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      I need my fix, man, I need my fix!


      Morning all! How did the weekend go? I finally got a heap of Skyrim happening, as well as a bucket of shots on Friday night, and hookers on Sunday!




        Weekend went well, I partied hard (went to a mate's Buck's night) and got a bit of Dark Souls time in as well. Managed to ring the second bell, SUCCESS, and now I'm trying to defeat the Great Wolf Sif, NOT SUCCESS YET.

          I rang the bell and went straight to Sen's Fortress. Then I died.*

          *Repeat 12 times.

          So I think I'll go spend some time in the gardens and see about this so-called "Great" wolf. (Actually, he's awesome. I genuinely don't want to kill him, but then I've read that you can get an amazing shield with his soul.)

            Yeah I don't think defeating him as anything to do with the plot, it's more like I wanna defeat him because he's there. I guess there are a few areas like that like the Ash Lake and the Demon Ruins.

              Demon Ruins aren't like that. you have to defeat the Boss to get to one of the final game areas. I think I'm going to leave Sif alone. He's so pretty, he can live.

                Poo I was hoping I wouldn't have to go there hahaha.

                Yeah Sif is pretty badass, but I'm all up in his grill now so it's either me or him.

                  I finally spent some committed time PvPing in Dark Souls, gravelording it up in and around Smough's arena, as well as just plain old invading.

                  Damn good fun, and I don't apologise for any killing I committed, or how much grief I caused.

                If I was going to let any creature live for being pretty, it would be the Moonlight Butterfly.

                But I murdered it horribly, so now I may as well kill everything else.

        My bike lost traction and I crashed last night. That was a fun way to cap off a week off work. Luckily it was at low speed (about 20-30k's) and not while I was going 100 or something. My ribs feel bruised, I have a small headache and it hurts to breathe or bend my back. I also shredded some of my tattoo (sadface and by far the worst part) but the bike seems okay, barely a scratch on it. Getting back on and riding home was easier than I thought... I expected that I'd refuse to ride for a while.

        The first and hopefully LAST time I come off it.

          And yep, I'll go to the doctors at some point soon.

            How about NOW, young man!

            Also, I know how you must feel about your tattoo. :( *hugs carefully*

          Sucks to hear, but chicks dig scars*, so it's not all bad :P

          *still under scientific study

          Ouch. That sucks, man. Good to see you lived to tell the tale, though.

          /o\ !

          Don't die, f4ction!
          You're a survivor! You're going to make it! You will survive, keep on surviving!

          omg f4ction :(

          I hope you are okay dude!

      I know, right? It just doesn't feel like the day has started until TAY appears on Kotaku.

    and WHERE have you been TAY??? i'm pretty sure the work day started at 8!!! i am disappointed with you, you could at least have called and told me you'd be late...

    i had coffee for you... but... but now it's cold

      We rang all the hospitals just in case, DON'T SCARE US LIKE THAT AGAIN TAY!

    morning all :D


      +good morning Di11, sorry for my bad grammar but it is hard to type with your face, how are you this fine morning?

        how ya doing pixel?

        i too feel as if i could slide my face along my keyboard. but im too tired to AKLjfahoweuhrzshdfhushfoijaehsdnvu2

        whoah hey who what was that *looks around to see if anyone noticed*

          i'm goood.... gooooood...
          *sluuuuuurp (sibs coffee through a straw)*

          what? i'm too lazy to lift the cup... it's VERY hard work before the completion of my first and what will hopefully become many coffees for the day

    Morning Taybies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with make up for my lack of gaming.

    Had the wife's work xmas do on the weekend. Lets just say, Doctors know how to put on a good shindig. Stayed in the city, then had a bunch of other htings to do, so really only go an hour or 2 on call of duty, and no time (or energy) for anything else.

    This week should contain some more cod, some more space marine, and debating going back and playing some more NFS hot pursuit just because.

    Hi everyone. How were your weekends? I spent mine running around Constantinople. Boy, am I tired.

      Assassin's Creed: Revelations? Jealous.
      If I don't get it for Christmas I'll be mad because I was told not to buy any games after Skyrim for myself before Christmas.

        I'll lend you mine when I get sick of it.


        Hint to your gift-giving relatives if you cannae buy it yoursel

          Nice price! Thanks, will send it on to the right people. :D

      I haven't even left Jerusalem yet :( I'm so far behind.

