Tekken 3D Prime Edition Comes To The Nintendo 3DS On February

Think for a moment about fighting games and portable gaming systems. Compared to genres like first-person shooter or action/adventure, fighting games make a great fit for handheld play because they don't need a second analogue stick. D-pad input and face buttons let you pull off most of the moves you need to compete and have fun.

It makes sense, then, that Namco Bandai's bringing its long-running martial arts series to the Nintendo 3DS. Hitting on February 14th, Tekken 3D Prime Edition rounds up Heihachi, Yoshimitsu and dozens more of the franchise's brawlers and pit them against each other in 3D. It'll support StreetPass to exchange player cards and will come with the same Tekken: Blood Vengeance CGI 3D movie that came with the PS3 Tekken Hybrid release. It's been a ling time since a Tekken game's been on a Nintendo system, so consider this a Valentine's day present for all you King of the Iron Fist fans out there.


    I'm massively no graphics whore by any means.... but this is pretty unacceptable when you compare it to the vita.... or an iphone.

    Its been horribly stretched the screens are like 1 5th that size

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