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    A very merry TABTOL, everyone! So many posts!

    Unfortunately this table doesn't keep track of who was most responsible for breaking TAY, as I understand there was a lot of that going this week too!

    TAY December 16, 2011: 4128 comments
    1: scree 260 posts (6.3%, 8336 words)
    1: Trjn 260 posts (6.3%, 8601 words)
    3: McGarnical 258 posts (6.2%, 5256 words)
    4: Blaghman 220 posts (5.3%, 8467 words)
    5: Virus__ 209 posts (5.1%, 4023 words)
    6: Bish 198 posts (4.8%, 4579 words)
    7: Harli 191 posts (4.6%, 2719 words)
    8: lambomann007 181 posts (4.4%, 3800 words)
    9: NovaCascade 174 posts (4.2%, 5783 words)
    10: Freeze S. Preston Icequire 149 posts (3.6%, 3176 words)
    11: Rize 146 posts (3.5%, 3559 words)
    12: Effluvium Boy 133 posts (3.2%, 1954 words)
    13: Chuloopa 116 posts (2.8%, 2023 words)
    14: Steve-O The Deve-O 109 posts (2.6%, 3048 words)
    15: Strange 104 posts (2.5%, 3853 words)
    16: Shane 94 posts (2.3%, 2673 words)
    17: NegativeZero 84 posts (2.0%, 3890 words)
    18: The Cracks 83 posts (2.0%, 1901 words)
    19: Rocketman 77 posts (1.9%, 1967 words)
    20: Di11enger 76 posts (1.8%, 2791 words)
    21: Pixel the Ferret Viking 74 posts (1.8%, 2905 words)
    22: Tigerion 60 posts (1.5%, 1628 words)
    23: Sughly 56 posts (1.4%, 1030 words)
    24: fled 55 posts (1.3%, 1598 words)
    24: DAN! 55 posts (1.3%, 750 words)
    26: Splicer 49 posts (1.2%, 865 words)
    27: NotoriousR 45 posts (1.1%, 1537 words)
    27: Crazyguy1990 45 posts (1.1%, 555 words)
    29: Morf 35 posts (0.8%, 1064 words)
    30: Blood Apathy 31 posts (0.8%, 920 words)
    30: AlexPants 31 posts (0.8%, 1222 words)
    32: Jo 30 posts (0.7%, 594 words)
    33: redartifice 28 posts (0.7%, 719 words)
    34: gingerchris86 27 posts (0.7%, 431 words)
    35: El Kapitan 26 posts (0.6%, 1426 words)
    36: PuppyLicks 25 posts (0.6%, 525 words)
    37: Powalen 24 posts (0.6%, 884 words)
    38: FatShady 21 posts (0.5%, 1109 words)
    39: Cakesmith 20 posts (0.5%, 500 words)
    40: Freyr 18 posts (0.4%, 180 words)
    40: Dire Wolf 18 posts (0.4%, 1000 words)
    42: f4ction 17 posts (0.4%, 298 words)
    43: Dr What? 14 posts (0.3%, 494 words)
    44: Grandmaster B-Funk 13 posts (0.3%, 299 words)
    44: jamesmacusedmyhandle 13 posts (0.3%, 367 words)
    46: jamesmag 12 posts (0.3%, 311 words)
    46: Morkai 12 posts (0.3%, 308 words)
    48: Redux 2: Electric Boogaloo 11 posts (0.3%, 1542 words)
    49: Lucifer9783 10 posts (0.2%, 268 words)
    50: Joshy206 9 posts (0.2%, 137 words)
    51: BDKIAF 8 posts (0.2%, 193 words)
    51: D.C. 8 posts (0.2%, 221 words)
    53: Matthew K 7 posts (0.2%, 460 words)
    54: HotDamn! 5 posts (0.1%, 52 words)
    54: Ruen 5 posts (0.1%, 260 words)
    54: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 5 posts (0.1%, 258 words)
    54: Batguy 5 posts (0.1%, 492 words)
    54: Gorzilla 5 posts (0.1%, 171 words)
    59: jimu 4 posts (0.1%, 51 words)
    59: The Government 4 posts (0.1%, 205 words)
    59: Gleno 4 posts (0.1%, 181 words)
    59: Zap 4 posts (0.1%, 30 words)
    59: welbot 4 posts (0.1%, 547 words)
    64: Lobo 3 posts (0.1%, 48 words)
    64: Lamblock Holmes 007 3 posts (0.1%, 27 words)
    64: #35 3 posts (0.1%, 568 words)
    64: Aidan 3 posts (0.1%, 134 words)
    64: Ruffleberg 3 posts (0.1%, 53 words)
    69: Palstran 2 posts (0.0%, 102 words)
    69: Edward 2 posts (0.0%, 24 words)
    69: N3heY1a0WUhWuH 2 posts (0.0%, 20 words)
    69: TheLastQuestion 2 posts (0.0%, 94 words)
    69: James Mac 2 posts (0.0%, 41 words)
    69: masha2932 2 posts (0.0%, 17 words)
    69: Mark Serrels 2 posts (0.0%, 23 words)
    69: Chuloop-Tech Industries 2 posts (0.0%, 118 words)
    77: aka Shane 1 posts (0.0%, 13 words)
    77: Stephen 1 posts (0.0%, 16 words)
    77: N0NEoftheAB0VE 1 posts (0.0%, 41 words)
    77: Mr Letterbox 1 posts (0.0%, 24 words)
    77: Blue Scr3en Of Death 1 posts (0.0%, 6 words)
    77: Moeman 1 posts (0.0%, 18 words)
    77: AnonymousVelociraptor 1 posts (0.0%, 3 words)
    77: Hermes and Thoth 1 posts (0.0%, 25 words)
    77: ? 1 posts (0.0%, 16 words)
    77: CookingMama 1 posts (0.0%, 74 words)
    77: paulthegrouch 1 posts (0.0%, 260 words)
    77: SeoN 1 posts (0.0%, 72 words)
    77: The Kotaku Server 1 posts (0.0%, 28 words)
    77: MrBS 1 posts (0.0%, 49 words)
    77: The Reply Button 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)
    77: SUPER NERD! 1 posts (0.0%, 5 words)
    77: The Phantom 1 posts (0.0%, 11 words)
    77: (\/) (°,,,,°) (\/) 1 posts (0.0%, 5 words)
    77: Luke 1 posts (0.0%, 78 words)
    77: D,C. 1 posts (0.0%, 2 words)
    77: Phoenix 1 posts (0.0%, 15 words)
    77: (\/) (°,,°) (\/) 1 posts (0.0%, 22 words)
    77: medical-x-ray 1 posts (0.0%, 12 words)

