The 3DS Circle Pad Pro Busted Open. Look At It!

A few years ago, a Nintendo Wii rip-off, called the Vii, appeared in China. A couple of Chinese dudes purchased one and then filmed themselves opening it up to see what was inside. There was a tiny, sole circuit board. They broke out laughing.

The inside of the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro, that add-on second circle pad, isn't that bad, but as this teardown shows, there sure isn't much inside that thing. It makes me wonder why they couldn't make the damn thing smaller — not to mention do a better job of hiding the clearly visible screws.

The Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro is available in Japan.

Check out Kotaku's impressions here.

3DSの拡張スライドパッドを分解すると、中身がスカスカらしい [へちま速報]


    its also only $20 and is designed to perform a simple action.

    stop your stupid bias against the thing, we know you don't like it.

    Why didnt they go with the clip-on analog stick that fits in your pocket, I don't know...

      It might be because if it was just a clip on, it wouldn't be able to handle the weight of the player's hands.

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