      Is it safe to skip AC1 and just move straight on to 2 and Brotherhood? Or will I be missing something major?

        I asked the Kotaku peeps a while back for advice on this:

        Consensus seemed to be AC1 could safely be skipped, although I was advised to play it for a bit to at least see how far the game had come. I ended up just skipping to AC2.

          Ok, I'll do that, when I find time to get away from everything else I've got to try out.

            Second game has a 'previously on Assassin's Creed' opening too.

              That "previously on" sequence really didn't help me.

                That "previously on" sequence was beyond useless. Luckily, I enjoyed the plot of AssCreed enough to play it until the end. And while I've finished Ass2 and AssBro, it was not due to the plot, because man, there's nothing there.

                "A story of revenge, and some more revenge, and revengeyMcRevengeface."

                Look Ezio, I get it, you want revenge, now how about some character development? No? Templars are evil, and that's all you need know? *sigh* Fine.

        I skipped 1; didn't finish 2 and now have brotherhood.

        I've not missed much except for the ending of 2 but you can pick it up really easily if you watch the cutscenes at the beginning of brotherhood.

    I went to a lot of effort to clear my inbox last week and was rewarded when the only stuff waiting for me on Monday morning were garbage office memo type emails that didn't require my attention. Between that and my boss being off sick. I might actually be able to wind down after things being so hectic the last couple of weeks. Hooray, I might have some time to TAY this week!

    I'm having friends over on the 17th and in my eagerness in looking forward to that and the break I'll enjoy over Christmas I completely lost sight of the fact that I'm in fact turning 29 THIS WEEK. I would like to thank my wife for reminding me I am getting older much faster than I thought.

    But what really concernes me is the future. Next year, I turn 30. And I cannot think of anything cool or interesting to do to celebrate this. Are there any other old people who've enjoyed a 30th and done something interesting to comemorate it? I need suggestions.

      Hire out an entire arcade joint and have like the old school time zone super sessions. :P

        They still have meatworld arcades? I haven't been to one since they closed Playtime on George Street (which was thankfully immortalised in the Looking for Alibrandi movie, so I can show it to my children).

        "This is where daddy used to DDR after going to anime conventions."
        "Oh God, please shut up."
        "Oh, and that's the alley where my friend was chased by a poop-flinging hobo!"
        "It's going to be the alley where our dad was murdered, if you don't shut up."

        Anyway. I know that Galaxy World is still there, but for some reason I never liked the place. Maybe the machines didn't get updated as much. Maybe I didn't like the people who hung out there.

        Interesting idea though.

          That sounded like a more real life version of "how i met your mother" :P

      I say, a Halo LAN party. But then, that's just me.

        I could buy Halo Anniversary and have a 4-player co-op campaign marathon.

        On Legen...

        dary difficulty.

        Then again that's something I could do this year.

          But everyone lugging a TV and console over to your place? In this age of Xbox Live, it will surely take something pretty special to make that happen.

          I miss Halo LAN parties...

            I wonder where I can find 4 old-school xboxes.

              I wouldn't go that far! I think some Reach system link would suit just fine.

                If a thing be done, it must be done right. I'll also need 16 'Duke' controllers, and some 51cm TVs with refresh rates that make my eyesockets ache.

                  First time I played Halo 2 (I didn't know at the time that its online functionality would forever destroy the LAN party), was at a LAN party on a projector. It was about a week before it came out. Someone had "obtained" a French copy. It was very exciting.

      Well i'll be 30 at the end of the month, i'll let you know how that plays out. I may decide to go back to being 25 again.

        I'm hopnig to be visited by aliens and/or genies that will allow me to revert back to age 21, and also have lots of money. In fact, that's my birthday wish, so it has to happen.

          Sorry, wishes only come true if you don't tell anybody about them. It's in the fine print of the contract

    Remember everyone! Kotaku Kristmas Meat is on december 17th! Register intent at [email protected] DRINKINGAMINGOODTIMES ! Btw its in Sydney!

      I should be able to confirm 100% my attendance one way or the other by this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to make it, I've been looking forward to it a lot

        We can talk Pokemon!

          Yes, definitely talk pokemons. Some other things too, but mainly pokemons

      I wish I could go, but I can't. Due to the whole slack-arse broke guy thing. So, I'll drink a beer(probably a glass of water, I can't afford beer), and toast to all you cool people.

    I've made the switch to PC for Skyrim. Can't really explain it, but I'm enjoying it so much more. I'm a platform agnostic, so this unsettles me.

