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    Holiday TAY was mega-TAY!

    TABTOL incoming!

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        12! All it took was holidays to make me rise about 20 places.

        63rd? doog mccreedy ne'er comes 63rd. Ah hink ye hae yer total aw wrang thaur ye glaikit sheep. Ah ken yer cheatin' an' ye need tae change it sae Ah am in mah proper place at number yin.

          I'm sorry, but I'm not aware of any number called "yin" :P

            Yin. ye ken yin. comes afair tae an' efter 0. dinnae ye ken hoo tae spick proper sassenach ye divit. gang an' learn tae coont afair ye come back tae write haur.

        I can't believe I only posted once. I feel like such a loser. :(

        Holy shit, I spammed too much D:

    New TAY!

    How were peoples holidays? I spent many an hour gaming. Mainly in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Infact, that's all I played. Those who follow me on Twitter are probably sick of me talking about it.

    Found a Sarlac last night. Let out a squee of joy before leaping in. Instant death. Glorious!

      If you're a bounty hunter, I wonder if you can escape from the sarlacc? :D

    Baaaaaaack to work. Back to work. To prove to dad that I'm not a... dork?

      It makes me sad that adam sandler, who made movies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore now makes that Zohan movie and Jack and Jill.

        Jack and Jill was just terrible but you don't mess with the Zohan!

        DANCE BREAK!
        Disco disco disco!

        Sorry about that. I loved Zohan. The only recent one Sandler has made I liked though. Funny People had a very misleading title.


    So I got SKYRUM for Christmas. on the PS3.

    I also bought SKYRUM on PC on Steam via the US to get an even better deal.

    So which do I play!?

    Answer: BOTH!

    So, how many of you SKYRUM that hardcore!?

    I created the exact same character on both games, but I saved the PS3 one right after I took the picture and turned it off and sank a decent chunk of my Xmas holidays in to playing the game on PC. While I HATE WASD controls, I like the mouse. I am conflicted. I tried to use my PS3 controller like I did with Portal where I’d use the controller AND the mouse, but SKYRUM would have none of it.

    I could use one or t’ other.

    Anyway, I killed my second dragon and bought the cheapest house in the game to store my crap. I will now set about adventuring and earning money to buy the best house in the game. \o/

    Also, the first guy to mention arrows to the knee was promptly kicked from a bridge in true Leonidas style. Sure, it made all the guards come at me, but it was well worth it.


      “I used to be a guard not like you, but then I took a river to my body.”

      "I tried to use my PS3 controller like I did with Portal where I’d use the controller AND the mouse"


      You sir are a visionary. I need to try this.

        It worked really welly. Analogue stick for movement, mouse for aiming.

        I actually used the PS3 pad for everything and used the mouse only when I'd need fast precision aiming.

      So which one looked better and shinier? :D

        PC looked infinitely better.

        Helped that my PC was all "Checking for recommended settings... ULTRA HIGH! ENJOY AWESOME!"

        here's my Dovahkiin.

        Ain't she pretty?

          I remember the first time I got my new PC.. and it said DEFAULT TO ULTRA HIGH!! Jizz in pants worthy moment.

          Wow she looks like a real warrior!

            She's pretty hardcore. Went all out to make her look like a warrior. Lots of dirt and scars.

            And yes, Ultra High default = jizz in pants moment.

            Good times.

          Repost from me too!

          I’m interested!
          She looks familiar, like some actress I’ve seen recently. Can’t figure out who though. Damn my old brain!
          Also, how did you find the tools you had to work with? Oh, and how long did it take you to make someone you were happy with?

            I didn't use any reference pictures for this character, I just tried to make a pretty tough looking woman. I ended up making her pretty attractive as well, but what can you do? It didn't take me too long to get her to where I was happy. I started with the second default Nord woman and tweaked it from there. What took a while was installing the game to the PS3, patching it and recreating the character there while I still had the PC window open. What took longer was finding a suitable old Nordic name.

