Team Fortress 2's Christmas Updates Begin

I celebrate Australian Christmas with cold beer and barbecued meat. Valve, well, Valve celebrate it a little differently. In 2010 they took Team Fortress 2 all medieval, and in 2011, they're sending it into space.

Continuing a partnership began earlier this year, the first items coming as part of the festive update are from WETA's Dr. Grordbort, giving the Engineer some new weapons and tools and the Pyro just some new weapons. All of which look amazing.

There are the customary comics as well, the Pyro's prominence thus far giving fans hope that this Christmas, finally, may be the time we get to Meet the Pyro. And get some questions answered.

Australian Christmas

[Team Fortress 2]


    Gonna wait until the update comes out til I play TF2, that way I have a higher chance of getting some of this new loot.

    heres a preview

    I don't know how that works Razor but gl.

    Hopefully we'll see a little more of the pyro with this "meet the ...." ;)
    It just hasn't been the same since the nerfing :'(

      Well y'see my friend, every week starting on Thursday, around 12pm give or take, you have a chance to find 7-12 items. Now, if you wait 'til the update comes out, presumably after the weekend, the new items will be added into the pool and then you might get them. But, if you play a lot before then, you'll get some things already and when the update hits you'll have less items to get.
      Wow that doesn't read well. But I hope I made enough sense.

        hahaha, nah it reads fine

        pretty sure item drop rates have been doubled too, good thing i havent played any in the past two weeks :D

    I can really see a Space Core reference included in this..

      Shooting star that circles the map perhaps?

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