    Milestones to follow in the replies...

    Post #1: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian at 08:40 12/12

      Ahhahaha go Scree!


          Bish, I will give you the title of Spam queen if you really want it =D

                You know what might be an awesome addition from a data analysis point of view? Add an "average words per post" total for each person as well.

                .....I find data exciting. What?

                  S'not a bad idea, as long as it isn't too much work for Mr Batguy

                  While I agree that that would be cool(and really simple to implement), I think it might make it a bit cluttered. It's already taking up a fair amount of space, and I fear for how it would look if we wanted to add every piece of data that we could(eg. average posts for that person since TABTOL started, number of "a's" inside people's posts, stuff like that). As it is, I just like to see how few people beat me on word count. It feels good man.

      ZOMG A TIE!!!!

      Also - not even top 10 again?
      Crazy TAY is crazy

        Holy crap, I didn't notice that! Nicely done Bunny AND Scree. Clearly I need to step up my game given I'm only going to be here for a few days this week.

        Though I guess, theoretically, Bunny wins, since he has more words, and it's all about quality here, not quantity. Of posts, not words. Hmmm. It is way too early for me to have to think things through.

          I agree, Trjn should have his name above mine due to having a bigger word count.
          All my posts were either responses to Blaghman or asking is anyone was still on.
          Also, I will try to stop spamming so much. D=

            I'm sure we can live with the shame of having to share out first victories in TABTOL.

              It's not shameful, it's just to get so many posts I must've spammed a lot which is getting on some people's nerves. You've done nothing to be ashamed of Trjn

                I've done quite a few things that I should be ashamed of. It's kind of how being me works.

      Argh, fell out of the top ten! Must work my way back without spam!

        If you have nothing better to do, join the Kotaku night crew! (Or should that be Krew?) We have so much to talk about, and it's definitely not spam filled. >.>

          I'm actually usually there, but get distracted by gaming a lot, so tend to lurk a lot more than usual :P

            Yeah, I blame games of LoL for preventing me from beating Scree...

      #36, that's what being away half the week gets ya :P

        I'm going to be away for half this week, but I'm still gunning for the number one slot. Do you know what that means?


      It's weird because I feel as thought I never see Scree post.

        That because you people never bother to check through the old pages, to find what's been said while you weren't watching.

        The night crew speaks, and speaks a lot.

          ... /stares at your display picture

          Who are you???

            That's my clone, he's like me in pretty much every way.

            He's a bit of a dick.

      Hmm, I was shooting for top 20. Looks like I overshot by about 180 posts.

      I will admit to about four spam posts, and the rest are legit. I will also admit to playing a part in The Great Page 7 TAY Break of the Week of 12 December 2011.

      I like how I got the 2000th post. And it's broken.


        *Page 10.

        I got confused, because page 7 is where Scree and Blaghs did all their spam. So I've heard anyway.

          I'd like to set down the facts of the Blaghspam occurrence of the past week.

          While we deny that any spammage occurred, it must be stated that any Blaghs/Scree spam that could have happened, was all located on page 4.

          And while we also deny the appearance of spam on page 7, said non-existent posts would have been the work of multiple individuals, such as Blaghspam, Scree, NovaCascade, LamboSpamm, and occasional interludes from Bish.