            I actually liked the character creator. Easily a million times better than Oblivion.'s were.

            I'll probably go back and make some more characters at some point, just to mess the with creation tools.

    REPOST from last TAY...

    Hello TAYbies. I have missed you all. I have moved and am currently lacking any internets outside of my terribly slow phone browser.

    I would kill to play a game of LoL right now. KILL SO MUCH.

    I cancelled my TransACT account (won’t service my new addy) and signed up with Internode.. $790* later I should have the internet on January 12 /o\
    I should note that the $790* breaks down like this (so as to avoid blaming Internode entirely on me being broke).
    $200 cancellation fee from TransACT
    $119 new router
    $199 VoIP phone
    $79 connection fee
    rest on general monthly fees etc

    Went with 200GB plan and Power Pack (shaped to 512k, static IP etc)
    *price corrected. I should learn to read one day

      Hang on - you're paying them $200 to disconnect even though they won't service your new address? That doesn't sound right to me... surely a (genuinely) nicely worded letter, with mention of the ombudsman as a last resort, will make you $200 richer?

        This. When we moved and couldn't get the same Internet they cancelled the contract free of charge. It's not your fault that they don't service the area. I think it's even in the law somewhere that they can't do that.

          Actually, if they're in contract, they're obliged to pay contract break fees. It's not the ISP's fault you're moving before the contract is up. If you sign up for a predetermined amount of time and then cancel the service before that time is up, you're eligible for break fees.

          It really sucks, but that's the way it is unfortunately. But usually if you threaten to bring the Ombudsman into it, they'll cave and waive the fees...

      People still use VOIP phones?

        People still use phones?

          The only people who ring me these days are my grandparents. After they're gone, I probably won't need one anymore.

            I just got the VoIP as I get minimal reception with my mobile at home and I work from home every so often :)

      We miss your dulcet tones on teamspeak :(

      Okay, I miss them. Not sure about anyone else :P Hurry up and get new internet!!

    Christmas Swag

    Christmas is a time of sharing and family and celebrating the birth of Our Lord Santa.

    But mainly, it's about getting cool presents.

    Here's mine.

    Al also got a couple of artbooks (not pictured).

    What did you get?

      Msn, I got no epic loots like that. All the stuff I got I knew I was getting, and it was stuff that I needed. Like, a couple of new pairs of jeans. Also, as an adult, I now find getting socks for Christmas to be amazing. Mainly because there's nothing like putting on a new pair of socks at the start of the working day.

      I did get a 'lolwut?' gift from my sister and her partner though. A giant Lego head that sorts your lego, because I'm 22. And that's just what I need. For my Lego. Which I don't have*. Had a couple of games gifted to me on Steam. While I appreciated it, I couldn't help but have a "throw them on the pile! I've got SWTOR to play!" attitude.** Thus, they will probably lay dormant for all time. I did give a couple of Steam games away though. I may just give away a copy of Terraria later on today if work gets boring enough. Because EVERYONE needs to play that game.

      *does actually have quite a lot of Lego. You want to fight about it?
      **found last night that I've only finished 28 of the 462 Steam games I own.

      A new shirt, a couple of pairs of shorts, the new Sherlock Holmes book, Mission Impossible 1-3, a set of floor mats for the new car, Fringe seasons 2 and 3, chocolate. and about $100 worth of JB vouchers. They will probably go towards buying some seasons of Doctor Who.

      All in all, a very good year

      Including the stuff the wife and I bought with our Christmas/birthday money, I got:

      - Battlefield 3
      - Halo: Anniversary
      - Two business shirts
      - Two bottles of wine
      - Cologne

      That is pretty epic, my wife got snuff as well so it is almost like an extra christmas gift for me. I might have to see if I can get a photo of my loot, minus some of the consumables that seem to have hmmmm gone missing.

      No gamer loot for me, but did get a shaver, pictionary man, wine, hell of the north dvd.

    This feels weird. There's a new TAY, but it isn't Monday. But new TAY makes it feel like it is Monday.

