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Some of the best games released tend to never get noticed — perhaps they have tiny marketing budgets, get lost in the sea of big releases, or reside within the hipster world of gaming. So what game have you played this year that you think deserves a little more lovin'?

For me, I think Xenoblade Chronicles could have made a slightly bigger bang. It would have been great to see Nintendo really get behind it, especially since it's the first JRPG in a while that is actually really good!

How about you? Which game do you think was overlooked this year?


    Anno 2070 needs more attention... from me. Due to my total obsession with Skyrim (and Anno's $80 price) I haven't even played it. Really enjoyed the.. last one ... I played. 1404 i think it was.

      You can buy a (non Steam) copy from GMG for $45:

        On launch day you could buy a steam copy for $50US though steam. I decided to buy it once I got home only to find it at $80. As you can imagine I was disappointed.

    Orcs Must Die, from the expert minds behind Age of Empires and Halo Wars (yes, I enjoyed Halo Wars!).

    It COULD have been better, could have incorporated multiplayer but the game is incredibly fun... really need to get back and finish it.

    Shogun 2 is an amazing game that needs far to many hours devotion to catch the casual gamer but that does not stop me wishing everyone at least giving it a go.

    I think Skyrim went under the radar.

      Damnit. I was way too slow.

        I was going to post a serious response, but I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head.

          I was as well. However, I have only been playing games from 2010 and the bigger ones from 2011. I got nothing....NOTHING!

            Aye, I was either playing AAA releases, or random stuff that didn't really blow me away. To be fair, Skyrim probably is the game I enjoyed most this year.

    Ouland. More people should check out this game. The boss fights are a bit frustrating but the platforming and colour-changing mechanic are great.

    The game is currently $8 on the Aussie PSN so it's a great time to get it.

      I second that. Was enjoying it right up until the last boss fight.

    There was a little indy game called Egress that was pretty decent but didn't get anywhere near as much loving as it deserved.

    Witcher 2!

    I have yet to really play Xenoblades for real, I need to crack the tutorials first.

    I think I am just over RPGs at the moment. I am also confused by the combat mechanics in the game.

      +1. By all rights it should have outside DA2 three to one despite only being on PC. IT WAS THAT GOOD.


      No, just no... I tried to like Brink, I really did, but it's clunky mechanics, slow paced combat, HORRIBLE AI and complete lack of proper single player or coherent story made it a no go for me.

      If the AI had been more intelligent I might have been able to play through the single player campaign, but when I can turn around and mow down 3 AI soldiers running at me in single file, I knew this game was no good.

      The Multiplayer would have been alright if more people had played it, but due to the factors above it's very hard to get a game full of people... and also if I wanted to play team based objective games, there are heaps of better ones out there (BF and TF2 just to name a couple).

      I am usually very willing to forgive games with flaws, I played through all of Duke Nukem Forever (mediocre but for the $30 I paid I got what was expected) and Rage (really enjoyed this one, had no performance issues and I am really hoping for a sequel/DLC to expand the universe a bit)... but Brink was a game I just could not play.

        It was awesome.

          I agree with Glenn, it was horrid. Played it during a free weekend on Steam.. stopped playing within an hour.

          Biggest disappointment for me this year, next to DNF.

    Recettear: An Item Shop's tale get's my vote. Capitalism, ho!

      +1. I have sunk so many hours into that game, and most people I know haven't even heard of it.

        I loved the game but was terrible at it XD Especially the dungeons. I'd probably have to start over and play with a walkthrough for the first payment XD

    More people should go out and buy Rayman origins, as I fear it is being grossly over looked. I bet many of you haven't got it yet?

      Ive got my preorder yet to pick up, hopefully this week. It looks stunning & cant wait to see the collectors edition:)

      Getting my Collector's Edition from Ozgameshop soon, anyone who has played the demo will fall in love with it.

      Nope, waiting for the price to come down to the sub-$40 mark :P BUT I WANT IT! Best game at EBX I reckon, played heaps of it there with my friend.

    Catherine was awesome and different to any other game this year. More people should have at least tried it although SMT games only really appeal to certain people.