        I'm proud of you, McGarnical. This week, I hope to live up to your expectations. To McGarnical's expectations.

          Do it for me Blaghs, McGarnical.*

          *Disclaimer: I actually have no expectation you can help us get to 9,000 posts purely for meme value.

            Second week after Christmas, maybe the third, if my estimates are correct, and I reply to every post made at least once, I should be able to get us to over 9000.

            No promises though, as that would be stupid, and I try to only post when I have something to say, even if it is something stupid.

      Xmas is clearly taking its toll on my TAY participation. I think half my posts were over the weekend when no one was actually here :P Hopefully my working week will be dead and allow me to nerd it up.

      Holy crap. Big week. First entry to top 10. First page get. First landmark post. Its all happening.

        Also, If only I found it so easy to write a 5k word essay, my uni professors would have been shocked and amazed

      I came 5th YAY!

      Aww, one post? I really didn't get a chance to hang out last week. Silly work getting in the way again. I promise TAY that this week I will concentrate more on hanging out and less on doing work.

      Do you think this encourages crap comments?

    Morning all! It took me about five minutes to lose pure white tendency. I got sad and watched the season 3 finale of Breaking Bad instead (and can I just say OMG).

      So good. Soooooo gooood. Wait until season 4 mangs. Just gets better.

        I am in the process of .... acquiring those particular episodes. Episode 1 screening is tonight, maybe tomorrow. Looking forward!!

      Seriously, first 4 episodes of that show, i wasn't sure i was going to keep watching, then after the 5th i was hooked. I now watch it as it comes out over in the states. Im like a meth addict JUST ONE MORE HIT!>?!

      Season 3 finale (and the end of the ep before) blew my mind. Waiting for the S4 DVD, because it's really a series I like to watch on a disc-to-disc format.

        You've more patience than I.

          I can't say I didn't give into temptation and d'load them, but after watching the first 3 seasons back to back in DVD clear promo free goodness the watermarks and video artifcats got to me. It's a very pretty series and should be enjoyed as such.

    Morning all! What did I miss?

      Well, I lay in bed for five hours, not sleeping, that was certainly an experience.

      Then I got up, and prepared myself for a day of shopping!

      But it's raining, so I can't be bothered.


        Ironically, that is exactly the same amount of sleep I've had. I had to go to an airport and back, so now I'm kinda wired after having coffee.

          Coffee sounds like a very good idea right about now.




    3 INDIE DEVELOPERS (and hopefully more to come)

      Due to a lack of being able to think up an appropriate response (asides from the mandatory "yay"), can you imagine me spreading Christmas cheer, and all that jazz due to what you've said?


      I am happy, and excited, it's just that it's morning.

        Spread that cheer all over my back, baby!

          Is this too low, or would you like it lower?


          (Yes, that "wink" was spoken)

      See, this is why I gave you Bastion. 'Cos you're awesome like this.

      Dammit son what is this monster you have created?!

      You're like TAY's own Dr.Horrible :D

    Greetins Frinds!

      The rest of prefer to be friends not frinds, which is why we didn't respond, but I get I can seek to better myself and be your frind.

      Hi Lambomann. (honestly not planning a takeover)

    Morning TAY!

    Nearly holidays, which means I'll be forced away from home to spend time with in-laws.....YAAAAAAAAY! /sarcasm

    So what does everyone have planned for Christmas? Aside from the mandatory "eat too much, game to little"?

      I'm going up Virus__'s way (I feel that that's the best way to describe it) to see some cousins and grandparents and step-cousins, and oh dear god there will be so many.

      Should be good, I like my rellies, they're awesome people.

        As opposed to my rellies, who aren't so awesome...
        The younger cousins are awesome though :)

          Mine are all "Hey, it's my awesome cousin/step-cousin Sean!" *Cue me pointing at myself with a quizzical look on my face, and quickly checking behind myself to see if they're talking to someone else behind me* "Let's be all friendly and stuff! Do you like Pokemon? I like Pokemon! Let's play some Starcraft 2! Hey Sean, check out my hot girlfriend, hitting above my own weight? You know I am!"

          (Then my aunt(via marriage) comes in)

          "Oh Sean, you're so gorgeous, you must be blind not to see all the girls who must be lining up to get a shot at you."

          And so on and so forth. It's a nice change from my parents, who are all "Sean, you suck, get a job, lose weight!" and all that.

            You are heading up past Sydney, and are not even visiting me, your dearest brother?

              I have to drive up with my Dad, and he won't do any of the fun stuff, what with the fact that he has to drive the entire way, and I can't help, due to me being useless and having expired L's...

      X-Mas lunch with Bee's family, dinner with mine

      I am not going to be able to walk/function for days afterwards


        What the hell happens at these dinners?!?!

          Well, it only feels like home once the whips are out...

      I refuse to believe you can ever eat too much.