    Man I wish it was Monday again. Then there'd be two more days before my bratty cousins come to visit. D:

      For once, I too wish it was Monday again. That way it would still be a public holiday and I could be at home playing SWTOR instead of being at work.

        You can do that next monday. I can't believe its going to be 2012 in a few days. Thats just not right. Time has been in overdrive the last few years

          Dammit! Just as I got used to writing 2011 on everything I had to date, now I have to start getting used to putting 2012!


    How did everyone fare?
    Apart from the horrible storms on the Christmas Day and the death throes of the hordes of Boxing Day sale goers, it was rather nifty.

    On my received list was:

    From my boss - a lovely box of chocolates and a hefty bonus for all my hard work this year, which mostly went to paying for our new (old) car

    From Bee - A lovely framed picture of her lovely self with the word "SMILE" in it, all decorated pretty like for me to bring to work for morale, as well as a keyring with photos of us and a wallet-sized card with a picture of her. I think she thinks i am liable to forget her.
    She also renewed my subscription to the fantastic game informer magazine as well as gave me a copy of Uncharted so i can finally nose-dive into the series.

    From bee's family - a 3000 point MS card, which i have used on Kill Team and the add-on pack to SSSPAYCE MAUREENNN. I have about 1200 points left, which i am probably going to use on trials HD, but i was holding out to see if it might go on sale. Unless anyone has better suggestions?

    From My Family - A wireless Xbox360 dongle which i have sorely needed for a long time. They, however, got me the original one, not the newer one. BUT their hearts were in the right place, so i am completely stoked. They're awesome. Dad also gave bee and i $150 between us to spend on boxing day stuff.

    This leads to the buying side of christmas. So bee and i took $100 each from the bonus money, and $50 each from the money from dad for spending, with his remaining 50 used on lunches and dinner for the days off.

    So with my $150 i got:

    2 pairs of bed shorts from Peter Alexander for $14 each
    a new sexy button-up shirt from Hizz for $50
    "Elect The Dead" CD from JB Hi-Fi For $10
    The Razer Onza for my pc, and equally for my X-box for $50 from EB - Bee used her "batt eyelash attack" to get a further $5 off the sale price
    and lastly, i used my $50 ozgameshop voucher for a new Xbox Live subscription, and FINALLY got demons souls while i was there.

    There were heaps more things i wanted to get, but money runs away quickly! lol

    Overall i think i did pretty fething well, though.

    How about you guys?

    I missed you all :D

      Merry After christmas to you too.

      I bought myself the resistance 3 survivor edition for $59 at JB. The collectors edition may not be as extravagant as others but all the items fit with the game's fiction. I wish it had a figurine though, but at that price I can't complain.

      Finally finished breaking bad season 4 over the christmas break as well and I can't wait for the final season next year.

      Merry After Christmas Loops!! Welcome back :) Glad to hear you got such an awesome haul, Bee sounds very sweet!

      Merry After Christmas! I had a fantastic Christmas Day/Boxing Day :)

      As for Arcade games, grab Castle Crashers, it's amazing fun.

    I'm reposting this from last night because \o/

    I finally defeated the Gaping Dragon!
    Mr. Strange went to see that Tower Heist movie tonight so after the kids went to bed I gave it another go and took him down. Finally!
    I didn’t need to kill him, because I have the skeleton key and can easily get to Blighttown from the Valley of the Drakes. But man, I really really REALLY wanted him dead. :P

      I can't believe it's called that. I mean really dark souls production team that's the best you could think of.

      Huzzah! Gaping dragon annoyed the beschizzle out of me. And I felt doubly bad because everytime I summoned some help I'd embarrass myself and die within 30 seconds. Good news is that queelag is surprisingly easy. It's getting to her that's the problem.

        Say whaaat.
        For me Gaping Dragon was easy as pie, but Quelaag caused me the most trouble.
        Though Blaghsy said that if you summon offline NPC help she tanks for you. I always play as hollow though, so no help for me /o\

        Re: Strange, Gaping Dragon
        Also, 20,000 souls!

