sort of music, and Dragonstar does an amazing job of mixing them together. While I haven’t heard of Mark Petrie before, The man makes some kick ass music. Check it out.

    • yes
      (you really need to work on your story telling so you can have a conversation of your comments, otherwise it is kinda like a facebook update that no one replies to)

      • Learn from me, Numbers!
        Structure of fascinating stories as follows:
        1. Begin with start of story
        2. Get sidetracked with unrelated story
        3. Return to original story.
        4. Terrible punchline
        5. Oh my god, so I was in a medical center today right, and I was watching TV. The Morning Show was on and they had a 13 year old American reviewing movies for whatever reason, and he praised Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie Jack and Jill claiming that “it was really well done”.
        6. Also he pronounced Bill Nighy as “Nye-hee”
        7. COOL STORY, BISH

  • Status Report:
    Second coffee for the day: Consumed
    Phasers set to: Stunning
    Mood: Dapper
    Hanging: Slightly to the right

  • I’m trying to play Batman Arkham City on PC for the fist time now.

    I’m up to the third time it’s required me to enter my CD key. I swear it would’ve been so much easier to pirate the damn thing.

    • it’s part of the game? like a riddler trophy you have to successfully complete to actually play?

      i’m helping?

    • 3 times?? I only had to enter it once…
      Also, I’ve never had problems with GFWL. It’s always worked fine for me. But yeah, having to update something before you can play is very annoying.
      Actually, wait, I have had problems with GFWL, sorta. Securom keeps cutting out my MiFi innernet whenever it starts, so I have to disconnect and reconnect it all before the splashscreen disappears so I can connect to GFWL. 🙁

      • I hand to enter it once to unlock it on steam. (wouldn’t have been the case if i’d bought it from steam I imagin)

        I then had to enter it to for someone else. I can’t remember now but I’m pretty sure it was the publisher.

        I then had to enter it again for windows live. Update windows live and then quit the game completly so it could finish updating. I just wanted to play the game! i’ve given up for the moment.

        • Here’s hoping it works, after all this trouble. My game box is starting to gather dust. DUST. (Maybe that says more about how clean my house is than the state of the PC version. :D)

    • haha have you read any of the books? they’re pretty horrible.. but for some reason I couldn’t put it down until i finished it.

      • I read some very poorly written bits over my wife’s shoulder while she was going through them, but I mocked it so mercilessly that she told me to piss off and I stopped.

        • Did exactly the same thing. The books trouble me, but I’d say the movies flat-out piss me off. Worst acting ever.

          Side note: “movies” is an unrecognised word in Chrome for me…

          • Me too. Surely by now the term ‘movie’ is a real word. Either that or we all need to go back to referring to them as talkies. (Chrome seems to like that word better)

          • I’m fairly sure that the term “movie” predates “talkies”. Seeing as “movies’ covers all motion pictures, including silent films (and technically .gifs if you want to be a pedant, which I do) while talkies refer specifically to motion pictures with recorded audio.

            Really, we should be calling modern films “talkies”, if only because it’s a surprisingly fun word to say.

          • “I went down to the audio and visual motion picture establishment…”

            Yeah, Chrome says this is fine too.

  • Okay, spent the last half hour or so catching up with my morning TAY. And I haven’t even had a coffee yet.

    My weekend wasn’t too bad. I had afternoon drinks on Friday because my boss is leaving, which turned into evening drinks, followed by night drinks. Got home at 3 in the morning. Not totally expected but it was a good night. This was followed by feeling absolutely sorry for myself AAALLLLLLL day Saturday, but I went to see an awesome play. If anyone is in Perth I highly recommend going to see The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer. Amazing one man show full of animation and puppetry and music. Really enjoyed it.

    Too much cleaning on Sunday, not nearly enough gaming, but I did end up watching a whole bunch of episodes of Outsourced. I saw this show late one night on Channel 7 and thought it was hilarious. It wasn’t until I googled it that I realised it was over a year old, and that it was cancelled after the first season. Boo!

    Then last night I went to the Perth Festival’s Film launch. Watched Sunset Boulevard. Wasn’t bad, old black and white 50’s movie that it was. I enjoyed the style I think, but not so much the characters, or at least the character development. Still, there was free beer. And free food.

    I ended my weekend by giving in and buying 5 new games on steam. Stupid sales. Still, they were all pretty cheap.

    Now this has taken me about 20 minutes to type, with bosses and other staff members hovering around, so I really need a coffee.

  • It definitely sounds like some people had a very forgettable weekend. I spent yesterday out at Penrith attempting to do some dragonboat racing. The wind was awful (it nearly got called off at one point), so it was really hard to steer the boat into the starting pontoon – as soon as the boat started to turn the wind would catch it and drift all over the place. I even had to do a reverse parallel park at one point!

    At least it wasn’t raining and I had a nice relaxing baby-free day – thanks Batguy!! (even if you didn’t get to play much Zelda)

    • I too had a nice, relaxing baby(-related)-free day!
      Mostly because I wasn’t invited to my sister’s baby shower, but whatever!
      Thanks, Batguy!

      • i went to a baby shower not long ago… i was disappointed… much less showering of the baby then i thought there’d be

    • Dragonboat racing sounds all kinds of fun. Difficult fun, but definitely fun. 🙂

      And yay for not having to think about being a Mum for a bit!

      • Like a lot of sports, it’s easy to learn but takes a lot of work to master. It’s huge in QLD though – the Brisbane River Dragons are one of our toughest rivals 🙂

    • Just don’t do what I did when putting the DVD drive in my new PC. Turns out that nicking your finger on the case can result in a lot of blood being smeared on vital components. If you’re lucky, the smearing will just occur on non-vital components like the DVD drive.