        There was an episode on CSI (so I don't know if the diesase is real or not), but basically the stomach never relayed back to the mind it was full, so the mind permanently thought it was hungry, and so this guy basically ate himself to death because he kept eating and his stomach got too big and crushed his other organs.

        On that note, good morning!

      I get locked into a car for 5 hours to meet my family including my adorable snot-nosed cousins (so cute), meanwhile doing my best to not swear where either of them could hear, and restricting any discussion to at least PG levels in there vicinity, no violent (TF2, HL2, L4D, etc.) games (I guess I should bring Little Big Planet), I could go on for hours...

      Lunch/dinner with family Christmas eve as usual, which surprisingly isn't too terrible. Get to spend some time with some close friends of the family (practically cousins) and the food is usually quite the noms. After that I'll be heading up north with a bunch of friends for a few days for New Years. Could get messy. Looking forward to it, even if it does mean no gaming for a week.

    Hey Kotatu Australia,

    I’m here to pitch my game proposal; this is for anyone that interested on making a game with me, gamers and people who can help. Criticism is welcomed.

    The Immortal Racers (Still working on the Name) Proposal


    A racing action game that is inspired by super meet boy, Powerstone, Mario kart, Naruto, prince of Persia, Jet set radio, sonic and road rash.

    The Immortal Racers is a third person view fantasy racing action game, where racers from all around the world are competing to become the next immortal being. A racing game that combines both platforming skills and strategy.

    Game play:

    The player will have a variety of racers to choose from, the racers themselves will have different type of skills and spells, ranging from defensive skills, to offensive skills, and support skills.

    There are three rules, 1. there are no large vehicles allow, such as cars, buses, tanks, and etc, only small ones like skateboards, roller skates, jet packs and etc are allowed. 2. Racers are able do whatever it takes to win. This includes, attacking, destroying the environment, setting traps and etc and 3. racers aren’t allowed to teleport or use teleporting devices. Two ways to win, defeating all your opponents or being first to cross the finish line. If it’s a time limit race, then the one that’s closes to the finish line wins.

    Gems: Throughout the race tracks, racers can pick up gems, gems have a wide variety of uses, they can be use to heal the racer, to activate skills, and increase stats. Racers will need a certain amount of gems to activate skills and spells, gems can also be used to buy and upgrade equipment.

    All racers have a heath bar, mana or rage or stamina bar (depending on the type), and at least 3 skills or spells.

    Racer Skills:

    All racers have jump, dash (ground and air), slide, basic attack, basic defend and use special skills and spells. All racers will have equipment according to their type.

    There are six types of racers, offensive, Defensive, Speed, Technique, Special and all rounders.

    Offensive(rage bar): Offensive racers are runners who specializing on attacking their opponents and knocking them off the race tracks, the only type that can do normal ranged attacks. Their weaknesses are Technique type racers. This type is designed more for people who like action games.

    Technique (stamina bar): Technique racers are able to dodge, wall run/jump, slide, double dash, grind, and double jump, to reach the finish line, they also can dodge all basic attacks. Their weaknesses are defensive type racers. This type is designed for people who enjoy platforming.

    Defensive (rage bar): Defensive racers are able to take on a lot of damage, can’t be thrown off race tracks by others, and can set traps . Their weakness is special type racers. This type is designed for people who like to use strategy.

    Special(Mana bar): Special racers have twice the amount of special skills of other racers, hold the most gems and have all types of skills, a glass cannon. Their weaknesses are speed types. This type is designed for people who enjoy playing mages in RPGs.

    Speed (Stamina bar): Speed racers are the fastest racers, but are easily knocked off race tracks and bumping into objects can dramatically slow them down, their weakness is offensive type racers. This type is designed for people who like racing games.

    All rounders (1/3 of all bars): All rounders racers are the jack of all trades, they have no strengths or weaknesses, and this type is designed for beginners

    Offense types will have weapons.

    Defensive type will have armor or shields and traps.

    Speed types will have small vehicles such as roller-blades, skateboards and etc.

    Technique types will have gadgets that will enhance their skills.

    Special types will have magical orbs that will enhance their spells and skills.

    All rounders will be able to have all equipment but will be basic.

    Race Tracks:
    The race track will be balanced for all types of racers, each track will have multiple routes to pick, the player must choose wisely on which route to pick and picking the wrong route can make it harder for the player, the player can force other racers into the wrong route too. Some tracks will have a Hungry monster chasing after all the racers, and who ever is caught is eaten and will lose the race. Tracks will be filled with monsters, obstacles and traps. The track will be filled with gems, which also makes the players aggressively fight for the gems. The tracks will also have hidden items that can help the racer.

    The player will have many choices while racing, for example, will you try catch up to first by running, or stop and collect gems to use a special skill to catch up. If your heath is low, will you use your gems to heal, or risk it and save up to buy upgrades? Should you save up gems to use your best skill, or use a bunch of low level skills? Can your racer take their opponent head on, or should you avoid the confrontation? And with different types comes with different strategies, for example, if you’re a defensive type, you will have to carefully set your traps, and which traps to pick and etc.