          I tend to play pure melee builds and gaping dragon just continually stomped me. Queelags attacks tend to hit a meter or two in front of her and the one that doesn't is easily blocked.

            I'm playing with a sword n' shield at the moment.
            I think for me I must have been able to recognise and predict the Dragon's moves. When it came to Quelaag, I did the normal 'let her do her thing then attack while she's occupied' strategy, but I wouldn't be able to read her very well, and eventually I'd get caught out and be standing in a pool of lava, and from then on I was just scrambling around to survive.

      How did Mr. Strange enjoy Tower Heist?

        He thought it was awesome. Says it's Eddie Murphy's best work.

      Oh, and i had my first invasion by a black Phantom last night. They had some sort of lightning sword which really damaged me. I didn't try very hard though because there was nothing much at stake. I only had one held humanity and about 3000 souls and I was in the room with the bonfire in the depths so I knew when I died I could instantly regain my stuffs.
      Black Phantoms: 1
      Me: 0.

    So disappoint that there is a new TAY. Was hoping to reach like 7000 billion comments on the last one! How was everyone's christmas?

      Well, we could still get the last TAY up to 7000 billions comments if you want us too. We have our ways :D

        Touche (just imagine there's an accent over the "e").

    So managed to claw myself away from SWTOR on Monday to check out Tintin (AKA Mark Serrels: The Early Years).
    Quite enjoyed it. The animation was fantastic. The first half was a little slow, but when it went into Raiders of the Lost Ark territory in the second half it was brilliant. I also understand that it was being set up for a franchise, but I felt like it just...ended.

    Oh look, we're in Morrocco doing some elaborate chase for the MacGuffin. Now we're back in America. Let's wrap this whole story up in 10mins. By the way, do you like sequels? You do! Excellent, here's the start of the next one! And roll credits.

    Every scene that Haddock was in (played by the brilliant Andy Serkis. Has anyone ever watched the behind the scenes stuff on the movies he's in? He seems like such a nice guy. Phenominal actor too, I would love to see more of him in live action stuff, not just a motion capture man) was generally a highlight.

    7/10 lost MacGuffins.

    Oh, and John Williams score! I've missed him.

      John Williams did the score?? I MUST see this movie!

        It was one of the things I was most looking forward to going into it heh. Funnily enough, one of the main complaints I've heard about War Horse (also scored by John Williams) is that the score is trying too hard to pull at your heart strings. Never thought I'd see the day when a John Williams score was the main complaint about a movie.

          The problem with War Horse is that the entire thing is trying too hard. Everything together just ended up being a giant Ham an Cheese sandwich.

        I loved the movie, only disappointment was the lack of this over the credits:

        That might just be the not at all practical fan boy in me, though. :P

      I used to like Andy Serkis, but when he started saying he deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, not so much. I understand that he's an actor that did the motion capture and lines, but what about all the animators and character artists working on it in the Weta Workshop? The guys who made the character model, the highly detailed textures, the animators, who in some cases, had to animate certain sequences by hand from scratch? I'm not saying he doesn't deserve an Oscar, I just think it's unfair to let the animators and artists just be faceless drones in the background.


        I remember that interview/article/whatever it was and didn't think it came across as "I DESERVE AN OSCAR!" but more of a "technology is changing, there should be an oscar for mocap performances." And I do agree with you in that it's not just about the man in the suit, but also about the animators etc. If they were going to do a "mocap" oscar I think it should go to the performer and the visual effects supervisor (like the visual effects oscar at the moment goes to the supervisors).

          Actually, you know who does deserve their own oscar award? Stunt men.

          Didn't he also say that games should be included in the oscars too?

            Are tv shows included in oscars (I ask because I don't care for them very much). If not, I think it's a bit odd to shoehorn another medium into an award show that's for movies. It's not like novels are in the oscars.

              That's a good point, they need a legitiment awards for video games rather than hijacking someone elses. It'll come in time.