    I'm sticking with my xbox Battlefield though as I really hate it when my opponents have got mices. I don't seem able to take advantage of the "extra accuracy" I am informed comes with a mouse, but my opponents certainly do.

      I too am PC-ing Skyrim... but it's for the mods my good man, the mods.

      But, now, it's started crashing to desktop instead of loading the game... anyone else encountered this?

        I figured the good mods would take a year or so to work themselves out. I'm really not interested in too much fiddle faddle and only really want one or two great ones.

        In New Vegas, I've got Project Nevada installed. It is a thing of beauty.

        I thought I could hold out for a PC GOTY in a year or two and in the meantime rock the 'box. But it just wasn't grabbing me. I couldn't get past the framerate and it just felt sluggish and awkward to point my crosshairs at things I wanted to pick up. And sword fighting just really didn't work for me. This is the first time I've felt the PC genuinely gave the superior experience.

    So this week's TABTOL showcases 20 pages of Blaghman-broken, Plainview-farewelling, Trjn-ranting madness (seriously dude, 12 thousand words??). Harli showed all the pretenders who's boss. I'm sure there were some other important themes in there but I know I was just too damn busy to keep up last week. Let us all know in the replies if we missed anything else of significance (with permalinks if possible!)

    TAY December 2, 2011: 3685 comments
    1: Harli 280 posts (7.6%, 3893 words)
    2: Trjn 264 posts (7.2%, 12300 words)
    3: Pixel the Ferret Viking 242 posts (6.6%, 5837 words)
    4: Rize 218 posts (5.9%, 4115 words)
    5: Effluvium Boy 150 posts (4.1%, 2502 words)
    6: Sughly 137 posts (3.7%, 3633 words)
    7: Steve-O The Deve-O 113 posts (3.1%, 2264 words)
    8: Bish 111 posts (3.0%, 2396 words)
    9: Chuloopa 103 posts (2.8%, 1616 words)
    10: Plainview 102 posts (2.8%, 3038 words)
    11: Splicer 97 posts (2.6%, 2463 words)
    12: Di11enger 96 posts (2.6%, 3018 words)
    12: Shane 96 posts (2.6%, 5280 words)
    14: Dr What? 93 posts (2.5%, 3123 words)
    15: D.C. 92 posts (2.5%, 2296 words)
    16: Morkai 90 posts (2.4%, 2550 words)
    17: Rocketman 89 posts (2.4%, 2312 words)
    18: PuppyLicks 80 posts (2.2%, 1474 words)
    19: NovaCascade 72 posts (2.0%, 2641 words)
    20: Strange 67 posts (1.8%, 2605 words)
    21: NegativeZero 60 posts (1.6%, 3762 words)
    22: DAN! 59 posts (1.6%, 857 words)
    22: Phoenix 59 posts (1.6%, 1329 words)
    24: AlexPants 54 posts (1.5%, 1804 words)
    25: Jo 52 posts (1.4%, 1505 words)
    26: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 50 posts (1.4%, 1340 words)
    27: NotoriousR 49 posts (1.3%, 957 words)
    28: Crazyguy1990 46 posts (1.2%, 1174 words)
    29: Blaghman 41 posts (1.1%, 1689 words)
    30: lambomann007 35 posts (0.9%, 870 words)
    31: Tigerion 33 posts (0.9%, 1161 words)
    32: Morf 32 posts (0.9%, 1104 words)
    33: Freyr 31 posts (0.8%, 480 words)
    34: scree 30 posts (0.8%, 755 words)
    34: Aidan 30 posts (0.8%, 1600 words)
    34: Batguy 30 posts (0.8%, 1830 words)
    37: McGarnical 24 posts (0.7%, 793 words)
    38: #35 22 posts (0.6%, 985 words)
    38: Blood Apathy 22 posts (0.6%, 661 words)
    38: James Mac 22 posts (0.6%, 337 words)
    38: Dire Wolf 22 posts (0.6%, 1846 words)
    42: fled 20 posts (0.5%, 786 words)
    42: welbot 20 posts (0.5%, 1018 words)
    42: The Cracks 20 posts (0.5%, 682 words)
    45: gingerchris86 18 posts (0.5%, 370 words)
    46: BDKIAF 15 posts (0.4%, 282 words)
    46: Postman 15 posts (0.4%, 24 words)
    48: FatShady 13 posts (0.4%, 728 words)