    Art direction:
    The style will be stylized and wacky, and rages from unrealistic to realistic characters and even parodies of famous character, for example, a racer who is a hopeless lover whose special skills are based on love, one of its skill will be falling in love with whoever is in first place, allowing it to catch up to him or her, or blowing a kiss as a ranged attack.

    Racers will range from samurais, ninja, zombies, clowns, mutant boogers and etc anything is possible.

    Tracks can be mundane or the racers can be swallowed by a giant monster, and race inside the monster and the racers must escape by exiting the anus.

    So yeah that’s basically it, if this proposal gets enough interests, I will do a more detail proposal, adding game modes, single player modes, and multiplayer mode, and the story. Also here is some of my latest artwork; something to show you guys what I am cable of.

    Artworks:(yeah I don’t do much illustration I been practicing more)

    Thanks for Reading.

      Sounds like Jak X meets ModNation Racers, with extra zaniness added in for good measure.

      I'll take eight.

        Hrmm Jak x,I've forgotten about that game, I'll check it out. Hopefully the game gets made so you can get eight.

      Sounds weird and wild. I have no skills, but wish you very good luck getting this together!

        Thanks, but you don't need skills to help, your ideas/opinion could help greatly.

      That sounds pretty nifty.

      Maybe you could email the editors and see if (after a bit of a chat) they'd be willing to flag it in an article.

      Sounds like a cool idea man, sounds like a fast paced Raskulls.
      You should post this on as well and get some feedback from some fellow designers.

        Great website, thanks, i will post there aswell.


      Was I supposed to quote you? I think I was supposed to quote you.

      "DRINKING IS THE BEEESST" - Drunken, slurring Shiggy, ~1AM

      Should we add "Drinking too much king" to your titles? Because from what I've heard...

      Nah, I kid, if anyone was going to get that title, it would be Rocketman.

      Oh Rocketman.

      That was such a good night :)

        Did you get a feeling, that that night was going to be a good night, that that night was going to be a good, good, night, you got a feeling?

        God, I know way too much genuinely bad music.

      You were supposed to put Hammer King in your name so that we would all remember to bow down. What happens when we get to page 3 and nobody even remembers this conversation? What happens then, Hammer King? WHAT HAPPENS THEN?

      /fake anger

      awww man, I'm still sad that I left before the drunken hilarity...

      Oh Shiggy. *bows before hammer king*

    So, in case any one missed it over the weekend, THERE WILL BE LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS NEXT YEAR! :D :D :D

      saw you mention that somewhere - i laughed and said to bee "Geeez, a bit late to the party, aren't they?!"

      So... LEGO Lord of the Rings video game? :D

      I would very much like to purchase that particular item.

    Man, I know my comments on the millions of articles might have given it away, but I'm pumped for the PSV release here next year.

    Anyone else looking forward to it?

      I know someone who admits to being unreasonably excited for it. He's considering importing it because it's not region locked.
      It needs the games though, man! At least launch seems pretty decent. I'm still waiting for more 3DS gaems. :/

      Not really. :(

      I mean, the features it has are amazing, as a tech-head it's a wonder to behold(that screen man, THAT SCREEN!), but I bought a 3DS with the knowledge that I had the entire back catalogue of DS games to catch up on, so even though it had no "must get" titles, I would still be set for ages. With the PSV, I don't have that. So, currently at least, it's just a bit... ehhhhh.

      I'm trying not to want one. I won't be able to get one right away so I'm trying to convince myself I don't want one.
      It's not working.

        Pshh Strange, why would you want one? Look at that games line up, does that appeal to you? And really, when would you have a chance to play it, when you can't play your PS3 instead? From a purely logical standpoint it just doesn't make sense.

        Am I helping? I've never been very good at talking myself out of buying things.

      I'm doing the smart, and avoiding all articles about it. Then I got mad that my PS3 demanded a massive system upgrade to be Vita capable, so now I actively hate it.


      I had a good discussion about this with a friend, but short answer: no. Why? If you don't have a PS3, then sure, I can see the Vita being compelling. But the only time I'd want to play on a Vita would be on the train. Right now, that's what my iPad is for, to read books and play games. Then when I get home, do I really want to play Uncharted on a small (but still very good looking) screen, or sit back on the couch and play it on the big tv? If they're going to sell Vita as a PS3 on the move, then I'm fairly uninterested. If there are sufficient games that are built around the PSV, like Sound shapes, how LBP2 and Modnation use the touch screen, etc. Then I'd probably get interested. Also, a lesson I've learnt from my PS3 and PSP (and watching the 3DS) is not to rush off and buy things day one.

      Anyway, that's what I think.

    My daughter is playing Portal.

      Congratulations, you have won parenthood.

        ALL the parenthood.