                I really need breakfast. ;)

          Yeah, I wasn't more on the arrogant GIMME OSCAR, I was going more for the credit to the animators. Your solution is a rather nice one, as long as both the artists and the actors get credit, then all for it! It's just that Serkis never really made any mention about the artists in this interview I read, and he kind of comes off as a bit too arrogant as a result. Conversely, Nolan North talks about Naughty Dog plenty in his interviews, even going as far as making a book about his experiences doing mocap and working with Naughty Dog. Meh. I still like Andy Serkis, but whenever anybody brings up in a conversation 'Man, how good was Andy Serkis in that movie', I feel the need to bring up Weta Workshop.

            Hehe, fair enough man. Andy Serkis has a book too about creating Gollum for LotR and he talks about Weta a lot in that.

        Yeah, I agree with Cakesmith's take on the Serkis comments. He was pretty damn exception as Monkey in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West too. Great actor.

      That cliffhanger LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE thing is *exactly* how the Secret of the Unicorn finishes. Literally the last couple of panels, Tintin suddenly starts talking about how they'll find the lost treasure in the next book.

      What surprised me was how well they managed to blend the two separate book plots together into a single coherent one.

      Also, to be pedantic: that wasn't America. Tintin lives in Brussels.

        You know, I actually knew that. I have no idea why I typed America...

    Off to stevos LAN party at lunch time. Excited for the 4 hour drive :/ hopefully won't care about it when i get there.

      I have provided you with 5 hours of music (1 from the CD I gave you, 4 from the LoL playlist)
      You can thank me later. Or now! Whatever suits you best.

      HEY man have u left yet, SteveO wants your number!!

        No i haven't left yet if i sent u a twitter message can u give it to him

          Also check your email. (MSN)
          If you didn't already have his, I just passed it on.

          Okay thanks Rocketman :) done and done. Have fun and stay safe..!!

      So jealous Rocketman! Hope you guys have fun! Don't vomit on Steveo!

    At the risk of alienating myself from the Kotaku Kommunity, I'm going to say that Need For Speed The Run is one of the best games I've played this year. I rate it up there with Portal 2 and Batman AC.

      Sounds like it may be worth getting then, or at least renting out. Is it better than NFS:Unnderground or Underground 2?

        Well it's hard to compare it to Underground1/2, because it's quite different from those. But yeah, I'd have to say it's 'better' but then again it's been a few years since I last played Underground 2. The story mode is pure awesome, a lot of the races leave you thinking "wow, just wow" at what just happened in them. It sure gets the adrenaline going. Unless you're going to be doing multiplayer a lot, I'd suggest just hiring the game at first because there's only 2 hours worth of racing in the story mode. But it probably took me twice as long to get through it though, what with resets and cutscenes and stuff. Also, the story (what little there is) is nothing special really, it's just explaining why you're driving from one side of the country to the other. But man, that last level! I'm not going to spoil it, but it was pure awesomesauce. Also, it has some of the best looking environments I've seen in a racer since NFS MW

          Sounds good dude, may have to rent it out and give it a go. I'm not usually into racing games but the NFS games are generally pretty good.

      Don't be like that, Lambo.
      Here at Kotaku AU we like to feel that we foster a community that are proud to share their opinions, and respect each other for doing so.

      Even if your opinion is wrong.
      So very wrong.


        It is obvious you enjoy racing games. A genre which not as many people enjoy, it is okay to like things everyone else doesn't.

          Oh yeah, I'm used to liking things others don't. Just ask Sughly :P

      I've always enjoyed the NFS games, but I just can't bring myself to buy The Run. I don't know what it is, but it just doesn't seem appealing to me at all.

      Maybe Christina Hendricks awesome work in Mad Men and Firefly is bleading through. :D

        I don't even know who Christina Hendricks is nor have I ever seen Mad Men or Firefly...