    49: Virus__ 12 posts (0.3%, 225 words)
    50: Lobo 10 posts (0.3%, 377 words)
    51: Gorzilla 9 posts (0.2%, 411 words)
    52: Ruen 8 posts (0.2%, 316 words)
    52: f4ction 8 posts (0.2%, 159 words)
    52: Ruffleberg 8 posts (0.2%, 187 words)
    52: ♣TadMod♣ 8 posts (0.2%, 309 words)
    52: dawdle! 8 posts (0.2%, 271 words)
    52: El Kapitan 8 posts (0.2%, 302 words)
    58: BearBlaster 7 posts (0.2%, 102 words)
    58: ShiggyNinty 7 posts (0.2%, 145 words)
    58: Jamesmag 7 posts (0.2%, 196 words)
    61: Powalen 6 posts (0.2%, 354 words)
    61: Lucifer9783 6 posts (0.2%, 118 words)
    63: HotDamn! 5 posts (0.1%, 68 words)
    64: Cakesmith 3 posts (0.1%, 156 words)
    64: Matthew K 3 posts (0.1%, 492 words)
    64: redartifice 3 posts (0.1%, 51 words)
    64: Zap 3 posts (0.1%, 72 words)
    64: Ben 3 posts (0.1%, 132 words)
    69: Leigh 2 posts (0.1%, 202 words)
    69: Pyrean 2 posts (0.1%, 78 words)
    69: CookingMama 2 posts (0.1%, 139 words)
    69: Kyonove 2 posts (0.1%, 68 words)
    69: masha2932 2 posts (0.1%, 70 words)
    69: N3RD1001101 2 posts (0.1%, 103 words)
    69: weresmurf 2 posts (0.1%, 132 words)
    69: Totally not the Postman 2 posts (0.1%, 5 words)
    69: Repneiras 2 posts (0.1%, 17 words)
    69: SUPER NERD! 2 posts (0.1%, 35 words)
    79: vibesublime 1 posts (0.0%, 1 words)
    79: Edward 1 posts (0.0%, 7 words)
    79: Luke 1 posts (0.0%, 22 words)
    79: lambomann007, Grand Master of the Fans 1 posts (0.0%, 12 words)
    79: thxultra 1 posts (0.0%, 37 words)
    79: Moeman 1 posts (0.0%, 11 words)
    79: HarliTF2 classe 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)
    79: Grandmaster B-Funk 1 posts (0.0%, 19 words)
    79: Tracey Lien 1 posts (0.0%, 6 words)
    79: Mark Serrels 1 posts (0.0%, 5 words)
    79: The Reply Button 1 posts (0.0%, 1 words)
    79: Sam 1 posts (0.0%, 37 words)
    79: Freeze S. Preston Icequire 1 posts (0.0%, 8 words)
    79: lambomann007, Grand Master of the Flags 1 posts (0.0%, 4 words)
    79: Bethesda 1 posts (0.0%, 33 words)
    79: Huntsman 1 posts (0.0%, 28 words)
    79: Beavwa 1 posts (0.0%, 136 words)

    Post #1: Batguy at 08:31 28/11

      Yay top 50!

      I always hit the ground running with TAY, but at about page 4 I lose it and then miss out for the rest of the week.

      That is a pretty sad effort on my part last week, although i was pretty damned busy most of the week, so i didnt get anywhere near as much tay time as normal. Hopefully this week will be a little bit more TAY friendly.

      Lowest word count in the top 10!
      hells yeah!

      Woo, Top 5!

      This is a big moment for me! *wipes away tear*

      I think that word count thing is slightly off, I did two ~1000 word posts and then slightly more verbose than usual ranting. Seeing as I normally sit around 5-6k, this seems a little excessive.

      Also, Harli cheated so I'm disqualifying her and claiming victory for the whole thing. I didn't make spam posts on earlier pages to boost my post count. Everything I posted was legit.

        I'm not kidding, she's a phony! Hey everyone look at the big fat phony!

          *conspiracy alert*
          someone call the government and by that i mean serrels
          *shifty eyes*

          sidenote you where very verbose last mr trjn 120.3 k words... someone likes the sound of their own voice :P

            and by that i mean last week and 12.3k words. lol

              The sound of my own keyboard, mayhap.

              But most of that rambling was done at work on my somewhat silent Apple keyboard, instead of at home on my super mega awesome fun (and a bit noisy) mechanical keyboard.