          *throws parenthood at computer*


        Are we talking about the awesome 1989 film Parenthood starring Steve Martin, or the SRS BUSINESS 2010 onwards TV series?

      Unfortunately, things can only get worse from here, as you have reached the very pinnacle of awesome.

      Strange, I am proud of you.

      Also, your daughter is now officially awesome, in the least "creepy internet stalker pedophile" way possible. (Note that this is only the official announcement of such, you may have known this for much longer)

        I'd like to jump on this non-creepy bandwagon of awesome-appreciation.

        I, for one, welcome our new gaming Overlord.

      I tried to get one of my daughters to play portal once. She couldn't even get past the first room. I tried grounding her for every wrong portal placement but she just smiled and kept chewing the controller. Some people say I'm crazy because she's only seven months old. I say she has slacked off for seven months already and it's time to knuckle down and start applying herself.

      How hard is it for you to watch, and not say "You're supposed to put the portal there"? I know I would have that problem

        It's kind of painful.
        And then there's the parts where she's all "I'm stuck". And I almost yell" JUST LOOK! IT"S OBVIOUS ! THE ANSWER'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!" but just have to say something encouraging instead. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

          Now I feel better for getting frustrated watching my boyfriend play it :P

    Movie Battles 3 being made with UDK?
    This just made my day :)

    Good morrow friends,

    What did I do on the weekend you ask? 28hrs of Old Republic. I think I'm hooked. I've been at work all of 45mins and everyone is already sick of me talking about it.

    So now, you get to deal with it!

    Got to level 19 on a Sith Marauder after trying out a few different classes. Spent a few hours checking out the crafting system which is very neat. Did my first Flashpoint (or dungeon) last night. Got some mad loots. 4 player party limit seems strange though. I guess after playing WoW for so many years I've become used to 5 people. Haven't done any PvP yet but I'm keen to give it a look.

    My only disappointment so far is the spaceship you get. I was hoping for some sort of gameplay mechanic when traveling to new planets (even if it was just for the first time). Instead, you just select the planet, wait 5secs and you're there.

    Anyone else played? Thoughts?

    Oh, server times are a little bullshit at the moment. Wasn't the whole staggered release to stop over capacity on their servers? The 4hr waits to log on people were getting on Saturday night tells me they failed. Horribly.

      Was it released here yet, or did you import?

        Pre-ordered on Amazon. It's just the early access at the moment for those that did. The actual game has shipped from Amazon and is meant to be here Wednesday, and I'm hoping it is. Otherwise the grace period will finish on Friday night and I'll be stuck over the Christmas break being unable to play it. And that, my friends, would suck!

          So you imported it because it wasn't released it here due to them trying to stagger the release to reduce server over-capacity and you're wondering why the the servers are over-capacity? Or am I missing something here?

            It's not like it is just red zoners who are screwing the servers up though. All of Oceanic flocked to two servers, which did of course pump up the queue times on those servers, but all the other servers, the ones with primarily green zone players, are also suffering horrible queues.

              Ah, so I was missing something then.

                BioWare really could have handled the whole thing better but at the same time its understandable they didn't because it is a tricky situation.

                If they add too many servers then when people start to drop off after their 30 days access finishes they'd be left with a bunch of low population servers which doesn't really say good things about the game, even if other servers still have high or full populations. In the end they'd have to start merging servers which people always take as a signal that an mmo has died, even if it's subscription numbers are still going strong.

                They could also have added an Oceanic tag to a couple servers. I think that would have helped a lot. Of course they can't do that though because the game's not released here so they can't really give too much acknowledgement that people from here are playing.

              On Saturday night every server except for 3 had 30min plus queues. But yes, all the AU players seem to have taken control of 2 servers. The Americans are not pleased.

      What server are you playing on?

      The fact that the server queue times are so bad really annoys me. Not because I have to queue, I'm not even playing the game yet, but because part of the reason BioWare gave for not launching in Australia or other "red zone" countries was to insure a smooth and high quality launch for the places they did launch. That hasn't really happened.

    Given a reprieve from internet restrictions during Christmas, or just using the old computer?
    I don't want to solo queueueueueueueuue but I need IP. WAT DO

      You must solo queue, my good friend, I am afraid I'm on the old computer. I will eat some Shapes in your memory, though.

      If you ever find someone in Solo Q who isn't a douche you should friend them for just this situation.

      I hear you need I.P
      And you're gonna have to solo queue
      I say a little prayer for you
      In the champion select, now
      Four teammates with heal and revive, now
      I say a little prayer for you

        I am not afraid to admit that I sang that out loud.

        I think the first line needs a bit of work. :P

          Yeah, I was a bit slack. I'm trying to multi-task playing minecraft, answering emails, investigating some sql errors, eating breakfast (I was late for work) and posting on TAY.

    For those interested (or interested in avoiding), the Steam sale was expected to drop early in the morning (pre-sun up) today or tomorrow, so here's assuming it'll be tomorrow.

      Alright, time to accidentally convince people to buy me games, and then feel really guilty because I can't pay them back!