          For shame! ;)

            I know! If I made a list of things I should have watched/played by now, that list would be rather huge. I haven't even played KOTOR yet! Oh, and Indiana Jones 4 is the only Indiana Jones movie I've seen...

              Ah, it's alright. These things should be watched when you want to watch 'em, not out of obligation. So get around to it at your own pace. I only saw the Star Wars movies for the first time in 2004 and haven't seen any of The Godfathers. We all have our shames. haha.

                On the topic of Star Wars, I didn't see it till last year. And I don't mind Episode 1.
                Yes, I am weird.

                  Edit it down a little, take out Jar Jar, reshoot little Ani's scenes -- good movie. :D

              WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

              Go rent/buy/download Raiders of the Lost Ark & Last Crusade. You can skip Temple of Doom because it sucks. Not as bad as Indy 4, but, you know... it's not great.

                I've always had a soft spot for Temple of Doom and never got the negetivity around it. (Even from Spielberg and Lucas.) The 'Anything Goes', Shanghai opening is perhaps one of the best of all time. You heard me. ;)

                  (Also you've waited this long for Indiana Jones, might want to hold off for the inevitable blu-ray boxset of HD-ness.)

                  Ok, Temple of Doom is worth it for the opening in Shanghai, but after that I just don't find it enjoyable at all. The bulk of the movie is just kinda dull.

      If you had said you rate it up there with Duke Nukem Forever, then you get alienated :)

      But I haven't played a NFS game, so I really have no say in the matter

        You've never played an NFS game? Mate, you're gonna have to rectify that. Here, I'll give you a list of the good ones. Underground1/2, Most Wanted, Carbon (not as good though, but still fun) Hot Pursuit, The Run.
        (Note: I've never played the Shift ones, so I have no idea how good they are)

      I haven't played a NFS game since the original Hot Pursuit back in the 90s, but The Run looks really interesting to me.


    My HYRULE HISTORIA book will be arriving today!

    Going go-karting today. I don't fear the blue shell. In real life, I'm much worse at karting so there's no what I'm going to be in first.

      Don't forget to snake.
      Also drafting.

      Shriek from time to time, Diddy-style, for maximum effect. ;)

        I was thinking I'd just say "Hi! I'm Daisy!" whenever anything happened at all.

          Or just yell out "Wahoo!" in a high pitched voice.

          One day, Toad, one day I will end you.

    I'm really enjoying reading about this OceanMarketting thing.

      How to destroy a business 101.

        Oh wait, that's how to destroy a business 102...

      They need to invest in a self-censorship chip to be embedded beneath the skin. ;)

        I believe that can be inserted by shotgun :p

          To the foot, obviously.

      Holy sh...

      Honestly, why are people like this? I imagine that Ocean Marketing are going into serious damage control right about now.

      I like Gabe's follow up too

        As far as I'm able to tell, both Ocean "Marketting" and the company responsible for actually making paying a Chinese company to design and build the controller are run by this one guy.

          Pretty much how it looks. Dude says that there are ~150 employees but that probably means that there's him and some factory workers in China on contract.

          Small name, big ego.

            Watch what you say, man, he's got lawyers.


              no he knows the Mayor of Boston , so dangerous.

                And has no fear of the internet, the man is obviously crazy

      Me too! Man his spelling/grammar/everything is TERRIBLE

        This one is my personal fave:

          man, now my stomach hurts from all the lols :P

    Hey Guys, what's happening?

      Did this get moderated because of you wacky r?

    Wow, I live next to way too many bogans fml.

      Keg party on the front lawn again?

        Nah, they aren't the fun kind of bogans sadly. The rude & aggressive sort.

      Sounds like there's a story there. Explain?

        Well I live between TWO department of housing places, both with erratic children who are allowed to swear & scream as much as they like & one side in particular the kids are allowed to bash their colorbond gate with a trolley >_> The parents aren't much better on one side as well. We're friends with one side, the other side not so much, after all we took an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order aka Restraining Order) out on one side.

        Other than that, I don't mind living here.