        • Computer now seems to be hanging on “Starting Windows” screen. 🙁
          I’ve installed the card, but it just hangs as stated above.

          • The only tech support I can offer is to suggest you throw it out the window. I can guarantee that you will no longer have that specific problem after you follow my advice.

          • give it a while, sometimes with new hardware windows has a thing for trying to rebuild some of it’s archives and gets confused, if it hasn’t gotten anywhere in the next 5 – 10 minutes, try starting in safe mode and see if that works

  • Anyone else ever find themselves marathoning movies or TV shows while they’re playing games on the computer? I started watching Futurama on Saturday when I was playing Skyrim, and now three days later I’ve got watched Futurama DVD’s piled up on my coffee table. Its nice to just have something else on in the background, especially if its something you haven’t watched in a good while.

    Futurama has the best fake DVD warnings, too. ‘Viewers may not watch this with more than two of their five eyes’.

    • Excluding the newest season (which feels hit and miss to me), Futurama is always good in any setting.
      I’ve had the TV turned on to Eleven 7:30 onwards during most games (excluding ones where sound is vital, or lots of VC). Simpsons and Futurama mix FTW.

    • i always marathon stuff while i play, anything light weight preferably. family guy, american dad, Scrubs, The Office, IT Crowd, That 70’s Show etc.etc. has all been given the treatment… even when i’m using the xbox, i end up having my laptop playing stuff in the background 😛

      • oh and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… and Transformers… though i’m finding it hard to watch Super-God Masterforce in the background as i do not speak japanese… until later in the evening… or at least i believe i can speak japanese…

    • It’s one of the reasons I prefer PC gaming over console gaming. I only do it with certain games though. Like if I’m playing a match of LoL, L4D2 multiplayer, building in Minecraft or I’m running a dungeon for the millionth time in WoW.

      If it’s a game that actually has a story, such as Skyrim, then I don’t do it and I’m entirely focused on the game.

  • I’m going to go play a game called “Urban foraging”. It’s like regular foraging, but the sources of food are actually shops.

    Wish me luck!

  • Morning All!
    Does anyone else feel ruined by Skyrim? I look at other games atm and just feel like none of them will make me feel like Skyrim does.

  • could someone email me the TS channel and the link to kotakuau steam group. im thinking i might go to the local internet cafe this afternoon and play some tf2 and LoL until i have training.

    email be Di11enger.91 at gmail.. you know the rest 🙂

  • I’m looking at getting myself a gaming controller for my PC, has anyone had any positive / negative experiences that they would like to share with me for product research?

    • Though it’s worth noting that only the wired ones work. (Or atleast that used to be the case, might be a blue tooth solution to the wireless ones now…)

      • No, they work just fine with a dongle. Which I’ve lost 🙁

        I also found out the other week that the PS3 controllers work really well with macs. They just connect over bluetooth!

        • I have my PS3 controller connected to the PC. Works an absolute treat. Not as easy to setup as the 360 one but buy a cheap bluetooth dongle, plug it in and then you’re set. Works a treat and it has one more button (i think)

          • Xbox has: A, B, X, Y, Start, Back, RB, RT, LB, LT, Guide, Right Thumbstick, Left Thumbstick and the D-Pad.

            Playstation has: Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Start, Select, R1, R2, R3, L1, L2, L3, Guide and D-Pad.

            Seems about even to me.

    • Definitely go with an Xbox 360 controller. I bought a wireless one off ebay for $30 and got an adaptor for $12 (I think). Works really nicely. Plus I can use it with my xbox too.
      Also, you could get a Razer Onza, they are pretty nice. It’s got two programmable bumpers which I use as the stick buttons, and you can change the resistance of the thumbsticks and make them more stiff.

  • @Trjn – You are correct sir. Merriam-Webster (that’s right, I didn’t go to Wikipedia) reckons that the term ‘movie’ originates around 1911, whereas the term ‘talkie’ comes from about 1913. Motion Picture beats them both at around 1896.

    • This is what happens when you try to apply common sense to things you don’t really know. Occasionally you end up being right.

      I’ll try to stop doing that in future.

    • im going to pick your brain becuase you appear to know what your talking about mr. is it true that one of the first “western” movies was actually an australian film

        • The Story of the Kelly Gang?

          Not necessarily a Western as most people are familiar with (most people think of Spaghetti Westerns like the Dollars trilogy) but it still counts.

          There are actually a few good Aussies Westerns out there, The Proposition is a pretty good film. Although the bit with the spear is a little odd.

          • yeah i have heard of it before, i knew it was definetly one of the first australian feature length films. but last night when i was working in the video store a guy came in and was talking about how great australian cinema is and that we basically created most genre’s and i was like “What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

          • I’m fairly sure that the Americans and French beat us to the punch on the majority of film genres. I think it was the French. Maybe the Germans? Some European nation.

          • I haven’t but I’m fairly sure that Sughly has.

            I just tend to pick up useless tidbits of information. Like how tidbit was originally titbit but Americans were a little squeamish about saying “tit” so they created a minced oath version. It’s also why chicken meat is referred to as white meat and dark meat over there more often than breast and thigh (or was, they might have finally jumped over that hurdle).

          • hahaha If there is a trivia night i plan to go to in the future you are one of the people i want to bring with me. the reason I ask is hopefully if they let me in i will be studying Film (digital Media) at ANU

          • I’m good at trivia nights for completely different reasons.

            Google-fu + smartphones = happy times.

  • Hai guys, sup & all that stuff?

    My course finishes this week \o/ we’re off to have drinks at the pub Friday arvo woo!

    • Did you struggle at all with the difficulty in your first playthrough? Because the lack of a counter prompt has some serious effects on your combat skills. There’s a particular boss fight that gets insanely more difficult, too.