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You know, this is the last Tell Us Dammit before Christmas, and it got me to remembering stuff. What I realised was: Christmas actually holds some of my greatest gaming memories ever. I got my Super Nintendo on Christmas. I first got Ocarina of Time on Christmas. So I thought I'd ask you guys — what are your favourite gaming Christmas memories?

I've got so many. Playing Secret of Mana for the first time, opening my Super Nintendo and losing my mind like the Nintendo 64 kid, getting a metric shit-tonne of Spectrum games. It's endless. I really do associate Christmas with gaming.

What about you guys? What are some of your favourite Christmas gaming moments.


    My birthday is 2 weeks before Xmas and because my family wasn't exactly rolling in money often I would be given the choice of 2 smaller gifts or 1 larger one. Needless to say my first gaming console was an N64 I received for Xmas with a copy of Goldeneye and a memory card. My mum didn't understand what the memory card was for, and then when I told her it was for saving the game she thought that meant we could rent games from Video Ezy and I could save them to the card and play them later.

    Few years later I got Majora's Mask... It still saddens me that I never finished it, and my copy and N64 were sold long ago... I seriously hope for a 3DS remake so I can finish it!

      hahaha, my Grandma used to call Master System cartridges, "Sega Tapes!" which makes me think she may have seen the John Sands SC-3000 on sale in the 80's!

    I got my 64 for Christmas. I couldn't put down Mario 64 all day.

    I also got my PS1 and PS2 on separate christmas but nothing beats the time i got my 64 :-)

    Playing Megaman X all christmas day, such good memories of that.
    Also getting a N64 for christmas and playing GoldenEye and Killer Instinct Gold all day long. A big part of christmas as a kid for me was playing games the whole freakin day :D

    Christmas '94, SNES and Donkey Kong Country. Man, that was a good one. Christmas '99 had System Shock 2 and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine too. (Which I happened to like, damn it.) Oh, then there's Christmas '98 with Grim Fandango and The X-Files Game.

    You're right, heaps of awesome Christmas gaming moments. :D

    I remember I got Pokemon Silver for Christmas way back when (I think I was about... 8 or 9?) and I was over the moon. This was before I really spent much time on the internet, so I hadn't been spoiled on any of the new Pokemon or anything. I remember freaking out when I found a Dunsparce for the first time. I ran around showing everyone in the family my amazing discovery. :P

    I pretty much played it the entire day.

      The same experience, my friend, only with Pokemon Gold and a new Aussie-coloured Game Boy Colour.

      I was so amazed at the day-night cycle at the time. I remember just being amazed that it was night in the game at the same time that it was night outside.

    Christmas 2002 (I think). Got my Xbox and it came bundled with Halo:CE, Sega Rally and Jet Set Radio: Future. I fell in love with JSR:F, amazing game. :)

      That reminds me of when I bought my XBOX, I just happened to go into EB on the last day of the original HALO bundle, they had one left but the "sales" dude decided he wasnt going to let me have the last one and keep it for himself, so I strolled into Target bought a standalone console and borrowed out Max Payne. Bought an XBOX for Shenmue 2 though

    I got Mission Impossible for PS1 on Christmas one year.

    Worst. Christmas. Ever.

    The best one though was getting my PS1. I accidentally opened one of the games before the console so my parents were like "Oh, we must've gotten you the wrong kind of game, we'll take it back tomorrow and swap it" But I knew. I knew.

    Absolutely lost my shit when I saw that little grey box.

    My brother and I getting our Master System II.

    Also, getting the old Warcraft Battle Chest (Unless that was a birthday...)

    I think part of the reason for all the gaming moments at Christmas is that was when Christmas and Birthdays were the only times you could rely on a steady stream of new games for your folks. :D

    I don't have any Christmas gaming moments :(

    I did get myself an Oz DVD box set delivered to my door on Christmas Eve many years back, and spent most of Christmas day avoiding my family and marathoning that great show.

    And on Christmas Eve 2007 I got engaged. #GameOfLife

    Getting the PS1 and playing Crash Bandicoot all night.

      Oh yeah, got Crash Bandicoot 2 + a memory card for my brother as he used to reformatted our memory card in City of Lost Children (which took up the whole 15 blocks to save the game), with our christmas money - must of been 1997.

    Sadly, gaming and christmas never coincided for me - christmas was always a family affair. Never had a decent enough PC to game on until after I left home, and always go home for christmas, so no consoles or PC to game on. I don't think I even touched my SNES or my Xbox at all on any christmas. This year, I got me a larger backpack, specifically designed to be able to carry a games console and my laptop, so I can catch up on all those games released recently.
    Christmas day itself, however, will likely remain the same - excess of food, drink, and mahjongg. And a quick soiree into Arkham City to meet Calendar Man, of course.

    For one Xmas my parents got me a 2nd hand PS1. With Final Fantasy 7.