          Sounds like their should be a Today Tonight crew roaming your street. :D

            I'd crack the popcorn out for that!

          They want a barnie? i'll gie them a barnie. i'll come doon thaur an' shaw those glaikit broke numptys hoo tae cheil up an' become true fowk. thaur isnae anyain Ah huvnae bin able tae teach th' proper way yit.

            Wait, wut?

              do it virus, it's the only way

                I don't even know what he said D:

                  That's okay, other than the cockney slang at the start, the rest was gibberish anyway :P

    I just got World Basketball Manager 2010 on Steam from an achievement, does anyone want it? I can't see myself ever playing it lol.


      Its Abbott and Costello all over again. But with Chemistry. Brilliant

    Man, so I have managed so much gaming over Christmas! Best holiday!

    But now I'm looking at going shopping in post Christmas sales and buying...a 3DS? Or maybe an Xbox? I DUNNO MAN I JUST WANT TO BUY SOMETHING.

      Buy all the things.

        Damn you Trjn and your ability to market!

          Buy all the things! Including Shapes!

          Lots of Shapes!

          I'm Bishing!

          Yeah, Trjn should look for a job at 'Ocean Marketting'. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a job opening up pretty soon.

      Me too zomg. Don't fall into the trap of buying something just for the sake of buying something though!! be careful!

      Also GUESS What one of my friends got me a prepaid Riot card for LoL for xmas!! i can buy skins!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITE

        hurray skins!

        And I just need my fix man! (I think I have a problem)

        Don't be silly, Harli. Buy everything, regardless of needs.


        I braved the ridiculous crowds at the shops yesterday and was disappointed to only pick up 2 streetpass hits :( But on the plus side, I *did* pick up 2 streetpass hits! And Soul Calibur iV for $20.

      That's the capitalist spirit! Xbox's are still very cheap at JB too, though. ;)

      I got a $50 kmart voucher + $100 cash and really don't know what to spend it on. I don't think I've been into a kmart store in a few years. I suppose I could get Batman AC.

      I have also considered getting a console cause I don't have one but really not sure and even if I do decide to get one I don't think kmart would be the best place and wouldn't actually save any money using the voucher

    Steam Gift Giveaway! First come, first server!
    Anyone here want:
    - Renegade Ops (I have many)
    - Dogfighter
    - 25% off TellTale purchse
    - Bunch of Heroes
    - Plain Sight

    Also, how was everyone's Christmas? Good haul, family fun, etc?

      Renegade Ops is a thing of beauty, so damn addictive and fun. Take Rize up on his offer now, damn it. ;)

        I should mention, the first two people that ask for Renegade Ops get the DLC with it.

      Renegade Ops It looks like a fun game so if nobody else is interested I'll take it. I have heaps of games though so if somebody else is more interested then they can have it

      I have gemini rue, toki tori 50% off vouchers as well as a copy of hoard.

      If you have a spare Renegade Ops I'd love it. If you do indeed have many, that is. I will post a list of my goodies later :)

        Need your email or your Steam friendship, then I'll swing it your way :)

      I'll quite happily take any one of them (except dogfighter, i already have it).

      You're a bloody king! :D

    I wouldn't object to a copy of Renegade Ops, as long as it doesn't need a good PC to run it. Mine is about 3 years old.

      Blah, this was meant to be a response to Rize ^^

        Requirements here:

          Looks like I meet the recommended requirements. First time in awhile I've done that!

            Need your email or your Steam friendship, then I’ll swing it your way :P

              I'm assuming you're Shadow Rize on steam? I just joined the Kotakua AU group and sent you a friend request (had to do it via web the hard way since I'm at work).

              I logged in to buy KotOR and had the gift. Thanks Rize!

          Well that's me out damn it :(

    I have a 50% off coupon for this game if anyone wants, I don't even know what it is.

      Recettear is a weird game, the core mechanic of it is running an RPG style item shop and bartering with the people who come into the store.

      Interesting enough game, I've put about 5 or so hours into it

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