    Elevator Action Remix on PSN is a great remake of the original that has more of a puzzle element to it. You also get the original as well.

    I'm a broken record here I know but Combat Mission Battle For Normandy. A true man's strategy game where every pixel soldier is sacred.

    Good choice on Xenoblade, a very refined JRPG without the usual tedious parts that plague the genre. In a way Xenoblade feels more like a FF game than FFXIII did, and it did a great job in moving the JRPG genre forwards, unlike its counterparts that has pretty visuals but dated gameplay.

    Although released late last year, 999 (,_Nine_Persons,_Nine_Doors) still resonates with me, bear in mind that I played this back in February. Just an awesome visual novel that's totally worth importing. I recommend this to people who love a good thriller mystery. It's dark and distubing, but the story and characters are so intriguing that you won't put your DS down until you've seen every ending.

      I concur. Great mystery/novel game that required you to get all the endings just to make sense of the overall story. I think the best part was previous endings provided insights into characters and events that allowed you to determine what was required to get the true ending.

    Shadows of the Damned - It's too much damned fun

      What did you like about it?

        I really enjoyed Shadow's too.
        I loved the combat after I got used to how fast the reticule moved when aiming. I loved the art style, the banter between the characters, the overly silly and sexual jokes make a nice change from games taking themselves too seriously. I liked how they broke up the game with the couple of platform levels, which were the right length to not be annoying. The room which reminded me of an M.C. Escher painting was a nice change from the rest also.
        I pretty much liked the whole game! The weapons changed at a nice pace so they always felt fresh through the game and the way levels that were quite different from the normal 3rd person shooter ones made it not feel completely stale and repetetive through the campaign like so many other 3rd or 1st person shooters.
        I know you didn't ask for my opinion but I thought I'd give it anyway. ;)

          Thanks for sharing! I've been meaning to pick it up but I haven't heard a lot of positive feedback about it, so I wanted to know what people who like it like about it. :)

            I've been kind of interested in this game too. Tracey, what negative feedback have you heard? Most critics/reviewers thought it was pretty good.

    Driver San Francisco! God dammit I enjoyed that game. I don't think I'll ever be able to play another sandbox driving game without that phasing ability. What an absolute stroke of genius.

    Gray Matter, most definitely flawed but mostly only in implementation. The design and story was all kinds of awesome and conjured up Gabriel Knight memories.

    Shadows of the Damned! It was so generically named and had such a basic concept and the protagonist was so dull-witted and crude and the graphics are not what we have come to expect from 2011, but it every other aspect of the game was so creatively assembled and it was so well paced that playing it was just great. So it wasn't as open and intriguing as Resident Evil 4 but damn it, I don't care.


    Rayman Origins. I hate Ubisoft for releasing it November.

      I basically dismissed this as I heard nothing about it, until a couple of weeks out... played the demo and love it. old school platforming, brilliant art style and has a nice challenge to it.

      Massive underrated gem!

    Heh, I just looked over my piles of games for the most recent purchases... hardly anything I bought or played this year actually came out this year :P I've got Ghost Trick which I just finished the other day, that was last year. I'd nominate that. I started playing Infinite Space which might be last year or even the year before, I dunno. That was amazing, but hardly anyone would have even heard of it. Xenoblade, played a bit of and agree it needed more love. Also got 999 as someone mentioned, though I haven't played it yet, same with A Shadow's Tale. Shadows of the Damned I haven't got around to playing yet either. I'm not very good at this :P

    Oh! Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars on 3DS. That was a fantastic game, best of the launch bunch. And although I don't have it myself (damn you Myer, cancelling my order!) I quite enjoyed what I played of Steel Diver at the hands-on events. Pietriots has a pretty good write-up on it. Lylat Wars 3D also went a bit under the radar too, I thought it was a fantastic remake.

    I'm not sure that Xenoblade was that overlooked - it certainly got a fair amount of interest. Still haven't gotten around to playing my copy yet though, too many games arrived at the same time :(

    Another really good overlooked JRPG recently was Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on PSP.

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