      Excellent so they should notify me that I have won my wishlist games anytime now

        I'm still waiting for them to let me know I won too. I'm sure emails just get held up over the Christmas period, it is a busy time and mail does tend to take a little longer this time of year... even e-mail... right?

    This makes me sad. Especially since I've been listening to the OST:

    What's even more sad is that my order for Rayman origins came in, but my PS3 is brokesd, so I can't even play it.


    Morning TAY, have a good day.

    How do you like my rhyming skills :-)

    Hola señora es senoritas. New week new day new word.

    Quadragintesimal meaning in forty parts.

    Also new consequences.

      I never used any of the previous words. I'm still waiting for my consequences. I live in fear of the consequences, I can't remember what they were but I know they're waiting until I least expect it before they consequence me. I'm jumping at every noise and shadow, I can't sleep, I wish the consequences would just find me and get it over with.

    Where my write-up, peeps?

      It's divided up quadragintesimally over twitter.

        Reminds me of quadrangle.

        Handball anyone?

          Whenever people near me played Handball in College they'd accidentally throw the ball into me. "Accidentally" in some cases.

          Good times? (The genuine accident ones were, because they felt so sorry)

      Sydney people aren't as competent as Brisbane people. There will be no awesomely edited video to make everyone feel like they were there too.

        I dunno, I saw a pretty amazing video of them all saying hi to some guy who wasn't me, so the rest of this story doesn't matter.

        (Damn Sughly, and his charming, uhhh, charm. And his always delivering.)

          I hate them all because I told Ruffleberg on Twitter to give them all my love but I didn't even get one response, let alone a video showing Ruffleberg hugging everyone for me. :(

            They're Sydney people


              Sydney Kotakuers, the best Kotakuers. YEAH I SAID IT. COME AT ME BRO.

            He said nothing to us! Nothing!
            I was up for hugs! I was not informed of hugs!

      I took a bunch of photos that I need to send to Harli to put up on Tales of TAY...

    I'm trying to find a literary agent to represent a picture book that I've written, and sent out a dozen tailored query emails last week. I've already heard back from four of them: not interested.

    I hate this part of the process.

    At least agents are rejecting me a lot quicker than publishers, who typically take three months or more to respond.

    Morning everyone.

    I had a terrible nights sleep last night and the night before. I hate summer, the heat always keeps me up.

    I didn't really get much gaming in but I did watch a few movies, Green Lantern, Conan and Cowboys and Aliens. Despite their not very good reviews I enjoyed them all well enough. I was pleasantly surprised by Green Lantern. After reading all the negativity surrounding it I went in with really low expectations but it wasn't actually that bad. Not the best super hero movie out there but it was certainly better then some of the others I've seen.
    I had no idea what to expect from Cowboys and Aliens. I'm usually not a fan of westerns but the fact that it had aliens in it made it more enjoyable. The story did take a bit of a stupid turn towards the end but at least the aliens were cool looking. Also I was constantly reminded of Fallout New Vegas while watching it. That thing on Daniel Craig's wrist just looked too much like a Pip-Boy.
    It was pretty much a given that I'd love Conan. I love all movies like that. It's like they're tailor made for me.

    I was planning on making eggnog yesterday. It's somthing I've been meaning on trying to do for a few Christmases but I never get around to it. I had a bad migraine yesterday though so that didn't end up happening. I might try and do it today instead. I've never made it before or even tasted it so in all likely hood the result will be horrible.

      I loved Conan too. And I was exactly like you. I knew I would love it before I even watched it. I actually enjoyed it even more than I thought I would.
      I think my expectations were lowered slightly by the fact that it was only two weeks since it was released and we had to go all the way across the other side of the city to find the one place that was still showing it.

      Mr Wolf, in your honour I will make some eggnog myself! Also, because I've been meaning to do it for ages too :P

        Feel like dropping by my house and delivering some to me?

          If you live in Canberra, we should make bathtub eggnog, just like Futurama suggests.

            C'mon Rize, of course I live in Canberra, anyone would think that you hadn't managed to memorise every piece of posted information about every TAYbie.

            And I agree, this sounds like an amazing idea.

      I watched cowboys and aliens on the weekend also. Was horribly disappointed. It clearly took itself too seriously. They needed mel brooks on that movie. Could you imagine blazing saddles with aliens. Would have been so much better.

    Puppylicks, dear Dark Souls buddy!

    Where you at? I got the lordvessel last night with the help of a rather excellent summoned player who did all the work on O&S for me while I ran interference and kept their health up. I am now going to spend some time farming to upgrade my weapons before I go deal with that great wolf. Am also tempted to try my hand at... The Catacombs (queue scary music).

      I need to look into the multiplayer aspects of Dark Souls, cause I'm pretty sure I'm getting it for Christmas on SeXbox 720.

        It's kind of opaque. I'd read about it on a wiki, as it makes little sense otherwise.