              Really, I was just having a very slow week at work. Oh so very slow.

          I was trying to figure out why it didn't seem like she'd posted that much :P

        What do you mean Trjn, that was a totally and completely legit conversation

        *innocent look*

      Top 20 already. I'm coming for the rest of you next

        cheater cheater pumpkin eater! *points at Novacascade*

        just kidding :)

          You're just scared Di11enger. Granted I had a lot of help from Harli, but once I have enough power, I won't need her anymore.


          *cough* I mean, I love you Harli, you have nothing to be worried about :D

        I went from 55 in my first week, to 20 last week, to 16 this week... MY ASCENT IS SLOWING, MUST SPAM MORE!!!

          Psst, this comment is the secret to boosting yourself into a high position, like a manly man boss man. Just reply to everything, even when you have nothing interesting to say(aka, every comment I've ever made).

            I should also point out that only about 5 people will read this, and the odds go down once I'm past page three, assuming that we're at about page six by then. Strange will probably read it, no matter where I post, but apart from that? Ehh, there's a couple people. Though it was mostly me, before the Calamity, of course.

      Hm, still somewhere in the twenties, well not bad. I need to pick up my game!

      I wonder if the post numbers are thrown off by posts made on earlier pages?

      So if someone makes the 1000th comment and then someone posts something in reply on an earlier page, does TABTOL count the original 1000th post (presumably by sorting by timestamps) or does it bump every post afterwards making the 999th post the 1000th?

        The posts numbers are all chronological. So a reply to post #1 now will still be number #3800+. Can't guarantee that the word count is perfect, bug I've used some standard approaches that have served me well in the past. Would have to check, but it's conceivable that it counts apostrophes as word breaks? Whatever the case, your relative verbosity is undeniable :)

          The word count definitely feels a little excessive. Oh well, I can't complain. Nobody is going to beat this record for quite some time.

          Unless I get really bored at work again.



    LAST WEEK!!!

    email me at troy(dot)cleary(at)hotmail(dotcom)

    Everyone else - abso-bloody-lutely stellar job, guys and girls. you're all amazing

    For those who haven't done phase three - please remember that this Saturday is the cut-off date. If you don't have the time to do it, let me know and i'll try and make time to do it for you.

    Thanks guys

      G'mornin' to yee TAYbies, your weekends all sound positively swell, except maybe for F4ction and his tattoo-shredding crash :(

      My weekend was awesome, had a work dinner for a bunch of people who's last day was on friday, got up saturday and went into the city and wandered around Circular Quay for a bit, harassed the staff of the Apple Store on George St (:P) and bought a few christmas presents.

      Sunday was tops the lot I must say, I took a new ladyfriend with me to the Happy Feet 2 Premiere, and shall we say, things went extremely well, and I'm almost certain the kiss at the front door as I dropped her home means I'm onto a good thing :D

        consarnit! reply-fail...

          First TAY break of the week? Well done!

            I didn't break nuffin' and you can't prove I did!

            You call that a break? Why, in my day we didn't get breaks!

            True story.

            Mark had to moderate every comment by hand, while I was outside, playing hoops with a stick.

            A STICK!

        You get to rub shoulders with Robin WIlliams and George Miller?

          nah, they both came into the cinema and made their little speeches etc, but I missed actually meeting Mr Williams... George I've seen around the building over the last few months, he's a really cool guy, and I've always been jealouse of the bomber jacket and scarf he wears most of the time :D

    Should be a good week on the gaming front. Batman: Arkham City patch hopefully will be certified. Spike VGA's will unveil some new games, hopefully on par with last years. New xbox 360 dashboard. Man, I got to get me a life. ;)

      Should I be excited about this new dashboard?

      I could certainly do with some better functionality. I don't know anything about this new one.

        Depends how you feel about change. :D

        yeah I'm keen to see what the new dash looks like, as well as how many ads they've managed to jam in there.

      New dashboard is....different. Good though i wish they'd tweak the ad sizes (oops not meant to talk bout it) NDS my ass! :P

      Strangely I find myself excited for the new dashboard even though I don't like it very much right now. I think its mostly to do with the fact that I'm so very bored of the current dashboard. But then I've always hated the current dashboard!

        Xbox Live works well with the current dashboard too, one of the clear advantages over PSN in my opinion. I liked the original dashboard too.

    Bad news DAN!

