Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Coming Christmas 2012

Here's a pure hype video for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, to be shown later tonight at the Spike Video Game Awards. Namco says it'll be here for Christmas next year.


    Didn't they just launch a demo for this? Kinda lame that theres this huge delay between the demo and the final game. Makes me question their timing somewhat..

    Thank god Namco is the developer!

    its delayed so that they dont find errors and create patches in the future.

    The reason it's delayed is so that the arcade scene can be boosted.

    We already have it in Sydney arcades.

    Some arcades in Melbourne have it too. There's one in Box Hill that's in the process of getting 2 machines up and running. I found it odd that the arcade unit is based on a PS3. Less, the fact it needed a live internet connection.

    Don't mind me, messing with tags

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