        You can't talk, and you can't really choose who comes into your game. You can choose a little, but it is limited to seeing a summon mark on the ground and paying attention to who is going to come in if you agree. I guess you could arrange with someone to put their mark in a certain spot and just keep trying until you get it? But then you're in the same game only until the boss is defeated. Also, you need to be within 10% of each others' character level. Anyway, it's a lot of fun and despite its opacity it works quite well. I really enjoyed running around with another player last night. They were backstabbing powerful enemies while I stood in front of them soaking their hits with my greatshield. Very effective.

        I'm on the 'box too.

      If you've beatb O&S even if not on your own catacombs should be a cake walk. BUT *hushed tone* tomb of giants. No one talks about tomb of giants.

        I seriously hit the big dude only once, and the smaller one not at all. My summoned buddy did all the work and I just hung back and kept them healed and occasionally distracted the enemy to give them a chance for a backstab. I am able to take on all the enemies in Anor Londo if one at a time, and pretty much get destroyed if two attack at once.

        Also, this is a personal best for staying human. It's been like 2 hours of game time now. I think my previous best was about 5 minutes.

          I swear, the moment I become human, I also become an idiot, well, more of an idiot. If it's not running off cliff edges, it's failing to kill enemies who I've gone past a hundred times, and having them trap me somewhere where I proceed to get repeatedly backstabbed.

          So dumb, so, so dumb (though, I did almost manage to beat Sif while human(because he glitched out for about half the fight, and stood in a place where I could attack him, but he couldn't attack me...).

            That is exactly what I do, normally. This time, though, I seem to be managing to stay sensible. Fingers crossed.

            One time, I lasted literally 5 seconds. This was at the bonfire in Undead Burg from which you fight the Taurus demon. I walked out, and when I was attacked by a hollow soldier I've killed about 200 hundred times, I instantly rolled straight off the edge.

              Yeah, at that one I have rolled off the edge, and also not killed the guy who sits at the bottom of the stairs, so that when I went across the bridge, and into that room, suddenly I was trapped between stuff, and I tried to escape, and I got firebombed.

              Good times...

      Despite a wedding and birthday BBQ to go to I DID make some Dark Souls progress.

      I managed to beat O&S solo, felt like a BAUS doing it too :D
      The I got the lordvessel, dat princess oh damn...

      After that I made my way into the Duke's Archives and I have found myself in some sort of crystal prison filled with what could be shoggoths. Having a blast :D
      Looks like this is where our paths diverge for now, lemme know how the catacombs work out for ya, I'm thinking of making a trip down there next once I get a divine weapon sorted.

        I saw a couple of messages outside the princess' chamber saying, "Amazing chest ahead". I'm slightly ashamed to say I laughed out loud when I saw her.

        I've got the Astoria sword you can nick in the valley of the drakes, and am otherwise tempted to kill Sif and use his soul to get the Astoria greatsword. My main objective is to get to a certain blacksmith in the catacombs.

        I am following a path for "beginners" which is recomended in one of the wikis.

          Yeah I'm doing something similar, although after beating O&S every NPC I speak to in Anor Londo talks about Seath and the Archives so I figured the game was hinting that I should go there next so I went there, and I got killed a lot. Just as I thought I might have levelled up too far hahaha

      Also I beat the Wolf the other week, as long as you have a good shield and learn his attack patterns you can take him out, you have to be patient with him though but it pays off.

      I might use his soul to make a cursed greatsword later so I can kill some ghosts in New Londo Ruins :)

    Finally dusted off the old Wii and gave it some love on the weekend. Had some mated come around for a LAN and we thought we would play some Wii to start off the drinking games. We didn't get much further than that. With rules based on having a shot when you die, even the New Super Mario Brothers was a violent affair, with shells being thrown at each other and each other being thrown off cliffs...

    To satiate our bloodlust (and desire for shots) we swapped to Smash Brothers and Naruto: Clash of Ninja 3. Naruto was surprisingly fun, and although it suffered from some lag in placed when playing with four people, it was a fast-paced, hectic brawler with kunais and ninja frogs flying everywhere. Whilst we were playing, we were serenaded with the magical sound that is that Look At My Horse Song. For ten hours...It was only when the music stopped, we looked up and saw that it was 6:00am in the morning and the sun was coming up.

    Sweet lemonade. Mmmm sweet lemonade. Shut-up woman get on my horse!

      All I have in my head right now is the four characters from New Mario doing a rendition of Look at my Horse.

      seriously lolz

        I don't know why I expected anything else froma link stevo posted.

      Me and my mates use to have a Brawl drinking game. Basically it was a 5 minute timed match. Every time you died you had to take a drink, and every time you killed someone you had to take a drink. But that's not all! The person with the most kills at the end of the match had to take yet another drink, and if on the odd occasion someone failed to kill anybody they also had to drink. And this was just how we used to start our nights... good times.

    Nachos, ginger beer and catching up on the walking dead for breakfast. How I have missed you, holidays.

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