Tell Us Dammit?

The girls in our office (and Lifehacker Editor Angus Kidman) have started busting out the Christmas music in the office and it got me to wondering — what are you folks getting up to this Christmas? And what are you hoping to find in your stocking? Oh gawd, now I sound like a really creepy Santa Claus...

Usually me and my in-laws book a place and go camping or something (which I'm not too fond of) and I usually end up in Melbourne where most of my wife's family lives. This year, for the first time ever, I'm having Christmas in Sydney.

As for presents. I've been massively hinting for this:

A box set of the first 27 volumes of the Naruto manga. It's been reduced in price massively, so I hope my wife gets the hints and splashes out!

What about you guys — what are your plans for Christmas, and what are you hoping to get?


    I'll be staying with my cousin this christmas. We'll probably have a big lunch and maybe go for a drive somewhere. For christmas I'm hoping to get a new dualshock 3 controller if I'm lucky and hopefully a job in the new year.

    Hoping to get some money to go towards my new tattoo.
    And I got my dad the NCIS Ps3 game, his whole life pretty much revolves around work and NCIS

    At my brothers for the big day. Friend is doing a bbq the day before. Otherwise, might head down the coast for a couple of days.

    As for what I hope to get, I tend not to think about it. If there's anything I really want, I usually get it myself.

    Oh man that Naruto boxset is pretty. I wish I'd waited for that instead of buying individually.

    We've got some family coming up from Tassie for Christmas/New Year's, so the house will be quite lively for once. In terms of presents I'm getting some odd bits and pieces of stuff. My sister and I were really annoyed that the Muppets film isn't being released here until next year, so I got her a season of the Muppets show on DVD, she better like it. That's...about the extent of my Christmas shopping.

    Speaking of Christmas music, my mum's been playing Michael Buble's Christmas album all week.

    I may have already splashed out on my own Xmas present. Scored myself a Cintiq tablet from my former workplaces fire sale. Should be interesting getting back into the art, get my skills back up before the Global Game Jam at the end of Jan. :)

      I'm jelly, I would love a Cintiq, but my Intous4 will have to do XD

    I'll be spending Christmas with family at my Grandma's house :) Haven't done that since I was little, so I'm a bit excited. Should be a good day.

    I haven't asked for anything present-wise, though. I don't really NEED anything so I've been telling people if they want to get me a gift, surprise me.

    Out for Christmas lunch, dinner with family, Boxing Day is Dad's birthday, and then a cruise around New Zealand.

    Christmas at the family's place. It will probably revolve around me helping a younger cousin with a game I never played, 3DS mii swaps, and whatever console I decide to take.
    I use games to avoid the adults of the family =D

    Gotta say I like your taste, Mark.
    I got onto the manga translations when I got too impatient with the episodes myself, but love the Naruto series.
    I've been pretty self-reliant with games lately, so there's nothing on my wishlist, but one of my long-stading present requests is for a leather-bound notebook.
    As a recreational writer I just love the idea of having a soft leather notebook to fill with my scribbles and treasure once its full.

    Leaving for Sweden/Denmark on Tuesday, won't be back until end of January. White Christmas for the family! Might pop in to DICE and say hello, before they call the cops.

    I just want peace, love happiness...
    Along with; Senna, Spice and wolf seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray, and Pokemon Kanto and Orange Islands collection, as well as Pokemon Johto collection.

    Family Christmas, in the Barossa.

    Pretty sure I've convinced my parents to let me blow like $150 on the internet as a present. I shall go to the nerdiest sites and buy the nerdiest things!

    Lets see, I already know what I got for Christmas cause I have them both. Soundwave & Big Day Out tickets, although one is for my birthday, also parents said that was only half of my present. They need to listen when I say that's all I wanted!

    Other than that, Christmas lunch with mum & dad, since dad's brother lives in the Philippines. Probably see some friends of the family.

    People always find it hard to buy presents for me because I never really have anything that I'm looking forward to that I don't just buy for myself.

    So this year I'm asking for cooking classes, kitchen utlities and the usual socks and jocks. Because the one thing thoughtless wasting of disposable income doesn't buy is practicality.

    Keeping cool from the hot Perth weather.

    Nothing special this year though the family is getting together at a fancy restaurant for a change rather than our house. No clean up!

    Post Christmas I'm all alone until New Years.... Skyrim!

    Christmas lunch with bee's family
    Christmas dinner with mine
    Drive back to geelong

    It's going to be a LOOOOONNNNGGGG day!

    I want a dinosaur. I hope I get a dinosaur. Why will no one buy me a dinosaur?

      Dinosaurs aren't given, they're earned.

        I have earned it. Ask anyone.

          I can give you some frog DNA for christmas but you have to find the prehistoric amber on your own.

    I'm having my parents, my Nan, my younger sister and her 3 kids over for Christmas lunch. Should be lovely and stressful. :P

    As for what I want? Well gamewise I'm hoping for Assassin's Creed:Revelations, Xenoblade Chronicles and the Ico/SOTC HD collection. Non gamewise I'm hoping for pinking shears and an adjustable dressmaking dummy. Knowing my husband, there's 100% chance of at least one of the games, 0% chance of the others. :P

    I'm avoiding everyone for the most part.

    I'll be at work for a bit, and may try to play some golf at some point.
    Don't really know what I want for Christmas though.

    Christmas with my family, Boxing Day with the Wife's.

    Hoping for the gift of time. So many games to play, so little time.

    Also we're getting a new puppy. Puppies are awesome.

      I'm hoping for the gift of space, we should get together sometime and make a continuum.

      We have a puppy!

      Puppy = awesome.

      Wee and poop in the house = not awesome.

      Worth it? Yes!

    Lol I'm no editor by any means mark, in laws and I

    Christmas will be a half and half day, first half with the GF family and then onto my family.

    As for gifts, nothing... outside of a $20 secret santa, we don't really do gifts any more.

    I've been asking for American Football's self-titled album for birthdays and Christmas two years running, so I'm really hoping I'll get that this year.

      I have that album, as well as most of kinsellas other stuff like all his Owen cd's, capn' jazz and joan of arc. Great album man, shame they only have two released under than name. There is a flac version readily available you know ;) but i suppose nothing beats an original..

    I've somehow managed to get more prezzies than I've had since I was in school :D

    Coffee machine, Afro Samurai action figures, LOTR Extended Blu-Ray box set, new camera lense, Kirby's Adventure, new router, and a $3k bonus from work :D

    All opened BEFORE Christmas!!!

      Jeezus! I want a coffee machine and thats a massive bonus! You must be a star employee

    Star wars the old republic on time would be nice, depends a lot on the post around christmas though...

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