      The worst part about Jack and Jill, apart from the fact that it looks like one of those movies that would not be remotely interesting except for the playing multiple characters gimmick stacked with the crossdressing gimmick, is that I can tell just from the POSTERS, what the movie will be like:

      'Jack' will play the 'straight man', probably something of a cynical/sarcastic family man who people associate with because he feels so put upon.

      'Jill' is a crazy wacky fun loving free spirit who who get all up in Jack's business and screw everything up and make Jack angry. At which point Jack will realise he's a huge tool who needs to loosen up, and Jill will realise that she's Adam Sandler in a wig and kill herself.

      No, not really. She'll promise to be more serious and controlled but she'll still be cheeky and mischeivous, and there will be some stealth prank waiting for Jack after he has waved Jill off in her car or at the airport or whereever they use as the setting for their heartfelt goodbye.

      If I'm wrong, I will be amazed.

      You know what I want to see? Jack and Jill, but where Jill is just a figment of Jack's imagination and sometimes he cross dresses to play the role of Jill while imagining Jack getting mad at her, but she does evil things on purpose to get revenge on Jack for being mad at her. The rest of the family, who are all substance abusers, think this is harmless self expression and indulges the fantasy, which is why no one reacts to this extremely odd behaviour.
      At the climax of the movie JackJill throws herself down some stairs and handcuffs him/herself to a boiler, where he/she beats herself with a cane and begs for forgiveness. It's revealed that Jack created the Jill persona because he had a sister who was raped and murdered and he has spent his life carrying the burden of witnessing the crime because deep down he wants revenge, but he has also mentally blocked the incident from his memory.

        You got a little Fight Clubby at the end there, but aside from that methinks the premise works pretty well.

        Get yourself a contract with Hollywood and make that shit happen.

          Now that you've pointed out the similarity to Fight Club, I can't even figure out how I wrote that without it even occurring to me. Wow, I'm visualising a mashup of Fight Club, Psycho and I Spit in Your Grave.

      Shane, I highly doubt anybody thought it would be any good. Maybe even DAN! .

        I dunno, DAN! has been pushing it pretty hard :)

        Lalalalalala, I'm not listening, I'm sure it will be amazing. AMAZING!

    HEY 'CUZ!
    How'd the weekend LAN thing go?
    Did you win? Because that would be fully sic, brah.

      If buy 'cuz you refer to harli, they seemed to have steamrolled everyone.

      Of course, if you had twitter, you'd know this.


        Oh dear.

          Your subconscious mind is telling you to buy more games, you have no other choice.

          Obey. Obey. Obey. Through obedience is order, through order, peace.

    Good morning all. I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great time, despite not getting to spend any time in Skyrim. Saturday we had my sister's engagement party at our house. It was a fantastic day, we got really lucky with the weather, almost everyone invited was able to make it. And sooo much food, don't think I will eat again until at least lunchtime. Sunday was spent cleaning up and watching the Kiwi's get knocked over in the cricket.

    How was everyone else's weekend?

      Excellent! I had my first ever D&D thingo on friday night, which was pretty good!

        I don't know anything about D&D. except that I'm 99.9% sure that no one in my area plays it. Or they keep it very underground, which is also likely I guess.

        What's it like? How do you play?

          It's pretty good, actually! I'ts a lot like if you were playing an MMO in person with other people. You have dedicated roles (I was tank/DPS) and stuff, but there's a lot o customization and freedom involved. Basically, you play a zero-graphics RPG with other players, and you can do whatever you want. Quests and dungeons are the main things you do though.

          Perhaps a better description would be if Skyrim was infinitely more liberating, and you can play with other people, and your characters have backstories.

    So i watched Captain America last night, i am honestly not sure what to think. i cant quite put my finger on it but something felt a bit off. thoughts anyone? also is green lantern as terrible as people have told me? or do you think its awesome?

      To me it just sort of...ended. Like they were building up to something that never happened.

      You know what you should do? Throughout whole movie just have this looping.

        damn youtube at work :(

        i will lol about it when i can watch it at home

      I think what they're doing is making movies for all the avengers, to explain why they're all in the same time period and whatnot, then they're going to make an avengers movie.

      Hahaha, I'll give you my thoughts - it was crap! Heh, there you go.

      No but for reals, characters that went nowhere and that I didnt care about, random acts of not really very interesting action, and then uhhh shes all like no dont die and pretending to cry and I was like ahhhh please hurry up and die please.