    That was the most memorable christmas - not because it was awesome (which it was) but because my parents hadn't got a memory card for it, and my mother would turn my playstation off everytime I left the room.

    I was nearly out of that reactor 12 times, damnnit. >.<

    My birthday is only two weeks after Christmas. They got me a memory card.

    THEN life was sweet for a few months.

    My brother and I were given an N64 with Ocarina of Time (to share, hah!)

    Playing through Kokiri Village during Christmas morning was rather awesome.

    Christmas is normally a time for family. Naturally that means a big family gathering where we try to avoid as much interaction as possible. There's a small group of us (my brother, two cousins who are a year or two younger than me and me) who try to find somewhere to hide.

    Some years that hiding involved Game Boy Pockets and Pokemon, more recent years have involved large quantities of beer.

    I got a Sega Master System for Christmas/birthday one year. I remember my mother bought me a copy of they Spy vs. Spy game because she knew I like MAD Magazine. The game was... well for the time it was actually pretty good, plus I didn't know any better, and because of the MAD Magazine tie-in it was extra special to me.

    Considering how uncommon videogaming was back in the late 80s, and the tendency for older people to not understand new things, I think my mother really nailed it.

    I think that's the only Christmas gaming memory I have. I've certainly played games at Christmas, but none stand out like that one.

      Nah, Spy Vs Spy is one of the greatest 2player games ever made!

    best memory?

    Probably when i absolutely lost my shit over receiving my first joystick (Logitech Wing Commander) and StarWars X-Wing for the PC...
    didn't stop playing for days and days...
    i remember doing the Death Star Trench Run on new years eve and then going out and playing with Fireworks afterwards... i miss being a kid

    Best xmas game memory - My cousins and I loading up Turbo outrun on a c64 - we then took turns to drive on a deck chair (with the other two moving the chair left and right as the car moved. This child powered hydraulic action (not the best phrase ive coined) was complemented by a ghetto blaster blaring the cvg cover tape outrun soundtrack

    The christmas i remember the most for gaming was 00 i think. I was in Sydney for Christmas to visit family and on Christmas day i got a Gameboy Pocket Clear with Pokemon Red and Blue.

    I remember getting told to put it down because we were visiting family for the first time in ages (since i was a baby) and i just couldnt lol

    Getting my first ever gaming console, an NES with the original Super Mario Bros, when I was about 6 years old. Ahhh, nostalgia

    Gameboy (the original) and Double dragon..

    I still have it plus the cracked screen from when I let my younger sister play it.. To this day 20 years on I still use it as the excuse not to let her borrow anything from me.

    Apart from me and my brother each getting a gameboy colour, (one with pokemon blue, one with pokemon red) my most memorable gaming Christmas was the year I got my Wii.
    I actually bought my own Wii and started playing it bfore Christmas, but on Christmas day, after reciving raving rabids, my parents decided to give the system a try.
    Playing wii sport with my parents and watching my dad fooling the motion controller by swinging it from the strap is unforgettable and very enjoyable.
    As was spending five minutes throwing my wii bowling ball behind me and watching all the miis jump.

    Getting a PS1, and Christmas '03 (I think) getting KoToR. I love that game.

    Most memorable Christmas gaming moment: shut in a caravan in central Otago, New Zealand with chickenpox and spending the entire time playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World on my brand new Sega Master System II on a tiny TV to take my mind off how miserable and itchy I felt.

    Christmas '96, me and my brother finally got a SNES (SEGA gamers ya see), and also had a SUper Happy Fun time playing Starwing, Super Empire Strikes Back & Earthworm Jim 2 and YOSHIS" ISLAND! Then a couple months later (after playing every game at Blockbuster) we traded in our MegaDrive+32X and SNES at Cash COnvertors for an Series 1002 PlayStation + Wing Commander III + Memory Card for the same price as an new PlayStation without anything - WIng Commander III intro made me juice myself!

    Getting a NES with the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridge back in 1989. That's where it all began. My parents got such an expensive (for us) present because they promised it to me when I had chicken pox (as long as I was a good kid and didn't scratch the pox or complain too much), plus at least back then they saw themselves using it too... and they did, at least for the Mario games and Tetris.

    Legend of Zelda 2 the next Christmas.

    Going out and buying a PS2 (bundled with Ratchet and Clank!) as a Boxing Day present to myself so I'd have games and a DVD player as I was preparing to move out of home. I had to catch a train and bus out to Chadstone because the city stores were out of stock!

    Almost having the exact same experience when buying a PS3 2 years ago, because the PlayTV bundle I wanted was sold out almost everywhere (except a Sony store I found after ringing around).

    Oh, and World of Warcraft. Gee, that was a trip. Get World of Warcraft on Christmas Day. Hardly notice anything else in the world between Christmas night and, say, mid January.

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