    Wow late start to the week of TAY. Morning every human/meatbag, Welbot and Bish

    I'm only going to be posting this week once so I want to get a few things cleared up. Strange, I want to thank you for last week's noms and your words. I did read it and I don't want you blaming yourself for what happened. The last thing I want to do is to make a nice lady such as yourself sad. If anything, I blame myself for letting it all get to me.

    I don't know how many people would remember this, but LoL talk actually started with me. I came on one morning and talked about the game and how much I enjoyed it. Soon others got interested in trying it out and before we knew it, over a dozen people are playing this together as teams via TS. When people started complaining about the amount of 'LoLchat" in TAY, I felt responsible for this and got defensive cuz I thought I was making a contribution to making our community stronger by playing a 100% team-based game together. I wrote up an apology to you and everybody else about my overreaction and I didn't get a reply in any way shape or form, but still certain individuals taking a snap at LoL, and I took that as a kick to the teeth and didn't feel welcome here anymore as I tried to remedy the situation that ultimately I caused and to me I got ignored.

    So I decided to leave TAY so that I don't risk making things worse and also risk the worst thing and end up dividing us, like with Rocketman's attempt. At the very least I wanted to come back with a clear head, but then I realised I haven't been able to do that from my high school history either. I don't know whether or not I will come back, because right now I still feel like if I do, I'll infect this place with my negativity and overreactions. Hopefully I can find my own way without damaging what this great community has become, so I'm going to say farewell for now. I will still be on TeamSpeak and always up for a chat on Steam if you wish. I'm not going to be avoiding the friends I've made here.

    Take care of each other humans.

      you're a knight, being protective is your thing.

      also i love you because your a robot with a sexy voice ( totally not meant in a creepy way) and even though none of it is directed to me you are teaching me alot about a game i thoroughly enjoy on TS and in TAY so thank you very much.
      side note: i could never go back to my school and not hate the majority of people there, so even though it feels like a repitition of events i honestly think they are completley unrelated and not similar at all. School was hell for you and no one had your back, this is more like an argument with friends about which type of pizzas you want for pizza night a group of people want something new and different you want to stick with the regular (hope that analogy works and is not read the wrong way)
      anyhooo hope you feel better soon :)
      and i hope to hear your voice in TS and TAY again soon

      Techy, if you don't get on here more often, I'll continue to harass TS with my terrible, terrible (so very terrible) humour, more OR less often (depending on which option is perceived as a threat) :P

      Seriously though, we all love you and you'll be back. No one goes cold TAYkey!

      I'll respect your decision, but I gotta say that you shouldn't feel like you're damaging TAY by being yourself.
      Thats what TAY is all about, sometimes we joke, sometimes we come on here and just vent our spleens about what crappy days we have, and sometimes we have public spats at eachother because we're all cranky on a monday arvo.

      The fact is that we all do things like that, its only human (wink), and after all that we all have a laugh, kiss and make up, say we're sorry for being in the middle of a coffee crash, and we carry on, because we know that we're all friends here, warts and all.

      So if ya need time off, indefinitely or not, that's your decision and thats okay, you do what you gotta do. But if you decide to come back later down the track just know that you'll have a community here that'll welcome ya back with open arms.

      Peace, Techy

        Also at least keep lurking here or get on Twitter so we can give a heads up when the next Melbourne Meat runs around ;)

    ok, this morning I have discovered 2 things...

    1) cold coffee is bad.
    2) I should not put chewing gum in my mouth before drinking coffee, spearmint does not go with coffee...

      Spearmint really doesn't go with anything. Which is why I rarely have gums. I like food too much to ruin the taste

        Yes I rarely have gums, my teeth just sort of float around in my mouth...

        Its too early for this

      1) i don't understand this statement... coffee, bad? should never be in the same sentence :P

      2) coffee with anything in your mouth is considered multitasking and all the cool kids do it

        well comment 1) was a coffee I had made at 8:30 and was attempting to drink at 10:15... so, cold and nasty.

      black coffee on ice is the best way to start lectures.


    Last edited 18/06/15 12:54 pm

      The Highlander battle is about to begin!

    on a completley unrelated note

    prius gets revenge for everyone calling him cheap!!!*

    *probably not what actually happened

      Thank god the Diablo looked the least damaged. I'm much more likely to forgive the ferrari's getting damaged, but you write off a Lambo(man?) and there's no coming back from that

        I think I should start the RSPCL (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Lambos) :P

          Would this group liberate lambo's from their oppressive(dickweed) owners, and give them to caring houses? Because I would totally be up for that.

        I was just glad there were no Astons or Porsches in there, you destroy my dream cars (FYI an Aston Martin DB9 or a Porsche GT3 RS) and I'm gonna have to choke a bitch.

          Just buy a 911, the only way people can tell them apart is if someone says...
          "no, that's a new porshe".

    Good news everyone!

    I finally finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood over the weekend. To be honest, I was disappointed by it. The last stage in particular felt incredibly rushed. I can't help but feel disappointed in the same way Red Leader felt disappointed when he missed the target exhaust port on his first Death Star assault.

      I would have been greatly disappointed by the one-memory long sequence 9 there if it weren't for the 20 minute Desmond sequence after it. As it stands I'm just somewhat disappointed. The big problem with the end of that game though, is the fact that halfway through sequence eight it just says 'yeah no all those weapons you've got and that whole brotherhood of assassins you've trained? We're not giving you access to them anymore! You have this macguffin thing, use that in roughly three or four identical memories that you can't decline at all anymore'.

        Yeah, that bit was unnecessary. Ezio would know better than to use the thing, and he could take enemies down better with his normal skills anyway. So stupid.

          You say that Ezio would know better, but just remember.

          Ezio, is a twat. There, I said it. If I knew anyone like him in real life, I would either a, punch them, or 2, disown them like I did every other friend of mine.

    Good morning, TAY. (suddenly whenever I say that I feel like I'm one of Charlie's Angels, 'good morning, Charlie!' TAY's Angels? Whatever)

    Hope this week is better than the last. Its day ten of my irritating cold, and when a cold lingers for this long I just get annoyed.

    So on Friday I went to a farewell party for some friends who are moving to America. One of their friends brought along an entire set for Guitar Hero 5, and I spent the early part of the night fiddling with the drum kit, because I have never used one before. We only have #3 at home, which I must say has a far better music selection on it. Anyway, I'm no good with the drums. Maybe it was the drinking I was doing, I was good at any regular patterns but the instant more than three of the colours showed up on the screen I started flailing. When we finished playing Sultans of Swing, I retired from the drums forever.

    Also since Skyrim is still SKYRIM and whatnot I spent Sunday fiddling around with that. Mostly College of Winterhold/Dark Brotherhood questlines, which were pretty fun as smaller narratives. But one thing I've discovered and hope isn't only affecting me, dragons show up at the worst possible times. Leaving my house in Whiterun? Blood dragon! Stalking a Dark Brotherhood target? Dragon! Fighting two giants and a bear? Two dragons!

      I have hardly had any dragon attacks. With the exception of the story attack outside Whiterun right at the start, I've only had one random dragon attack - outside Riften. Luckily there was plenty of town guards to help, even if they wanted to attck me more than the dragon.

      I had one more encounter, just as was leaving a dungeon. Two dragons showed up, but they were struck with the reverse flying glitch and after firing a lot of arrows at them (that mostly missed) they back-flew halfway to Solitude and I never saw them again.

      ...And then I found 50 gold coins.

        Yeah, I went a long time without any showing up, but suddenly they're a lot more common. How far into the main quest line are you?

          I've been to High Hrothgar and met the Greybeards. They sent me off to find the Horn of SIr Unpronouncable, but I haven't gone after it yet. So not very far.

          Decided to do some dungeon-diving and join the Thieves guild/ Dark Brotherhood to get some money/decent equipment behind me first.

      Hmm, challenge accepted? We'll see. What challenge? You'll see.

    Anyone watch Mongol on Saturday night (SBS)

      I've got it on DVD in the cupboard and have been meaning to watch it forever. Haven't got around to it yet though :(

        I only watched part of it and recorded the rest since I was sweepy.
        Pretty damn good though. Makes me want to watch Red Cliff (Have the BD and have been meaning to watch it forever. Haven't got around to it yet though :( )

          I was interested in red cliff but then i found out that the theatrical release in Australia (maybe all western releases) was only half the film. They literally cut half the film out.
          So figured I would try to get the full film and watch it one day

          I watched Mongol when it came out at cinemas, it was an interesting film, if maybe a little unfulfilling. I think it was more interesting from the cinematic standpoint, really seeing the different culture rather than the story itself.

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